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Technology is wonderful, but some people just get carried away with it, and then there’s a big “oops” at the end of the game later on.


It took about two months, but information has finally become available about what Garrison Keillor was said to have done. What’s being described still falls under the label of inappropriate behavior, yet the story isn’t finished.

The Minnesota Public Radio side of the story says they had more information that led them to the decision and it wasn’t provided to protect the privacy of Garrison and the other people. What’s being revealed now that they received a 12-page letter from the attorney of the woman, which justified the investigation and hiring a law firm. MPR News, a “firewalled” organization within MPR, says they did their own investigation and turned up other info that showed a pattern of inappropriate behavior, but they also note that it was nowhere near what Harvey Weinstein had done. The MPR company president says they worked with Garrison throughout the process, but he wouldn’t give them things like email and the current mediations weren’t progressing like they thought they should. They do want to reach an agreement to make the APHC programs available again.

The Garrison Keillor side of the story says that the person in question was a freelance researcher who worked mostly through email, was rarely in the office, MPR didn’t talk with him, and by releasing this info while the mediations are going on, they’re hurting the process. He also notes that the letter from the attorney was carefully crafted and that the woman still lists APHC on her Facebook page.

That’s an interesting point. If the person had been hurt enough to warrant getting an attorney, wouldn’t she remove from her Facebook page something that she previously liked that is at the heart of that hurt?

One of the articles I was reading had a point by Sue Scott, who has worked with Garrison for many years on APHC. She says that what’s been missing is talking with the people who have worked with him the most. They would be the ones that would see the kind of behavior.

I will need to update that blog I wrote, but I’m going to give it more time before I do. Either MPR is right about Garrison or they’re working really hard to find evidence to support their decision. My feeling is that they’ve mishandled it so far. They should have provided a lot more information faster to show it was more than the vague “Keillor did something wrong so he goes away” situation it was before.

I get the idea of not continuing to reward someone for bad behavior. But saying that everyone else who was involved in a project with that same person should have all evidence of that project removed? That was a bit much, and since we’re talking about artists and singers, any royalties and residuals from continued repeat performances were taken away from them.

Has Volkswagen been closed down and the Autobahn torn up because a certain German military leader is associated with them? No.


So much WTF here…


And I thought the humps with botox was WTF-worthy… you win.

I fold. :slight_smile:


Damn. Just… damn.

That is a very strong second place entry, @Ook.


The cafe that opened up in the Credit Union next door is… wonderful.

Their menu is different every day, and it has been delicious every time I’ve gone.

Edit: The menu is different every week too. I don’t think they’ve repeated yet.


The prices are awesome, and the food sounds great!


Would someone please get this guy a better bio pic?..

I don’t know if he is a complete tool in real life, but I just don’t get a good vibe when I see him at the bottom of an article.


Is that an old school jacket or a boating club one? Either way, I agree with your “complete tool” analysis.


Thanks; good to know it isn’t just me.

Gotta wonder. Bio says he is originally from the UK, but has lived here long enough to have potentially adapted to a more colonial sense of style, so to speak.


Trust me, in the UK that is going to get a similar response.


Dang. I knew cat bites could be nasty, and I expected the antibiotics (horse pill sized), but do not exercise, rest, keep the hand elevated, and come back tomorrow?


I kind of wonder if he’s just wearing it to get attention. Gives me kind of a Paul F. Tompkins vibe. (Who, in the linked picture, had a suit made to mimic one from Jaws.)


Also consider drawing a line at/around any swelling or redness so they can see if it is progressing or regressing. Speaking not one bit from experience, no… :joy::joy:


There’s a line around it. I have to go back today to get it assessed.

Edit: I also took a picture.


“The Next Phase” is a Star Trek: TNG episode that is infamous for having a really big fridge logic problem. Ro and LaForge are out of phase with the rest of the ship, yet no matter how much they run around or how heavily they fall, they don’t sink through the decks and out the bottom of the ship. But a Romulan who had also been phased in that same accident is able to be pushed through the outer bulkhead and drifts away into sapce. At the end of the episode, LaForge is enjoying a meal because they haven’t been able to eat in three days.

That episode was repeated last night on the Heroes & Icons channel and I realized there are a lot more fridge logic problems with that episode:

  1. Unless the ship was perfectly still relative to the entire universe, the ship should have moved enough for them to have been left behind and they would have been in space pretty quick.
  2. Because they were out of phase and couldn’t eat, that should have meant that they couldn’t see, hear, speak or breathe. They would have suffocated within minutes.

Stargate SG-1 did a “take that” against the episode by having a character point out that they should sink through the floor if they were phased, but I wonder if anyone else has realized the other points I spotted. I know Spider Robinson used not taking into account the motion of the Earth while teleporting as a point in one of his Callahan’s books.


Fuck off Wix.

Every other Youtube video has a Wix advert now. Even if I did want to build a website, I could use this magical new thing called “doing it myself for free”, and all it’s making me want to do is to go to Curries PC World and pour paint all over the stupid empty cardboard boxes they have in there for Wix products.


Plus the “actors” punting Wix looks really weird. Never heard of them either.


Finally sold the couch, I took $50 off the price, but the couple that got it was very appreciative and came right on time to get it.


And another WTF.