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Carmel just celebrated their 100th new roundabout in November and expect to have 130 by the end of 2017.

95% of them are well thought out time saving devices. A couple of them are drink addled nightmarish dribblings of an insane mind.

And just a few miles away they went for Michigan lefts instead, and it works surprisingly well as well. It’s the overpasses that go on the wrong side of the road I’m looking forward to. We’re working on one on 69 just south of me.

I think they are still working on signage. The closest one to home base they’ve redone the lines on teh road at least twice and the signs three times.

Oh, that looks horrible. I had to Google it. Is there a light, or do you just have to pray for a gap in traffic, so you can cross a few lanes of traffic while u-turning? It seems like trying to cross & u-turn at the same time, and doing so adjacent to a red light, where traffic will back up, would not be a wonderful solution.

It actually works pretty well, not as well as in Michigan, because they are all over there.

OMG those would never work in California.

We’ve actually got something similar to that in New Zealand and it works a lot better than before it was put in.
On our main highway heading north, there’s a 4 way junction with a small town on the left, and a really minor tiny road to the right.
Coming from the minor tiny road and turning right or crossing to the small town was extremely difficult because you had to cross two busy (by NZ standards) lanes*. There were a lot of crashes and near misses as people misjudged the speed of traffic, or just got impatient.
The intersection was changed so you can’t turn right or go straight ahead. Instead you turn left, head a couple of hundred metres down the road and do a u-turn into a turning lane.
You only have to cross one lane at a time now and it is a whole lot safer and easier.

* Yes, we have one main highway north, and it is a single lane each way for most of it. Any comments about how “quaint” we are are unwelcome, but also expected :laughing:

We already have a thread for roundabouts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are super-easy (disclaimer: I grew up in Michigan so have driven them my entire life). There is always a light involved - the purpose is to keep traffic from backing up behind someone who is turning left. So if you want to turn left off the bigger road, you go through the light, make your U-turn over to the right hand lane, go back to the original intersection and turn right. To turn left onto the bigger road, you take a right, make your U-turn, and continue straight back through the original intersection on the main road. Busy roads like highways will have lights at the U-turn part as well as at the main intersection. Once you get the hang of it they are no big deal. It’s pretty much like making a left through a divided highway. Only a U-turn.

The Dragonlady’s reply: Remind me never to go to Michigan if I need to make a left turn.

Okay, it doesn’t translate very well from the un-caffeinated.

Makes perfect sense. The British equivalent would be turning right in Milton Keynes.

Okay no, the British equivalent would be driving near Milton Keynes.

I feel I should add that MK has a gods-awful one-way system whereby turning right has a 75% chance of you having to cross traffic that’s not just oncoming, but is oncoming from the right and has NO stoplight or yield sign. They’re just merging. Always merging. Merging, to death.

Funny how whenever the computer suddenly stops being able to connect with the network or the USB ports and I do a reboot, it’s always accompanied by the message that Windows is installing an update.

I wish I had a Windows PC that just worked like it was supposed to. My main desktop will lose connection to the USB ports once in a while and I have to reboot it to fix it. No installing an update message with the reboot, though.

Windows 10?

Yes. Upgraded from 8.1.

Hah. Had that same issue with a Lenovo laptop with Win8.1 originally, but upgraded to Win10. USB ports just stopped working.

A reinstall of Win8.1 sorted it out.

Oddly enough, it’s a Lenovo desktop that I’m having issues with.

Maybe I should become a truck driver. Mav, do you remember the number of that truck driving school that was on TV the other night, Truck America or something like that?

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Don’t put ideas in my head… The thought of driving a truck does have a strange appeal at times.

My housemate recently bought himself a 3D printer. There are times when it sounds like R2D2 is being tortured.


Same here… seems like a nice job where you travel all over the country at somebody else’s expense, and you can sleep in the truck.

Not cool when idiots cause accidents to happen though.