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Note to self. Do not try to hit home runs with a flat edge shovel.

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Heh, an unusual typo for me, I usually typo with my left hand, L is firmly in right-hand territory!

Although I didn’t know that bunt was a baseball term, I only know it as the farmer word for “all my hay has gone rotten because I didn’t pay any attention to the weather when I made it”. Then again I know a lot more farmers than baseball players so :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a very good example of a bunt.

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I know we have people in the Buffalo area, so I hope everyone is staying dry.

The flooding is due to a rare phenomenon known as a “seiche”. The writer in this article is just a bit sensationalist, but it’s an interesting phenomenon.

It’s flooding in Buffalo?

Oh look at that, there’s some small localized flooding. http://wivb.com/2015/11/12/trees-tumble-roads-close-due-to-high-winds-flooding/

It’s the 60 MPH wind gusts that are a bigger worry. They’re all over this end of the state since Wednesday. Running was fun yesterday.

I listened to this song on my run Thursday (it’s on my run playlist(s)) and it finally hit me…Tone Loc was giving those girls roofies!


I was up nearer you than my usual, @dakboy: Vacationed in @Boomer 's neighborhood, right off the south end of Erie.

We went to the coast to see a lighthouse exhibit, and the wind d@mned near swept my legs out from under me a couple of times.

Gur, the wind’s picking up here too. It’s currently blowing a good 60-70mph sustained in the low troposphere, it’s gusting about that fast on ground level too now.

If any of you are interested in such a thing, there’s an interactive worldmap here with all sorts of meteorological datapoints on it: Earthschool.net

I seem to be missing a Sunday…

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Is that it over there behind the Monday?

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Shh, you’ll scare it off and it won’t come back for a whole week.

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I actually did wake up this morning saying “why the hell is my alarm going off today?”


I’ve gone too far the other way, I’v been convinced this is Tuesday all day :stuck_out_tongue:

So the post office is now selling iTunes gift cards. They’re getting a bit desperate to prove that they’re still needed, aren’t they?

Our local post office recently ceased selling white envelopes and parcel boxes. It now sells only brown paper and brown envelopes. If you’re lucky, they might have “fragile” stickers. I seriously don’t get how privatising it has improved any of the services at all like the Government claims it does… so far as I can tell, it’s just made a couple of people rich.

Oh wait, that’s how capitalism works :wink:


If they’re making money on them, it’s a good deal for them. I see people go nuts for gift cards at the holidays, buying stacks of them at stores. Making ti even easy for the guy who’s late to mail Christmas cards and needs to include something for the nieces and nephews they never see anyway? Perfect!

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Why don’t liquor stores have a delivery service?


Flip side: I don’t like getting gift cards. They’re basically an obligation to buy something, and usually the few things I need aren’t covered by the card. So I’m left buying something that I then feel guilty about just to use the card (either something I don’t need, or something I do need but had been holding off on so now I’m buying it just for the sake of using the card).

At least if it was cash, I could pay some stuff off. Or maybe if everyone coordinated and got me gift cards to the same place so I could pool it and then feel somewhat better about using it all on something that I do need and didn’t have to pay out of pocket for…

Yes, I’m a grumpy old SOB.

There was one company that was doing this, but now I can’t remember the name. It might have been a San Francisco company though. If you have a grocery chain that has a delivery service, you could order from them.

  1. Don’t have grocery delivery out here in the wilds of western NY
  2. Can’t buy anything but beer in our grocery stores. Everything else is at separate liquor stores (although our primary grocery store chain also owns a bunch of liquor stores which are conveniently located right near some of their locations).