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Let’s not understate what Barbara Walters did there.

She shamed him live on national TV, told him he was damaging an entire industry for attempting to expose the abuse he & Haim were subjected to.


Hmmm… Looks like I need to make chili and sushi for tomorrow’s potluck.


I think maybe we can streamline that a bit. Chili sushi!


Yeah, I couldn’t remember the exact quote so I pulled it back.


Okay, I wasn’t aware of any of that. While I don’t think it’s quite in the same league as Weinstein’s actions, it’s not that far away. Enabling a predator is appalling behaviour.
Let’s call a spade a spade. The one damaging the industry is the person committing the crime, not the victim.



You always believe the victim, unless the offender is famous in Hollywood.

Also see Roman Polanski…

I’ve seen people defend Polanski because he’s an “artist”, and defend Woody Allen, who is one odd duck with his relationship with his ex wife’s daughter, because of his “body of work”. They sound like Communist Party apologists, or cult members. Yes, Reverend Jones does appear to sleep with people’s wives against their will, but he’s under so much stress doing the work of the lord, who are we to question his releases?

Meanwhile, the very same people that continue the casting couch traditions are the ones making the support feminism PSAs and pushing for more regulations, not to mention things like the Bechtel Test. They push for these things because they know they don’t work, but they’ll get cover for supporting them. And they’ll crush anyone less influential who tries the same game, in order to keep the mob happy and leave their hunting grounds clear. Who cares if there are two women in the movie talking about something besides a man if both of them got raped to get the part?

I detest the entire hypocritical pack of them. Gosh, look at all the Disney starlets that go from clean girl next door to hose beast, how much of that is trying to break away from the Disney image and how much of that is being broken by the industry.


The situations of the “Disney Kids” disturb me. You sign on w/ Disney at the age of 8 or 9, and they own you for the next decade. Records, movies, TV, TV movies, direct-to-DVD, appearances, everything. I’ve seen speculation that Britney’s breakdown in the '00s was a response to everything she went through as a child star (under the Disney umbrella!). It’s likely that it was the same for Miley Cyrus and now she’s rebuilding herself.

Elijah Wood (I know, not Disney) has publicly said that his parents insisted on being right next to him anytime he was on a lot or set and cameras weren’t rolling. He thought it was annoying at the time, but look at where we are now.

And I’m left wondering about Justin Timberlake. He was in the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney. Did he escape unscathed? Did his parents take the same approach as Elijah Wood’s? Or is he a victim too and just hasn’t said anything yet?


Not just famous in Hollywood. There are people who are questioning why Trump’s accusers haven’t got the same backing as the famous women who are accusing Weinstein.

Actually, I’d say “one sick f#%k”

An even sicker f#%k. How anyone can support that monster is beyond me, he should be in jail, not getting standing ovations at Oscars ceremonies.

Hallelujah for sensible parents. I think they probably saved him from something pretty horrific.


So, I’ve been a stay at home dad for almost two months. I’ve learned a couple things. One, While I’m keeping the house clean, it appears that I am unable at this time to actually make the house “look” clean. My ingrained messiness is inhibiting my work here. I’ll clean an entire room from top to bottom, but it still ends up looking disheveled, clean, but disheveled. This is something I must learn to do, doesn’t do me any good to pass a white glove test if I can’t pass an initial look.

Two, if I don’t get right into the day in the morning then the whole day is a struggle.

Three, when my wife is havening a bad day… I feel even more helpless than before to help her, since I’m sure some of the added pressure is her having to be the sole wage earner.

Four, I think I’m to the point now where the laundry is my bitch, not the other way around. I’ve got a routine, and I’ve made/bought a couple things to make life easier and more organized. Now all I need to do is clean out the laundry room and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Bowe Bergdahl…

I can’t even be snarky about it.


I didn’t know that the word “trade” was prounounced “tra-dee”. But, I guess it is, since the local newspaper decided to hyphenate “tradeoff” to make it fit on the end of the line by writing it as “tra- deoff”.


You get bonus points from here as the tra-deoff actually spanned lines.
I’m doing my best to ignore the weep-worthy nature of what you posted. Failing badly.


Kid, if the most exciting thing about being in a zoo is that you can get a wi-fi signal on your phone and watch something on YouTube, you need to reexamine your priorities.


Later this morning I’m going to buy something dangerously close to a pumpkin spice latte.

I feel so dirty.


I get the toasted marshmallow mocha instead. I’m unclean, but in a totally different way.


Early morning walks in the dark have one serious disadvantage. I missed a curb this morning and while I knew about the scrapes immediately, I’m beginning to feel some of the other consequences now… Wrist, knee, shoulder. Nothing bad, but… dang.


People were really upset at the craft show I regularly attend in the late fall because I didn’t have my typical supply of pumpkin & spice flavouring syrup. Like, REALLY upset. I’m wondering if I should just keep some on hand all the time. I mean, I use canned pumpkin anyway, so it isn’t like I’m tied to one particular growing season. White girls will want it all year long if they can get their hands on it. (phrasing)

I stopped making it because I don’t have a surfeit of 4oz bottles laying around anymore. I suppose I could just order a bunch of plastic ones instead of the glass ones I regularly use. They’d be easier to get and cheaper to boot, not to mention lighter.


Are we not doing phrasing any more?

In that case I’m sure they’ll take as much as you can give them and beg for more.


Funny you should say that. I just started a new “job” a couple of weeks ago doing cam work with a friend. It’s fun, interesting, and profitable, but I won’t be waving my hat any time soon. It probably won’t last past Christmas.

I’m always up for helping out a friend in need.