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In an extremely ironic turn, I’ve just broken a tooth, and it was hurting enough to wake me up at 2:30 this morning.

Nope, I’m not exaggerating or stretching the truth, I checked the time as soon as I woke up and it was exactly 2:30


It’s that time of year again: time to pumpkin spice all the things!


Current outdoor temperature: 92°F. Feels like 96°F

I’m drinking hot tea and wearing a fleece because of how the A/C is set up in my office.


Right there with ya, @dakboy. I have a space heater in my office, for those chilly <70° in the office / >95° outside days.


Voice recog have its uses and places to use.

Using it in public is asking for major butthurt. Using it to order goods just because you’re too lazy to work the computer will also result in butthurt. Using it to control a PC will also result in butthurt.

Using it to dictate and type a letter is the Right Thing.

But that’s just me.


I’d love to lean into someone’s space ordering in public via speakerphone… add a few items!


It’s been kind of interesting that several tech podcasts ened to bleep themselves if they mention the various key phrases, as listeners complain that their devices wake up and start searching for input.

So, it appears Skynet’s first move will be to drown people in accidentally ordered consumer goods, not launch nuclear weapons.


That or they substitute something else, like “ahoy, telephone” and “hey lady in the canister”.


15+ years ago I played some version of Mechwarrior with friends on weekends in our office. I always had the latest Soundblaster card, usually my audio was better than my video. Anyway, I was playing and had set up a microphone to play with, I had automated “reload”, “shutdown” and “override shutdown” on my PC… Took about 5 minutes before one of my friends realized they could just yell shutdown and kill me.

Good times, and it was an interesting lesson. We actually fiddled with it on purpose for a while to see the range and if you could override it or shout over someone nearer to it. Then they let me have my fun with my toy, but it was the last time I even attempted it.


Quick topic shift: MechWarrior Online has been doing well enough that the single-player MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be out next year.


There’s no such thing as a topic shift in this thread. That IS the thread.


I am not contributing to the national pumpkin-spicing of everything. Typically, I make a PS sugar syrup that I sell mostly to white girls at craft shows. This year, I can’t afford to make vanilla extract, so have no surfeit of bottles to use.

Oh, well. Pumpkin spice was always good to me.

Plus it was a lot of fun. I sampled it out of a whipped cream charger into little paper cups. With no spoons. It was fun watching all this young girls trying to get every last drop out of the cup with their tongues.

Is that weird?


[quote=“Rizak, post:2709, topic:478”]
Is that weird?[/quote]

Yes. Next question.


Yeah, what’s up with the price of vanilla beans?


Two causes that jump to mind. First: Increased demand. Everyone wants ‘all natural’ so artificial vanilla flavorings aren’t getting as much play. (I don’t use the fake stuff, so I can see the point.) Second: Madagascar, a primary vanilla bean growing region, got stomped by a cyclone not that long ago.


3 bad crop years in a row have depleted whatever stocks that have been hoarded. The greedy German flavour companies have bought up whatever else they can find, and anything left has soared to unimaginable levels.

They were trying new techniques of vacuum packaging the beans green so they could get them cheaper and dry them themselves in heated ovens. That didn’t work for a variety of reasons, so tons and tons of beans went moldy in the bags or were rendered useless by the heating process.

The beans I bought 3 years ago at $66/pound are now way more than $500/pound. That’s when I stopped even looking at prices at the start of the summer.


But I’m out of homemade vanilla!!

Damn companies being stupid.


I know a guy.
Honestly. I’ve seen 4oz bottles over $30 already. I’m not raising my prices. There’s no way I can hope to keep making it, so I’m just going to sell off the rest of my stock at my regular price because I made a promise to my regular customers. You can’t ask for fairer than that.

$15/bottle. Get it while it lasts.

Maybe pick up some lube while you’re in the store.



Somebody keeping promises to customers? The world is ending!

Good on you for keeping your promises. We need more people like you in this world, people who will actually keep their promises and who will put others first.

Keep up the good times! :slight_smile:


If I had a pet raven I’d call it "Quoth"
Then when it died I could write a little plaque that said “Quoth the raven, nevermore”