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That’s funny

Let me guess - you’re one of the two bearded guys from ZZ Top??


The third one, Frank Beard, finally grew a beard, too!
Over the weekend, my wife finally commented on my beard. I haven’t shaved since late February. Mine doesn’t fill in well, so I had to get a head start on the other guys growing quarantine beards. :wink:

Not quite that long, but it’s getting close to moving reinvest length to belly length.

It’s the sides that are really annoying.

I’m fine with the length of my hair. Wouldn’t mind covering up these roots and grays though.

I finally broke down and cut my own the other day. It didn’t turn out badly.

So, I’m a 1099 employee, which means I don’t usually qualify for unemployment. But the latest kerfuffle allows it. I was out of work for 6 weeks, but I have some moral issues claiming unemployment because we didn’t really need it. On the other hand, I pay plenty in taxes to fund that, even without paying unemployment taxes the last couple years I still had 8 years of payments behind me at a much higher rate.

I’m back to work now, but the extra cash from the unemployment would help a lot with the debt we’ve taken on from the house renovations.

Just an interesting moral quandary for me.

Hard parenting night today. 13 is a really shitty age sometimes.

This seemed like the best place to put it, but I’ve been continuing my Python self-Education and ended up diving into Pandas, Python’s version of Excel/spreadsheets. I was struggling with the syntax, most notably how to get at the data within the structures themselves because, frankly, it doesn’t follow the rules when compared to lists or dictionaries. Accessing data within it is odd, at least to me. But, today it finally clicked and I can now add it to my list of ‘shit I know enough to be dangerous with’ in Python. Now I’m on to doing more crazy stuff with matplotlib…

Warning, COVID rant ahead:
In other news, I am really, REALLY tired of being an employee and a full-time home-school teacher for my kids. Aside from the lackluster communication I’m getting from half of my oldest’s teachers, Google has deemed it necessary to protect children from the evils of Chrome Extensions. Nevermind that their schools require the use of at least 3 extensions at any given time. Also, they can’t even print on their Chromebooks without an extension from HP. Great system there, Google. So now, I’m forced to create another dummy account for my kids just so they can access their school work properly without having access to my account. It’s really asinine.

Oh, the emotional levels of my oldest daughter are through the roof. 12 is such a fun age.

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How can I not offer part of my dinner to the new roommates when they look at me with puppy dog eyes and tell me how good it smells?

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Make a deal that they need to provide an adequate meal sometime when you don’t feel like cooking?


First, you say no. Right off the bat. No.
Then, you soften a bit and say that you are willing to share your culinary knowledge with them in exchange for labour. It’s the only way they’ll learn.
If they just want a quick meal, there’s peanut butter in the cupboard. If they want a GOOD meal, they’ll have to pay for it, or cook it themselves.

I’m a dumbass. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that my work laptop has access to the internet as long as it’s connected through the VPN.

There is a little mental hoop that I’ve been working through. Start the laptop, connect the VPN, then start the virtual working environments for the different networks I have. I never actually do anything on the “laptop” because it isn’t connected to any network. I see it now as a platform to get to the other environments and am never actually “in” it.


I thought this was amusing.
2020-05-19 09.19.24


Try new Ook, the gift that keeps on Ooking!

Would the lock-downs be an agoraphobic’s dream or nightmare?

If said agoraphobic have a big enough yard, then no. But if said person have a tiny closet of a flatlet, then yes.

Also depends on other things.

Agoraphobics are the ones who don’t like wide open spaces. Claustrophobics are the ones who don’t like closed in spaces.

Yep, wide open spaces and crowds.
On the one hand, they’re not allowed into the places they’re afraid of, but on the other hand they now have a reason for their fear.

I can say I definitely don’t like places with a lot of people and crowds, or places where it’s hard to keep track of the exits, and I haven’t minded much of any of this at all. I haven’t left my house in 3 months.