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Clever. Stealing it.


Be my guest :smile:

I also want to own an island and live on it. I’d call it “Noman”, then I could say “I live on Noman. Noman is an island”


Whilst on the subject of islands :

  1. Ooklets have discovered sky islands in the Blockheads. Quite by accident nogal.
    Thought you’ll discover these when you craft something to fly a bit later on, but they just stacked blocks on top of each other high enough.

And no, the blocks doesn’t fall over.

  1. I so wish to purchase a decent-sized island and escape from the world+its downgrade to destruction.


I’d like to have an island, but I would have too many stipulations… it would to have internet access. And pizza delivery. McDonalds. Chick-fil-a. a good Mexican restaurant. and be warm with a beach, but not so much prone to hurricanes and such. and on and on.
If I ever win a big lottery, I’m going to make some realtor’s life difficult for a while.


We have many islands here in Canada. How warm would it have to be, and for how long?

There is no Chick-fil-a, but in certain areas there is the A&K Lick-A-Chick.


Maybe an island on a lake instead of the ocean?



I feel like you may, ultimately, want to LARP one of the Tropico games. Maybe 2, the Pirate Island one?


Probably warmer than that what I saw on the Canada Wiki…


Sure, that could work! After seeing the flooding around here recently, I’d want to choose a high spot, or build up the soil where the house is, like maybe 25 feet higher than the usual high water mark.


Nope. I don’t think I’ve ever played a Tropico game. Nor LARPed. Though I used to go searching for booty. (Ba dum dum, tsss!) :drum:
(I didn’t see a pirate or treasure emoji)


Could you find it with both hands?


With the exception of Chick-fil-a (which still sounds to me like a sexist petrol station, but I digress) I may have found the perfect¹ island for you!

IRELAND. It’s big enough to have a huge infrastructure including McDonalds and Dominoes, and it has internet² provided³ by a nationalised⁴ utility network⁵, but it is still small⁶ enough to feel like a proper island. The weather is best described as [omitted: howling shrieking of wind almost but not quite entirely drowned out by the white noise of rainfall] variable, but snowfall is minimal thanks to the Gulf Stream⁷. National past times include being scared of the big ball of light in the sky, brewing alcoholic beverages that can also strip rust off of iron, and creating some of the best damn culture in Europe.

¹ Reliant on circumstance. If you do not find Ireland perfect, this is in no way the fault of this description
² Internet is available between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Weekends
³ Well, more oozed really
⁴ Monopolised would be a better description. All hail Eircom!
⁵ Utilities also include Electricity⁸, and occasionally potable water
⁶ Although, because of the quality of the roads, your speed will be so slow it will seem huge!
⁷ Recent scientific study shows that the weakening Gulf Stream may lead to more rain
⁸ Electricity can be obtained by plugging into the communal socket, usually near the Post Office.



Not exactly what I had in mind, though I do love potatoes and I heard they’re fixing to bone Apple for back taxes, so there are two things in its favor!


If ever a company deserved to be boned it’s Apple.


It’s weird. I don’t think of myself as a leader, so why is everyone on Discord asking me for updates and information?


Those of us who end up being leaders are always the last ones to realize that it’s happened.


Dangit. One of my home ‘lab’ routers has apparently died. It was a cheap box of eBay for lab use, but now I need to run to the dump to properly dispose of electronics at some point. And figure out how to get the Flash card that’s stuck in it out.


You know, when I said I wanted a week off, this isn’t what I meant!


I miss having a gym that provides towels.

Completely unrelated topic: having to use paper towels to dry off from your post-run shower because you forgot to bring a towel to work really sucks.


Only the TRUE messiah denies her divinity.


Today I decided to go out on a pokemon go raid. It’s at the local community center. We’re finishing up our raid, when this poor woman comes over to us thinking that we’re her volunteers to help her sort clothes. Apparently all of her volunteers either didn’t show up or disappeared. :frowning:

I stayed and helped sort clothes for a while.