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Argh, someone in Italy got into my netflix account and was watching movies in Spanish. Changed my email on the account, and the password. They even created another profile on the account called Hack63k or something.



I just lost my entire afternoon to a “free” headlight bulb replacement.

So this weekend I discovered my right side low beam was dead. Again. It’s a massive problem with 2010-2012 Subaru Outbacks, to the point where they’re covering them on a 10 year extended warranty. I call in the morning, they say it’s an emergency fix and bring it in during walk in hours and they’ll fit it in between appointments.

Pull in at 1:30, try to go to 5e service desk but the guy at the garage entrance stops me and tells me we take care of it there. Gives me a ticket, tells ,e to go inside. I go in, past the service desk who just watched me pull in, and go to the waiting area.

4:15 rolls around. Literally everyone in the waiting area has arrived after me. More than 100% turnover since I’ve been here. Service writer comes out to tell someone else their car is done, I ask her what’s going on with my car. She leaves to check, comes back and tells me they didn’t even know I was there. The guy who checked me in was supposed to tell me to turn in the ticket at the desk but never did.

I took today off for other reasons, this just popped up over the weekend. Regardless, I’ve lost half of my vacation day because this guy didn’t give me the right instructions and no one else bothered to talk to the customer walking past the desk or sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours.


Arg, that sucks, @dakboy. I don’t go to dealerships when I can avoid it, but the past several times, I make it a point to get the card of anyone who “helps” me. Case in point - the week I got my truck, a pressure relief valve (or something like that there) in the gas tank got stuck, so toward the end of my first tank of gas (provided by the dealership, I had not even opened the fuel door yet), the gas tank kind of imploded. Probably related to a brand new 2015 truck sitting on the lot for probably well over six months until I bought it in May 2016, but still, very freaky. So, I got stuck with a truck that didn’t want to run on Sunday on the way to church with my wife right next to me. Yeah, you can imagine what a pleasant situation that was. Ya might say I was a bit testy. Anyway, Ford’s new vehicle roadside assistance sent a tow truck. He pulled my truck onto his flatbed. Just to be paranoid, we went to the gas station 150 yards away and put $3.00 in. Tank was still looking crushed, so we took it to the dealership less than a half mile away. They don’t have anyone there but a guard on Sundays, who let us in and let us drop it. I went by the next day to talk to my salesman and the service advisor. I got the advisor’s card and the salesman gave me a different, also brand new truck as a loaner. Even with the sales guy breathing down the advisor’s neck every day (likely twice a day), we didn’t have a firm update on Wednesday. At that point, I called the main office, got transferred to the service manager, and asked what the heck was going on - told him that even the sales guy was getting the runaround. I finally found out, later that afternoon, that they had ordered a new tank, fuel pump, purge valve assembly - basically everything tank adjacent and fuel related. I never got confirmation, but I suspected that after someone got their asses chewed out, someone else was instructed to ‘borrow’ the parts off another new truck and install them on mine. AFAIK, all the fuel system bits down there were identical between 2015 and 2016s. I’m also guessing that the prospect of me driving their brand new, 16 miles on the odometer truck up to Dallas over the coming weekend prompted the sales guy to motivate the service guys.

Apparently, I needed to vent. It was a rough day today.


Some writers have described how their characters talk to them. J. Michael Straczynski said he was working on an assassination scene for an episode and it freaked him out when one of his characters told him, “I have to do it.” I think JMS said that when that sort of thing happens, the writer better listen.

Well, if a writer comes up with an idea for their story but the reaction from the character is, “What kind of hack writer came up with that?”, you know you’re in trouble.


I typically only go to a dealer for warranty work; I have a good mechanic within walking distance of my office, and my tire shop does free rotation & balancing on tires bought from them as well as being full-service, so I’ll have them change oil when tires get rotated.

I hadn’t been to this dealership in three years, which the service writer tried to use to make me feel better about not understanding how their new process worked. Oh, but good news! They did another recall they found on my car while they were at it (which I knew about, just hadn’t bothered going in for because it wasn’t a high priority issue)! It felt a little condescending, to be honest.


I would suggest reading Redshirts by Jon Scalzi if you like that kind of meta story.


There needs to be a way to get an oven-baked pie where you don’t heat it up just to let it cool back down. Just cook it to the point where the ingredients are properly cooked and then you can eat it right away. Microwave ovens don’t count.

For the one that’s in the oven right now, it has to cool almost as long as it cooks if you want a warm pie, or twice as long if you want a cool pie.


I think this might be relevant to the Americainian members here. I found this in my feed this morning.

Help save Net Neutrality (super important, super simple – no excuses, do it now):

  1. Go to gofccyourself.com (the shortcut John Oliver made to the hard-to-find FCC comment page)
  2. Where it says 17-108 link (Restoring Internet Freedom), click on “+Express”
  3. Fill out the form. Be sure to hit “ENTER” (or return key) on your keyboard after you put in your name, so it registers.
  4. In the comment section write, “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.” Customize this line, if you like, but this line alone is enough.
  5. Click to Review, then Submit, done. - Make sure you hit submit at the end


Every time I see something coming from the US with the word ‘freedom’ attached to it, I automatically change that word out and use ‘oppression’ instead. Is it just me?




So now we have this current net neutrality brouhaha. Add to that the IoT issue and crypto-malware on the other side as well, and the picture looks bleak for the future of the 'net…

Maybe it is time to go back to Z80 cpu’s and use floppy disks to transfer information all over (the dark days before the 'Net)…


It’s a trained response due to the number of countries with “People’s” or “Democratic” in the name that are anything but.


It is a delicious irony


One of my happiest “adult” Christmases was, essentially:

  • PS2
  • Copy of Deus Ex for same
  • Week between Christmas and New Years off.

I had a great time, and probably left my apartment once.


Also, I am slightly annoyed right now because I feel like my in-laws have said they’d rather have two-day old carry-out from a chain italian than me and $Wife’s cooking and baking.


My wife could fill a book with “in-laws and food” stories.

I’d write the foreword.


Just point out next time you visit that you’d rather spend the night in the two-bit motel than their guest room :joy:


I’m just not a person who has a pressing need to say hello to random people passing by, but I really think that greeting someone simply because they happened to walk into the same bathroom as another person can be skipped altogether.


People get upset when I make eye contact and then pat the urinal next to mine as an invitation. People need to lighten up a bit.


Bahahaha!! :smile: