Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


I’m going to this year’s Fibonacci conference,
It’s going to be as big as the last two put together.




My mind is going numb reading about motherboards, chipsets, BIOS, etc. Hardware is not my favourite thing.


I guess it pays to complain. My office has been cold for the past 2 weeks and I chalked it up to bad layout and bad HVAC design.

Turns out, my local thermostat was set to Cool, not Heat.


My Bluetooth headset is on the fritz, so I need to start looking for a replacement. It is the Plantronics Marque, first gen. I like it well enough that when I saw Fry’s selling refurbs of the Marque 2 for hella-cheap, I picked one up, like, well over a year ago, just in case. Shortly thereafter, I started using it for Ubering, So I have to decide if I want to get another marque 2 (preferable in black/gray… the white one looks too Apple-y), or czech out a different model - the higher end ones with the slender mic stalk are nice but not necessarily worth the extra cost.


I’m looking into a Steelseries Arctis headset. I’ll probably get the 5, but they have a 7 that is Bluetooth. For me, the things I’m interested in are:

  • Works with my phone or a PC/Mac (preferably via USB for the latter two).
  • Comfortable (I’m on long work-calls, plus podcast use and such)
  • Good microphone (I moved from ym OK Sennheisers to another pair from “Aliheien” recently and I think they’re slightly better, but still using the microphone mounted on a bulge on the cable, which is less than perfect. The Arctis has a proper boom mike.


I had not heard of those. I’ll check them out, thanks!

Ahhh, that’s a full on headphones setup. I’m just looking for a small one for making phone calls. My cell phone battery is crapping out (died this morning with an indicated “90%” battery), so I have to leave it on the charger. If I have my headset, I can take calls even if I’m not at my desk.


Understood… My current gig has me on the phone for 4+ hours at a stretch talking to people on a bridge some of whom are in machine rooms and such, so my needs may be different than others.


What’s with all the spammers from India suddenly signing up for the board?


Ah the days of being on a bridge waiting for other people. I once had to wait 3.5 hours on an issue that was affecting thousands of users. The fix, a registry key change. Took me all of 2 minutes to change and push and resolve the issue but we had to wait for the head honcho (who had no idea what the actual issue was or what the fix meant) to sign off on it.


I once had to watch a phone system crash because we didn’t have Change Management to proactively reboot it. Could’ve avoided an outage and done it in a nice controlled way, but rules are rules.


Your change management procedures don’t have a provision for emergency changes in cases where things are down or about to go down?


At $OldJob, no. There was, but apparently they weren’t documented so no one knew how they should work.

It really wasn’t worth the stress.


Neither did we. I’m sure there might have been but I never saw it. I was lucky and managed to stay off of most bridges (we had guys with headsets that wandered around and sat in on technical bridges not saying a word) but before I left I was being dragged into more and more. Yet another reason why I left.


For those of you who celebrate it. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have lots to give thanks for.

For those of you who don’t, I guess you can have fun and be thankful for stuff too.


Moderator here at Mybb.co.za - and we had a spam deluge there.

At least site owner did implement some IP blocking and the problem went away.

Good grief.


I generally find it annoying when I go to unsubscribe to advertisement emails and they want me to fill out a quick survey about why I’m unsubscribing. But this time, I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t have a survey. I would have liked to tell Pollo Loco that the reason I am not interested in their email promos is because I am not real keen on the idea of simulating the culinary experience of visiting a third world country.
In related news, I am amused that the Pollo Loco near my house closed, even before the Raising Canes building was finished. Depending on what you count as competition, there were 3+ other chicken places already nearby: Zaxbys, Slim Chickens, BBW, KFC, Chick-fil-a, Popeyes, and a Hartz. (Also not counting Raising Canes.) IMO, the worst of those is better than PL.


My wife unsubscribed from the AARP newsletter. She was happy her option was there; " I do not agree with the political messages AARP sends"


Being a decade or so away from getting AARP spam, what agenda(s) are they pushing?


Democrat talking points mostly, not even senior citizen centered. Some of it was typical Republicans are after your livelihood stuff. While ignoring the additional burden a entitlement system has on the elderly.