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It’s cold here at work. There’s no gas, so no hot water or heat. The utility company will hopefully be by tomorrow to turn the gas on.


Underground Cable Locator definitely works…


That’s every afternoon for me. But all utilities & services are working fine. Just poor HVAC design.


Yeah, this, totally, same at my office.


We have our share of that here too. My room is normally very hot. Yesterday it was the warmest room in the building. Gas was turned on yesterday, so we have hot water and heaters again.


Harkening back to the first message in this thread four years ago, you’ve probably heard about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a film producer and former head of the studio he founded, The Weinstein Company. The list of the 54 people making the accusations include several well-known actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Heather Graham.

One of the big issues for the company has been, what do you do when you’re named after someone who’s now been disgraced? Options are: rename the company, sell the company, bankruptcy or shut down. Over half of the board has resigned. As of Monday, it looks like they’re trying to sell some or all of their major assets, and if they go for bankruptcy, a company called Colony Capital might be able to buy them without any of the accompanying legal liabilities.

Other fallout that is likely forthcoming: revoking the awards he’s won over the years that are separate from the company, such as being expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Some of the ones he still has are:

  • Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
  • Knight of the French Legion of Honour
  • Awards he shared with other people, such as those for Shakespeare in Love.

That is a LOT to lose. Hope it was worth it, Harvey.


Do not forget that Roman Polanski is still a member of the Academy (he was applauded by the entire room when he won Best Director after going into exile), and the only member to be expelled prior to Weinstein got the boot for sharing his screener copies.

The hands of most of Hollywood are still very dirty.


Umm… is that a thing? I’m British and I’ve never heard of this. …Especially since there is no Empire anymore…


People have known about this for years, and it was a running joke in Hollywood. All these non abused people coming out of the woodwork now stating that they knew something was up for years are miserable individuals.

If everyone knew, then why didn’t any of these people who do sexual assault PSAs and write articles and even make movies about this say anything for literally decades?

And Ben Afleck could have ruined his career defending him. And when your other defenders are Lindsey Lohan and Woody Allen that’s saying something, I wouldn’t want Woody Allen defending me for anything.


I hear the French President is looking into stripping him of this.


A) He-said, she-said
B) Fear of being sued for slander/libel
C) Fear of being dragged through the mud and then silenced (see reaction to Rose McGowan on Twitter)
D) You know the cliche “you’ll never work in this town again”? Harvey Weinstein literally had that much power.

Hell, Terry Crews, a 6’2, 240 pound, retired NFL linebacker was molested (though not by Weinstein). He could have crushed whatever weasel did it to him, and nearly did - then realized the narrative would be “black man beats up Hollywood exec”, not “sexual assault victim defends himself” and stopped himself.


No wonder so many of those people think men are horrible monsters. The people that hold power over them and talk about equality area the very ones that are the offenders, so if someone else that they’ve been taught is evil thinks there isn’t a problem that must mean the are even worse.


Some of why people haven’t said anything before is because of the Non-Disclosure Agreements they had signed. They applied to more than just details about a movie. Now many of the employees are being asked to be released from the NDAs and have that applied to former employees, too.


This is surprisingly common. The NDA I had to sign at work I thought would be just about customer accounts, bank details and the like but no, I’m not even allowed to talk about the management structure or any internal communications that aren’t headed with FPR (For Public Release).

Which is sad, because there’s a certain South Korean company who make all sorts of things that I could write a very, very long essay about how they’re probably one of the worst companies for customer care in the world.


And so it begins. Now that more people are speaking up about Harvey Weinstein, like Lupita Nyong’o in the link below, that kind of behavior is becoming less acceptable. It should have been already, but sometimes it takes a spotlight on someone famous to get the point across.

Other recent instances of firings for the same behavior:

  • Chris Savino, creator of the cartoon The Loud House.
  • Tyler Grasham, former talent agent at APA (Agency for the Performing Arts).

This actually took place a few days before The Weinstein Company started talks about selling assets, but the Weinstein Books division was closed and all authors and titles were moved to the parent company that now owns it.


This isn’t going to be a popular statement.

But how many women let this continue because they could deal with it and it was an easy way up for them? Meanwhile women who didn’t want to play the game were forced to in order to compete for the job. I can get the part if I sleep with the toad, whatever, it’s the price to play the game. While those with different morals, or less durable psyches were getting destroyed by this man.

For certain people this had to be like an easy button for them, and they had no desire to kill the golden goose.


That’s no lie. I see your point, though. I refuse to comment on it because I am really uncomfortable with how some people will react and don’t want to invite my own participation in those conversations. I’m a conversational coward.


Maybe not, but it doesn’t make the statement wrong.

While I agree, some women probably did let it continue because they could deal with it, that doesn’t make it right that they had to deal with it. The same applies to any asshat who uses his/her power (mostly his it has to be said) to coerce people into sex. While it’s probably more prevalent in the movie industry, it’s not exclusive.


Dealing with it and staying quiet because you had to isn’t the type I’m talking about here. That’s just a different level of dealing with it. I’m talking about women like Barbara Walters who had an issue with Corey Feldman coming out, those who intentionally didn’t say anything in order to keep the easy button available. Like someone who is in a bribery scandal showdowns say anything because bribery worked better for them anyway.