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Wikipedia now has an article on the “Weinstein effect”, calling it a “‘national reckoning’ against sexual abuse”. NPR has mentioned that it could be a tipping point, though last night, they played a segment about Senator Bob Packwood from the 1990s where you could just change the names and see little difference.

The effect is spreading and now we get to see how well Pixar and the rest of Disney animation can do without John Lasseter. He’s taking a six month sabbatical, but I’ve got a feeling he may not be back. Disney is generally not tolerant of anything that affects their “clean” image. One show was canceled and a character written out of another when an actor involved in both had a single DUI incident.

In Lasseter’s case, he’s a very friendly person but may have been too friendly, taking a hug or a kiss or a touch a little too far. It sounds like it was nowhere near what Weinstein is said to have done, but more than what was appropriate or a good idea.


Is this where Debby Ryan (who had a DUI) was written out of Jessie, the show axed, and all the kids came back on Bunk’d?

I know way too much of this crap.


Kids are still getting molested by religious leaders and we kind of thought we had a “tipping point” over that too.


And we’ve driven men out of education yet students are still molested by teachers. See a lot more of that now than pastors.

It’s not a tipping point unless they all go down. And I don’t get Lasseter, it sounds like he was a hugger. I haven’t read any details, was there more than that?


As child I was molested by my nephew, and I do not wish that on anybody. Messed up sexual feelings etc. Not nice.

I have vowed to let my kids grow up innocent, so far so good.


I think it certainly has tipped over. It’s now at the stage where logic has fled and hysteria has taken over. You no longer have to have evidence and there is an assumption of guilt rather than innocence. A single random social media post is considered “proof” that a person is a predator and should be drummed out of Hollywood (see George Takei).

The problem with this is like everything else where hysteria takes over. The real problem cases get lost amid the flood of noise.


The end result of always believe the victim.

Why is a random accusation of Takai less believable than one against Al Franken? Why is a dozen women, dozens over the years accusing Clinton of everything from harassment to rape less believable than three or four against more Roy Moore.

What’s coming out is that it’s actually believe the narrative, and if it doesn’t fit then throw it out.

Hell, people still defend Polanski.

But at the same time, multiple stories are coming out about staffers knowing not to be alone with Conyers. The dude has been rattling around the Capital for 55 years. Really?


That’s the crucial thing, and the thing that gets missed most often.
I don’t know anything about Al Franken, but if it’s a single accusation then it should have the same weight as a single accusation against George Takei.

I would say Clinton is on a par with Trump, not quite as bad as Weinstein. All 3 of them have multiple accusers telling a very similar story and I think the narrative is compelling.

Kevin Spacey and Roy Moore I think are worse because their victims were minors.


One was admitted to, sort of, and the other categorically denied. One being a couple decades ago, with further rumored behavior since then, while Moore is two or three accusers from 40 years ago. The comments that he was banned from the mall have been refuted by multiple sources, and the cop making comments backs off them when asked to go on the record. She went from “We were asked to keep him away from the cheerleaders” to “There were rumors about him”.

Somehow, no one can come up with something recent on him. I’ll submit this, in his early thirties he hit on 16-19 year old girls, icky, but not illegal. Did he grab one that lied about her age, or did he not bother to ask? I don’t know. The pick up method also seems odd, with the others that came up he asked the parent’s permission and was very open about the relationship, picking them up from football games and the mall and dining in public, while with this girl no one ever actually saw them together.

I don’t like it, the whole things seems odd, but I don’t live in Alabama, so it’s a decision I don’t have to make.

With Franken, it’s a picture and a couple people so far, maybe three.


And it turns out NPR, NBC, CBS, and who the hell else has been hiding these allegations for ages. The very people telling us how horrible we all are are the worst examples of what they hate.


So, it’s like SETI, but non voluntary and makes money.


dakboy, it was Mitchel Musso. I think he was also dropped from Walt Disney Records.

Regarding Garrison Keillor, MikeP’s got it right. This is what Keillor says happened:

“I put my hand on a woman’s bare back,” he told the Star Tribune by e-mail minutes after MPR’s statement. “I meant to pat her back after she told me about her unhappiness and her shirt was open and my hand went up it about six inches. She recoiled. I apologized. I sent her an email of apology later and she replied that she had forgiven me and not to think about it. We were friends. We continued to be friendly right up until her lawyer called.”

If that is the only thing that he did and there were no other incidents with that one person or any other people, especially since Minnesota Public Radio’s statement says “Based on what we currently know, there are no similar allegations involving other staff.”, is the following a reasonable reaction?

  • Severing all ties with Garrison.
  • Re-renaming the show from “A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor” to “with Chris Thile” after Garrison retired in 2016 and now to a working title of just “The Chris Thile Show”.
  • Shutting down the Pretty Good Goods store because it had APHC merchandise.
  • Removing 20 years of radio shows from their website archives.
  • Ending the broadcast of “The Writer’s Almanac”, an online/podcast hosted by Garrison.

As a result, Garrison has pretty much shut down his website. Parts of it can be found in the Internet Archive, but who knows what’s been lost.

Another part of the statement says, “We want a workplace where anyone who experiences unwanted behavior feels comfortable in reporting concerns to MPR. Discrimination, harassment, retaliation or other inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated.” If whatever the “continuing investigation” turns up is just this one instance of a momentary situation that supposedly was resolved with an apology that was accepted, wouldn’t all of what’s happened in the last two days be retaliation itself?

Right now, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around how much could be, and has been, lost. if there’s nothing else and it’s all over something exceedingly minor, I don’t have any more words to express how I feel at this point.


From the way I’ve read it it sounds like her shirt was gaping at the back and he accidentally went under the shirt instead of over it. He apologized, she accepted it, and they stayed friends until her lawyer called him a month later.

The head hunters will keep counting coup until they get too many scalps like this one appears to be and the backlash will be vicious.

Conyers’ lawyer is like explain to me the difference between Franken and Conyers… and I’m like really? One engages in mildly inappropriate behavior and the other strips in front of women. Both are wrong but one is much more wrong than the other.


Running around mad at yourself all the time makes you angry at everyone as well. Not being able to forgive yourself for the smallest thing makes it near impossible to forgive anyone else.

over the last few years I’ve gotten harder and harder on myself on the slightest little thing. This makes me, someone notorious among my old friends for being happy and impossible to piss off, a heartbeat from blowing up. It’s like anger by wire. Now, it’s not like I do anything about my own issues besides get disappointed and pissed off.

When my daughter does something, it pours into my boiling pot and it spills. So even if I’m not really mad about it, or yelling at her, it all comes out. I don’t feel any more mad than i already am, but that’s become background noise to me, so i don’t notice my tone or what I’m saying.

I’m not an ogre, but it makes me very unpredictable. Apparently I’m Dr. Banner, and I’m always angry. No one knows why I’m angry, but they have to deal with it.

So I have to learn Grace. How to forgive myself instead of shoving everything into a box. The behaviors that make me angry aren’t earth shattering, I forgot to change the headlight again, I didn’t switch the laundry, I spent an hour reading as a break instead of half an hour. Stuff like that, it should be easy to deal with, but part of me since i became a step father started demanding perfection, and when perfection wasnt delivered got the cat o’ nine tails out.

Thankfully it’s not that i beat anyone or rage uncontrollably around the house, but I’m not comfortable to be around.


@Woodman I empathize. Let me know if you find a way to deal with that. I used to find that spending some time alone in the woods helped, but my physical fitness doesn’t really allow that much anymore.


Part of the issue is that any activity has the potential to add to the issue. As mistakes happen doing anything. But I’m looking to my woodworking to help.


So, if the old song “It takes two” was written by somebody disnumeric, but polite and with good grammar, would the lyrics go:
“It takes three baby, just you and me”


I can be like that, too. I’m hard on myself, so then I have a short fuse with others, generally those I’m closest to - family and forever friends. Sometimes I have to remind myself to not be an exacting asshole, and that most of the little stuff doesn’t matter.
(But would it kill people to close the utensils drawer once in a while? Seriously.)
Edit - or to turn off the light in the bathroom.


$ookwife, is that you? :smile: Also have the same problem here, we tend not to close the utensils drawer, and $ookwife will moan about it.

At least we are starting to close it, so periods of moaning should decrease.


Mrs. The Really Horrible almost closes the bathroom cabinets.She’ll push them about a half-inch from fully closed, and leave them like that. It makes me nuts. If she leaves them like that, I just open them fully and leave them like that. Eventually she gets the hint and closes them. It’s our little dance and I know all the moves.