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Merde is just French for mierda. :slight_smile:


Yes. Yes, it is. :wink:



If you work with me, it’s late holiday free glassware day.


The two-month timeline, aka, what effect did the initial allegation have?

  • Harvey Weinstein: 82 women have made accusations, and two directors have said that they unknowingly contributed to the blacklisting of two of the actresses because they accepted statements from the Weinstein company that those two were difficult to work with.
  • Kevin Spacey: approximately 35 people
  • Louis C.K.: somewhere between five and a dozen people
  • Brett Ratner: ten people
  • James Toback: almost 400 people
  • Charlie Rose: eight people
  • Mark Halperin: “at least a dozen” people
  • Matt Lauer: approximately a dozen people
  • Mario Batali: a dozen people
  • John Besh: 25 people, with those accusations directed at him and his company

And Garrison Keillor? In the 1.5 months since it happened, there has been just the one initial accusation with no details have been released (to protect the privacy of the other person as the official reason). All further statements by MPR have been vague and boil down to “we have our reasons”.

If what he had done was so bad that he needed to be treated the same as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey or any of the others listed above, why haven’t other people stepped forward to make further accusations as quickly as what happened with Weinstein and the rest? If he is enough of a monster that MPR had to completely wash their hands of a four decade friendship and business relationship, which several articles have said is the main reason MPR grew as popular as it did, where are those other examples of how he is a monster? Wouldn’t there be plentiful and detailed incidents to justify trying to make Garrison an “unperson” by removing all references to him on the MPR website?

So far, there isn’t, and the only new news is that Garrison and his lawyers are talking with MPR’s lawyers about the situation. I didn’t know about that last part before I decided to write a blog about what had happened to him. If you’re interested, you can read “A good man goes to war” on the Prairie Home Companion Wiki.


I can’t believe how late I slept today. According to my fitbit, I got 8 hours and 4 minutes of sleep last night. That is unheard of.


This is the part that horrified me. The allegation is that he touched a woman’s back under her shirt. And that’s worth unpersoning someone. I don’t like the man on a personal basis, but that’s a giant shit sandwich.

Also everyone is still treating Corey Feldman like some unhinged freak.

I think it’s amazing how many of these people wearing black to events had to know something. There are at least a couple stories from women that Oprah was feeding young actresses to Weinstein, and Streep had to know something was up. And I’m OK with people being a moral coward, but don’t preach to me how I’m a sexual predator when you are throwing bodies into the tiger pit.


Every one of them who was in attendance stood and applauded for Roman Polanski when he was given Best Director or whatever it was. After he was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl.


Well, yeah, because that’s different or something.

Something I’ve realized for years is that an awful lot of the people I’m diametrically opposed to view this as a ends justify the means situation. They think they are pushing for nirvana, so squishing a few little people, or 13 year old girls, or feeding Weinstein, is acceptable as long as they believe they are advancing the goal. What’s a bit of individual pain, usually from other people, to rolling back the rising seas, and lowering the globes temperature and bringing back the polar bears, as well as total and complete equality enforced by them and others like them forever?

They believe they are creating heaven on earth, so what if some people (that aren’t them) have to go through hell.


In other news, my weather sense is still working after a couple years off.

Last Thursday I took my youngest to CVS to get feminine hygiene products. Sunday was her first period.

I wish I could find a way to monetize this ability. But living with multiple women in the house all on different cycles I think I just learned how to catch the signs.


Yonkers ago I had a 10Gb IDE HDD full of bad sectors.

For shits and giggles I tried to install NT4 on it. Install would fail.

Then I’d install OS/2 on it, and it installed without a hiccup.

Ahhh, those were the good old days of Windows bashing… :slight_smile:


NPR had an article yesterday about the danger of suppressing sneezes. I’ve never tried pinching my nose shut and holding my mouth closed, but I developed a habit of stopping sneezes dead in their tracks that’s completely internal (and sometimes really hurts), because most of the time, it’s zero-to-sneeze in under two seconds, so there’s no time to find a tissue.


So I’ve been sick for a few days, and had a diagnostic CAT scan yesterday to make sure Mr. Lymphoma isn’t being a creeper, I was barely able to eat Tuesday, and yesterday all I could eat until late last night was that shitty iodine drink.

I had an OK breakfast this morning, but now it’s lunch, and while I feel mostly OK, I’m a bit nauseous at the thought of food. I think I’m going to have to force myself to eat, which for someone my size is a bit funny.

And I sure as hell haven’t been suppressing my sneezes this time, I’d have burst my brains yesterday.


I frighten people for blocks around when I sneeze. I don’t hold anything back. Never have.


I swear the guy in the office next to me amplifies and accentuates his sneezes. I’m not generally a quiet sneezer, but damn.


Dear I Can Has Cheezburger:

I have no interest in watching “The Four” tonight. The fact that almost every ad on your website is for this show has changed that lack of interest from a transitory condition to permanent. I do not plan on watching this show ever, simply because you spam-blasted their ads across your website.


When we had CRT monitors, my sneezes would make the components ring inside.


Plus, do cats really prefer cheez on their burgers? I was under the impression that they aren’t too keen on cheez. Dogs, on the other hand, luv cheez!


I don’t know. I see a lot of cat food at the pet store these days that has cheese in it. I haven’t tried feeding it to my cats because Mrs. Force10 is super picky about what they get fed. I’m sure my male cat would love it though, as he eats pretty much anything we feed him. The female is the picky one.


ADP scares me.

My last 3 (technically) employers have all used ADP for payroll. $oldjob uses them, as do both the company I moved to last Spring and the company that acquired us in November.

I have an ADP website account for $oldjob and can access all my old pay stubs anomy W2 there. When I changed jobs in the Spring, I had to set up a new ADP account for that one. And…I was able to see $oldjob’s pay stubs from that account. As I’m pulling my tax paperwork together, I’m now realizing that regardless of which of these two accounts I log into, all of the pay stubs, W2s and related information is available to me.

This morning, I set up an ADP account for $currentjob_under_new_ownership. I entered the usual info, then it took me into a trio of questions to further authenticate me.

  • Which of the follow cities (or none at all) most closely aligns to where you went to college?
  • Which of the following cities (or none at all) is the location of $your_previous_home_street_address (note: I wasn’t shown my current address, but rather the house I sold five years ago)?
  • Which of the below age ranges most closely matches the age of $your_father

Hold on. How and why the everloving fsck does ADP know who my father is?

Now, I get that because they’re processing payroll, they’re going to have an elevated amount of data about me. But how does this happen!? And how much of my identity is at risk if they get breached Equifax-style?