Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


I would so much rather pay and have my own space than cram into a guest room and share a bathroom with already-resident family.

But they’d be offended, see? So we have to stay with them.


Invent an allergy to something in their house. Children are useful for this also.


I am also allergic to children.


You just aren’t cooking them right.


I think I’ve just answered the age-old question


I love me a chicken omelette. Or a hamburger dipped in milk.


Cheesbugga cheesebugga cheesebugga


No Coke. Peepsi.


No fries, cheeps


/rant on

I read this article about an ISP threatening to mess with people’s IoT thermostats and it’s pissing me off. The article writes like the ISP is going to log in and shut off your heat if you don’t stop pirating but if you read the notice, it’s your standard ‘We’re going to throttle your speed’ threat. That’s fine. I have an IoT thermostat among other things. If I lost my internet all that’s going to happen is I will have to be in my house to change the temp. Oh no, I’ll have to leave the thermostat at a fairly constant temp all day long (studies have found this is better than wildly varying degrees as it costs more to drastically change the air temp in a house). What ever will I do? It’s because of crappy click-bait articles like this that I get phone calls from panicked relatives wondering how they will ever live if the internet goes down. You know what if it scares you that much, turn the internet off, stop buying IoT stuff and go back to living like your parents used to. It didn’t kill them so you’ll probably be fine. And probably happier in the long run too.

/rant off


For the record, while I could adjust the AC a degree or two during the day if we had a fancy thermostat, we wouldn’t for three reasons:

  • We work weird schedules. I have weeks where one or both of us don’t start work until 1:00 PM, or $Wife is off a day mid-week and has to work Saturday for coverage.
  • Add-on to the above, but I am probably doing a lot of Work From Home as I need to cover work in other time zones the next few months.
  • I don’t want the dog to freeze/roast (depending on the time of year). Or the fish.

On-topic-ish: Where did the snails in the fish tank come from? We haven’t added plants or fish for months, and the Loaches (now single) used to take care of the problem with a surprising amount of noise. Now we’re seeing tons of small snails and what we presume are egg clusters.


All it takes is one. Snails are asexual, so they reproduce no matter what. If you ever had one snail, you will have them for life. On the plus side, they do make extra snacking for your fish, and they help keep the algae growing on the glass under control.


If an internet-connected thermostat needs a “strong and reliable connection” which is more than a 10Kb/sec burst for 10 seconds every 5 minutes, I’d be shocked. It’d work fine on a dial-up connection.

Total fear mongering.


Sorry. That was me.


We’re just amazed as we haven’t added anything to the tank for months other than water (treated) food (flakes and freeze-dried worms) and we have not seen snails for a couple years. The loach will eat them, but he’s fat and lazy.


Cursing happens so often that it has lost its edge. Cursing used to be much more interesting.

In order for it to become relevant again, it has to bring the shock value back. I’m trying to think of ways to do this and hit on something that we can all play with.

Jesus H. Christ

Why H? I’ve been trying out different middle names and initials to see what works best.

Jesus RR Christ
Jesus Elizabeth Christ
Jesus Millhouse Christ
Jesus Tiberius Christ


Today I had an incident where I blurted out “Ow Motherf?*(er gaw!!” Is that creative enough for you? :joy::joy:


I like to occasionally swear in foreign languages. For starters it meant I could get away with stuff in senior school I should have been expelled for saying, and for seconds sometimes it sounds delightfully fancy as you’re telling someone to forcefully insert a whole baby sheep in their rectum.

The one time this backfired was when I was with a school trip to Italy; the coach stopped in a service station in Switzerland on the way there, and while I was in the Stop Shop I dropped some salsa and the jar exploded… and I yelled Scheisse as you do when you’re surprised, and then had to endure five minutes of being totally ripped to shreds by a German-speaking customer who had a child with her!


Hehe. I’ve been known to swear in Spanish (things like pendejo, mierda, puta madre, and of course Jesucristo. Not very covert when you live 30-40 minutes from the Mexican border though. :slight_smile:


I’ve been known to say “Merde,” followed by “Pardon my French”…