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I’m with @GITM. I’ve heard “That’s one for the books.”, but ‘an onion’ adds 2 syllables so doesn’t flow the same when I said it out loud. And I’m lost at the turnips.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a turnip. I think I’ll keep it that way.

It may be an English saying that Americans don’t use

That’s interesting. Not an American saying, though, which explains why I was confused too. :slight_smile:

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So I should modify my original post to say young / ignorant / American?
Those three being entirely separate categories which may or may not have some overlaps.


Related to my ‘happy’ post a few minutes ago:

On the less happy side, we apparently missed a long police event in our neighborhood as our direct neighbor was being looked for due to some misadventures. From the report I got (3rd hand at this point) there were multiple officers all over the place, lots of banging on the door, and spotlights from cars with lights on. This leads me to suspect it was not a courtesy visit.

Have to work late tonight and have several hours to fill (but not enough to be worth driving home)… And now I can’t decide where to go for dinner.

Since you have to work late, is work paying? (They should.)
Sadly, I don’t get back there often enough to have anyplace in mind to suggest.

They probably should, but occasional after-hours work is pretty much the norm. Also I kind of want to find someplace quiet I can hang out at and read for a bit.

I hear ya.

My company is very small, so not necessarily the same situation, but if we have to work late, my boss often reminds us to go get food (and pay with company credit card), or sometimes he has something delivered. Frequently enough that’s it’s understood that it’s ok to do so, even if not specifically told to, if we’re working late. With the caveat that we’re working late because we have to, not because we just tend to - I’m generally at the office until after 6. Unless I’m walking out at 5:00 on the dot or before, traffic is pretty bad 6:30 or 7:00, so I’m not in a hurry to run out the door unless I have someplace to be. Also, sometimes it is nice to spend a little time getting things done when the office is quiet and distraction free.

Exit: fixed typo

I might’ve gotten food covered for tonight if I had pushed it, but I figure I’m backing the time for a lot of not caring if I’m a bit late or whatever.

Since I got off the ‘night shift’ projects I really haven’t had to work late from the office much at all… Were it a more regular thing, I definitely would make a bigger deal about it!

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I might have to install Pihole in a docker container on my Mac just to make browsing the web tolerable when I’m away from home


When you do, please share the process here. I’d love to do the same.

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Hey, website designers. If you’re going to run ads on your site, how about you lock down the layout of the page with space for the ad instead of rendering the page and then letting the ad code insert itself at the top? Having the page bounce up and down two or three times as the ad code is trying to activate is really annoying.


I take the ‘page bounce’ effect as a reminder that I’m probably looking at click bait.

Coworkers got hooked on some dubious click-bait story last week and there was a ton of ‘did you get to page 33 yet?’ chatter… I think they decided after it was all done that the story was probably BS. The use of stock photos on every page didn’t help either.

I hate it when a web page ‘bounces’. So. Irritating.

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I regularly see a series bug with Reddit and Chrome where text elements ‘wiggle’ slightly. It’s only a few pixels up and down, but I seem to trigger it a few times a week by scrolling just right…

It’s great that my doctor has a secure site for exchanging information and such.

It’s annoying when they send “You need to log in to check this secure notice!” for obviously not-security-required stuff like… A flu shot clinic. Or a health event at a park.

Don’t get me all worked up for nothing, please.

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Thank your government for that HIPAA is a scary law. Simply acknowledging that you may need a shot or could be interested in something could be sharing too much.

Came across this over the weekend. Pondering on it, makes it very scary.

Apparently the police really want to talk to one of my neighbors. Like, they’ve been at the house twice in 5 days. With multiple officers covering exits and such.

Don’t have permission to knock the door down, though.