Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


No such thing as an original name anymore.

I’ve reached the brain point where all names sound stupid.


Just add a ‘Y’ to it somewhere. Then it’s totally original.

</ sarcasm>


… or an umlaut or other non-Americainian characters.


Or, if you want to get the millennials, go with leetspeek.



Oddly enough I like the extra character idea. WØØDMAN?

Dunno, I have to finish clearing out the garage to get there and I’m not a fan of doing that when it’s negative holy shit out there. Once I get everything rolling I’m going to work on some climate control, like a salamander or something, but it takes money to make money.

Less time on naming and more time on product… or prepping for product.


Spoke too soon. Just days after The Weinstein Company says the sale’s back on, the investment group finds out the company has another $55-$65 million in debt they weren’t told about, which includes unpaid residuals and profit participation (in other words, money they owe actors and other people who work on films), so they’ve called it off. The company says they’ve been “transparent about its dire financial condition” and they’re going to “work tirelessly” to avoid bankruptcy, just like they have been for months.

Except, just last week, they suddenly pulled the plug on the negotiation. “Hey, guys? Even though you’re probably the last group that’s willing to still deal with us, what you’re offering isn’t good enough. We’ll take bankruptcy.”

It was the same Attorney General that filed the lawsuit that got the negotiations going again afterward. Now even that isn’t enough.


How about:
Wood by Wood

I’m not sure why, but it came to me last night, along with a rough logo design…

Fonts used are Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Informal Roman, and MV Boli.


Wow, quiet day. Almost spooky quiet.
I know Woodman is supposed to be out camping… how is everyone else doing?


Just working. Had fun with a guy who swore he didn’t have my freight until I showed him the stuff on the warehouse floor with all my reference numbers right on it. Paperwork does not equal reality.


Running all over town prepping for SQL Saturday


I had an EX raid in Pokemon Go today. Caught my first Mewtwo!


I was in surgery all day and then checking in shelter dogs. But now, vacation!


The grocery store was out of 1% milk yesterday. There was, however, plenty of skim and 2% milk. I wonder how many people know you can get about the same thing by equally mixing the two.


Sweet mother of crap, I found Jawa 2.0.


0_0 That’s… Scary?


Considering this individual occupied my living room for about 40 hours a couple months ago and was recently arrested, put in the hospital overnight for a psych eval, and now there might be a homicide investigation (depending upon what’s found in their own medical records)…yes.

It wasn’t the years-long con as Jawa was (at least the part that affected me/my family), but it’s still infuriating. And has me considering security cameras for outside the house. Which is interesting, because I was thinking about it this time last year too.


Wow… I’d forgotten about Jawa. And now I’m remembering how long I’ve been around this place and how long I’ve known some of you. Damn I’m old.


Well, you’re not looking too healthy there… :laughing:


We’re coming up on 20 years on here.

Tha hell…


I’ve been here 5 years and I’m a relative newbie, sooo… yeah. And I don’t recall Jawa at all.