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Ever have those “Well … duh!” moments?

I have a “Verified by Visa” password set up.
So does my wife (I’m guessing some people know where this is going).

Almost every time I use it I have to reset it because it’s wrong.
Same thing for my wife (I’m guessing most people know where this is going now).

Yep, we have a joint card - i.e. the same card number. Since the card number is the only thing that identifies you for the verification service we kept overwriting the other’s password.

It’s one of those things that I don’t use very often and I just thought I’d forgotten the password. The penny finally dropped because I have a password safe and I knew for certain that I was correct. I asked my wife what her password is and sure enough it worked. :blush:

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Gosh, someone finally checked, and actually found voter fraud.

35,750 voters with the same first and last name and DOB were registered in NC and another state, and voted in both states. 765 voters with the exact same Name, DOB, and SSN voted in two states. This all in the 2012 general election.

This is after 28 states participated in a cross check of records with NC. So who knows what you find with the other 22.

How many of these are false positives? I dunno, how many people named John Doe were born on the same day? The 765 people are fraud without a doubt, apparently 81 dead people voted too.

How many school districts, or county assessors, or prosecutors, can you buy with a couple hundred votes?


For most of the towns around me, just about all of them.


And how many votes can those people then buy with enhanced benefits for public employees? You want better pensions better vote Demopublican, or Repulocrat; whoever happens to hold the whip hand there. I’ve seen it happen locally, and the longer one party stays in control the worse it gets, see Detroit, or California. A two part system works best in areas where there are actually two parties.

I think personally that areas with excessive Republican control do slightly better in the fact that the press digs more on conservatives, but it’s just a question of degree.


“Red Mug” Hm. Sounds like a rejected idea for a Captain America villain. :red_circle: :skull: (Buh-dum SHH! Thank you, thank you, I’m here all night.)

ANYway, kids are funny. We’re listening to Pandora, and “Let It Go” from Frozen comes on, but it’s the Demi Lovato version (not my favorite). I lamented that it should be the version from the movie, and Ian replied with: “That’s okay. It’s in English!”

LOL!! See, the bonus features on the DVD has four versions of “Let It Go” from the end credits: English, Spanish, Italian, and Malaysian. Ian’s seen them a few times. I guess the English one is his favorite, because he can understand the words. :slight_smile:

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It’s been raining here for almost 2 days straight. I wonder if they’ll start declaring flood warnings soon?


At the end of our last rain torrent, I could see more puddles than grass in my backyard… and I’m the highest spot in the street.

I’d hate to be in a flood zone.


Could we move the messages about the Firefox ex-CEO to a new message thread?


Done. They have been moved to the Politics is Stupid thread. It seemed like a better match.


Hey, Michael Bay? For the next Transformers film, do you think you could hire actors for the Decepticons that don’t speak in gutteral voices so we can actually understand them without closed captioning?


But then they’ll all have British accents.

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I’d settle for not cutting to a new shot every 4-5 seconds. I know that’s done because the younger generation has such short attention spans, but it makes me crazy.


SHAKY CAM IS TEH DEBIL!!!111!!1!!1One!!!1!Eleventy!!!1

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Let us not forgot the evil that is ‘lens flare’.

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I don’t follow MMA at all intentionally (though I read and speak with a number of people who comment on it); I rank it in the silliness spectrum alongside other professional sports (pretty far over). However, I really hope that Tim Kennedy kicks Michael Bisping’s ass this week because Tim is a really classy guy who is not afraid to make fun of himself, and Bisping is, as far as I can tell, a major douchenozzle.


Wait, Lens Flare… Aren’t they working on part three of that series. There was part one, I don’t remember the subtitle on that one Star something, and then Lens Flare Pt. 2 The Heart of Darkness?


Happy day to all you mothers out there…



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Just so long as it wasn’t shartastic. :poop: