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Is this a trick question?

My time in online gaming has taught me to expect names like that in English, why not a foreign language?


Man, the dudes in N2Deep were just soo white. How did anyone not call that crap out?

edit: hah, research… they were Chicano Rappers?


Yeah, I see them, but I don’t understand why someone would choose them?

On the plus side, one of those people will be required to change their handle the next time they log in to PoGo. :smiling_imp:


Since when does it get to 108 here?!?

I don’t have students today, so I’m going to wear shorts and tank top to work. I’m also going to take my cooling cloth so I don’t keel over and die. Not sure how I’m going to keep the chinchillas alive.


When you go out walking, you see a lot, I’ve found. Sometimes things you’d rather not see. I walked past the scene of an accident today. The bicyclist was laying in the bike lane bleeding, two cars were stopped, and about four young people were standing around looking helpless. I asked if they needed help and if they’d called 911, which they had. In fact, the fire truck was half a block away at that point.

I realised then that I had absolutely nothing to contribute, and would probably be in the way, so I left. :frowning: I hate feeling helpless.


There is nothing worse than finding a serious accident. The worst one I’ve come across didn’t look so bad at all, there was a car on its side and a rather shaken looking old lady and a policeman.

I pulled up when I realised the policeman was being violently sick.

Then I saw the other car. In the trees. In bits.

That was probably the worst thing I’d ever seen and would gladly erase the memory if I could.


I was about 10 years old when I saw what was left of a young boy who was struck by a tractor trailer and dragged over 100 yards while riding his bicycle down a busy 2 lane highway in town. He was still alive when they lifted him into the ambulance, but he didn’t survive the 2 mile trip to the nearest hospital. It’s the kind of image that has never left my mind after all these years.


I remember a smell from when I was really young. It’s sickly sweet and not very pleasant.
It was not until I was a whole lot older that I realised what the smell was.
My father used to own a garage. Not far away from a notoriously bad corner that used to have a lot of serious accidents.
Dried blood in an enclosed area is not a smell you forget apparently.


Looks like the people who were stopped for the bicyclist weren’t involved. It was a hit and run :angry:

Edit: What is it with the hit and runs in this town? This is at least the fifth so far this year!


I was a cigarette away from being the guy who found the dude who blew his brains out in a porta potty. He’d been in there basically overnight and a bit of the morning…

I thank God I was spared that olfactory connection.


I’ve had similar conversations after Sandy and Katrina. If your house floods every couple of years, it’s no longer insurance. The reason some of these places, like the Outer Banks, are covered with condos is because the insurance is artificially low. Gosh, if it wasn’t so cheap to insure them then maybe there might be some public land left out there.

I own a house in a 100 year flood zone, with about half the property being either an annual flood or 10 year flood zone. The house itself is over 100 years old and is build on a small rise and on a tall crawl space. When they didn’t dredge the Mississiniwa on time (every 4 years) the property flooded every year, up to the bottom step of the stairs. But the house was built to take it. And now that they’ve dredged again the water stays where it should. But flood insurance wasn’t available because it was a 100 year zone, and it only flooded because the government stopped doing something it had been doing for 60 years or so.

The point being, I can’t buy flood insurance for that home at all because of the federal program. Makes no sense to me.


Big brass ones here by Delta. Took 30 people into the island and 180 back off, gotta wonder about the composition of the 30.


So, let’s say you’re one of the bigwigs at a big credit reporting agency and you’ve been alerted to a major data breach that can affect half of the people in the United States. Do you sell some or all of your stock just a few days before it gets announced or do you weather the storm?

If your the bigwigs at Equifax, you sell your stock and raise a big red flag as to why you did that.


< voice = whining >
But don’t you believe them?


Well, that’s a problem. A article on Fast Company says that the major voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are susceptible to the DolphinAttack. The microphones pick up a very broad range of frequencies, so if you play a command in the ultrasonic range that people can’t hear, the voice assistant will still act upon it.

Anybody remember that old joke about one of the first demonstrations of voice recognition on a Windows computer? It went something like this:

Person announces they’re just about ready to start the demonstration.
Somebody in the audience calls out “Format C colon”, followed by someone else yelling “yes enter”.

It was a very short demonstration and that should give you an idea of what can be done. You’d never know it was happening because you couldn’t hear the commands being given. Apparently, it’s up to the software for the vocal assistant to filter out frequencies that shouldn’t be allowed. As of the end of last month, all of the voice assistants were vulnerable.

I’ve accidentally tripped the Google Voice Search quite a few times that showed up on my phone sometime this year. I’m not sure how it’s happening. It might be when I press the button on my Bluetooth headset just a moment after the other person hangs up because I’m trying to hang up. Whatever’s causing it, I would really like to uninstall it so I don’t have to spend time trying to get it to stop bothering me. Now I have another reason to not use that feature.


Is it me, or is the USPS package tracking service down more than it’s up?


I think it’s you. I’ve never seen it down…


It’s still down.


It is working for me…


I really need to go back to reading Not Always Right with an ad blocker. Lately, the ads have been for cars or insurance since that’s what I’ve been researching. After clicking on the “random” button a few times today, I get a story that happens to have the word “gay” in the title. The ad that popped up for “Into” magazine featured a person that bears more than a passing resemblance to Frank-N-Furter.

I wonder if I can skew the ad results so that it shows me mostly ads involving squirrels, chipmunks or daffodils. Better yet, all three.