Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0

Paging Mr. Galt, paging Mr. Galt.

I find myself thinking of the end of Office Space. To have a job where you build something and it’s done and you move on to the next thing would be attractive to me. Which may be why I’m working on furniture and miniatures for my hobbies now.

My trip to Carmel, Indiana was a success (sarcasm), so tonight I get to go to Minnesota. Anyone up there for me to wave at?

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I’m itching to install some RAM.

Not a euphemism.

I’m itching to install some RAM.

Totally a euphemism.


There’s a cream for that.

Got the RAM installed and one project off my bench.

I get that people don’t always know whether to use your, you’re or yore, but “your’re”? Really?

Covering all the bases…

Yeah, theirey’re just being thorough.

At least is wasn’t losse. Or to’o.

Meh at myself for typing in “boredroom meeting, yay” in the wrong whatsapp group, with the CEO included


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wow, any direct fallout? Or did your name just get added to a list somewhere?

Let’s face, it, everyone here is on a list somewhere.

I have wanted to send so many slack & SMS messages the past couple days but have held back out of paranoia that I’ll send them to the wrong place

LMAO! Freudian slip? HAHA! Sorry, man. Remind me to tell you about the worst voice mail ever that I left on a lawyer’s phone.

Bosses that think it is cool to overload people with work & tell them they need to work harder for their annual bonuses just don’t get it. The right way is to work smarter, not harder (longer hours & over weekends)…

Time to float my CV again. Ho hum.

When I worked for the paint company, I spelled the company name “OurName Pain” (instead of OurName Pain t) once in a email to a broad distribution list… and in the context of the sentence, it sounded like I was trying to slide in a passive-aggressive comment.

“No, really, boss! I like it here!”

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I know it’s childish, but I can’t get through this boring job of looking up users for a mundane task without making fun of an occasional name.

Spitznabel? Really?

My apologies to any Spitznabels who read this.

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Right there with you. We were working late one night, and it had been a very busy long day. (We may have been a bit punchy at this point.) Now imagine there’s a dude named Bill Sack on a list. 15 minutes later and we’re all still giggling at the remote possibility that his middle name is “Snut”.


Same thing with census reports on clients here.

I’ve seen some fun ones.