I don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but a few (very few) people have gotten their thongs up their butt over Monte Cook’s The Strange RPG. But it was brought to my attention by a friend in New Zealand.

From another perspective:

This is more crap, same refrain, same offendable offensive tripe. This is about censorship. This is about stifling debate and discussion. This is about stifling creative expression.

Am I supposed to get a pseudo-feminist SJW to vet every word I write? What are writers supposed to do in the face of this bullshit?

As far as

they have turned “Thunderbird” into an antagonistic god-like creature

I have news for these yahoos. All of the totems are antagonistic at some point or another. They are capricious and have their own agendas which can run counter to the human race. And most of them (if not all) view the human race as their personal property. Many of them antagonize human beings for their own amusement.

Yes, but that won’t help either, because you’re white. But if you include gay people in your writing you are self inserting, and if you don’t include gay people you are letting the side down, but in any case you can’t possibly understand what it’s like being a paraplegic black lesbian. Which is stupid as shit, because in your writing in particular we’re ok with you writing a part for all kinds of mythological creatures, but somehow balk at writing real people.

There are over 560 federally recognized, hundreds of state recognized, and hundreds that aren’t recognized (fighting for recognition, whom imagery like this directly harms) SOVEREIGN Native Nations in the US ALONE.

And just think how much better off you’d be if you stopped petitioning the white man for your own legitimacy.

I had heard of this a while ago, and tempest in a teacup is 90% of my thought there.

The second article lists a bunch of settings for RPGs, how many could I jump on and be offended by? How about we keep in mind that white people may be a minority in 2040 or so, and the current environment is what those people are going to grow up in, I pity a white male in that world. Getting hammered for having all the advantages is bad enough when there is some basis for it, God help you if you are the disadvantaged one who is still paying for the imagined sins of your fathers.

And this is becoming moreso the case these days. I can’t tell you how many “advantages” I didn’t have. If anything, I was at a disadvantage for not having the advantage of being born to parents within a certain level of pay or origin story. Had I been so blessed, I would’ve probably been able to afford college, get utility discounts, obtain welfare, etc. Frankly, we were at the level of having just enough to make less than those who were at the “gov’t help me” line. Then again, we lived in California.

I didn’t get any freebies, shortcuts, or assistance and I made it for myself. I’m not so certain I live in a world where my skin color really makes up for all those anymore. If anything, I’ve got a harder argument to make due to diversity requirements. If I were in the South, perhaps it would be different, but not here on the West Coast.

The people who assume that I have advantages because I am white and male wouldn’t have been able to survive what I have gone through to get as far as I have. I lived most of my life up to adulthood in a single-parent household, dirt-poor, barely surviving on welfare, etc. etc. And on top of that, I was not athletic or interested in fishing or hunting (three more cardinal sins in the area we were living). It took me 7 years to go from high school graduation to starting college, because financial aid took my father’s income into account, even though I didn’t live with him (and he had stopped talking to me when I was a junior in high school). I now have over $100K in defaulted student loans, because that was the only way I could get through college.

Instead, I have restrictions on what I can do and say, specifically since I am white and male. I have to watch what I say at all times, to an insane degree; a few months ago, I was accused of being insensitive and denigrating to Hispanics because I used the phrase “spic and span” (an Americanism that means clean and neat). If I object to a black man pushing past me in line at the grocery store, I’m racist. If I defend myself from the psycho down the hall, I’m perpetuating violence against women. If I use the word “fallacy”, I’m perpetuating rape culture.

I wish I was joking.

I was accused of being sexist, because one of my novels didn’t have any female villains. When I did use female villains, even though there were still more male villains, I was demonizing women. And gawd forbid I have gay characters, because I don’t understand what it’s like being part of an oppressed group, and if I do, I’m just throwing it in out of cold-blooded greed, and I still won’t know what it’s like, and I never will.

It’s like Alice-in-Wonderland, populated by Bizarro dopplegangers.

I left the hackerspace here two years ago, when they accused one of my friends of being racist, and then anyone who defended him was also racist. The accusers? White, middle-classed techies. Who wasn’t allowed to refute the accusation? Three blacks, two Latinas, two lesbians, three gay guys, two Asians, and a bunch of homeless activists. Verdict? Guilty as charged.

I am going to be damned no matter what I do, so I am just going to do what I would have anyway. And anybody who decides to throw a hissy-fit over the minutae… will probably net me more sales anyway (I’ve seriously thought about having Westboro “boycott” my books; Shirley is easily manipulated like that).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, between the haves and the have-nots, most of the screaming is done by the haves who think the have-nots have to be told when they (the have-nots) are being disrespected. And the haves doing so are more out-of-touch than the people the haves are screaming about.

It’s good thing none of these asshats can get hold of the Marvel comic books from the late 70s, when Marvel was addressing racism and those who were stirring up the tensions deliberately.


I miss the good old days, when you used to be able to not like someone and didn’t feel like you had to elaborate on why.


Yeah, nothing like a wealthy silver spooned ivy league graduate telling me I need to check my privilege. Not that I had it all that rough, solid lower middle/middle middle class upbringing here, but most of the people squawking had it much better than I did.

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Seriously. If I dislike someone it isn’t because they’re black, white, brown, purple, green, etc. It’s because they’re an asshat. Asshattery knows no color.


No, but that “oh, I have a new victim” smile is a big tip-off.

Oh, and this is related.

I follow a web comics artist, his strip is called “Blur the Lines”. It’s always been a bit racy, a bit demented, but fun. Well, apparently he hooked up with a guy he’s been interested in for a long time, and got a little giddy about it on his blog (separate from his web comic).

Somehow, some idiots got it into their tiny tiny tiny heads that he was talking about raping a straight guy. So it babbled over into a full-fledged flamefest about him promoting rape blah blah blah, and they basically took over the comments section of his web comic.

Rick’s really a sweet guy (we have friends in common) and was not prepared for this crap. The accusations quickly flew out of control (as they usually do), with some very nasty things being said.

Some of his fans got involved, and they started speaking in tongues right back.

Those of you who remember the episode with Tarol Hunt are probably finding this far too familiar. Stupid accusations, fans firing back, direct discussion between the accused and the accusers, the accusers admitting that it wasn’t what they thought it was but he’s still guilty anyway… The main difference here is that Rick is suddenly considering quitting, and deletion of everything he’s done so far.

Yeah, these folks are supposedly pacifists, but they don’t mind murdering other people’s dreams and happiness.

Shit like that and the Kickstarter debacle are what drove Tarol crazy.

Does it seem like the strip has lost a lot? The last few pages I saw, it was nearly impossible to figure out what the hell was going on.

He is getting into something I think he’s been thinking about for years and I think he’s getting bogged down. Not that he hasn’t been thinking of all of this for ages, but I almost feel like everything before MinMax is forced to cooperate with the goblins is prequel and set up.

His writing is getting more like his art too. Utterly complex and layered. Did you read the comment about the diagram showing where the blood splatters were so he could duplicate them on the next panel? Seriously dude, I appreciate some attempt and continuity, but we don’t need to sculpt a full sized Forgath and flick blood at it to make sure the splash pattern looks right. I really like his story telling, and I wish he would get back to telling a story, he’s got me confused as shit right now. Are these two new people another set of rerolls of the other adventurers that have finally learned to play? Or what?

Seriously, people need to lighten up.


Oh noes, why is this such an issue for people? What’s funny is that if you don’t lose your shit over it, it’s a throwaway joke on a topic that might come up once or twice a year, if that. If you lose your pie and scream about it, then it’s a thing .

The guy is gay. That’s it. Really.
Goblins isn’t a story about Ears’ sexual orientation, just like it’s not a story about Fumbles being asexual or Chief being a virgin. These are all just details about the characters that have shown up. I’m not trying to make any statements about my own beliefs and nobody has strong-armed me into wedging these points into the comic.

This is why people can’t have nice things. And there are often just as many people on both sides of the issue that are positive that it’s an intentional statement.

And Tarol hits me as one of those people who has his characters as friends in his head, and they are just who they are.

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One camp will complain that he’s even put a gay character in the comic. The other will complain that it isn’t displaying a gay character “correctly”. And another will complain that it’s not pushing an agenda of any kind and, well, that’s just confusing.

So i dont know if this the propper area for this but has any one else played infamous second son?
Well for those that haven’t the two main characters are two native american brothers. The show a member or two of the tribe to have the skin tone that natives have.
My big huge issue is that the brothers are both as white as i am. The game goes out of the way to point out they are natives but yet they white wash them. What would be wrong with haveing a main character be a non white male?
Im bothered by this because it feels dissrespectful of a culture i know little to nothing about. I have 10-15% native american blood in my family tree. But i really know 0 about it.

I mostly want to understand what the mind set was to make a big deal out of them being native americans but white washing them.

Seems stupid as shit to me.

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A little more thought here…

From what I’ve vaguely heard there are multiple moral choices in this game, maybe they whitewashed them to avoid getting hit for making “brown people” look bad.

I tell you, the more you dig into this sort of thing, the more I understand why so many characters are white males. You can show them however you’d like, and you’ll only get hit once, for not hitting the right checkboxes on the character. Where if you make them a Hispanic Woman, now you have to hear about how wrong you did it from everyone. She’s too white, she’s a man with boobs, she’s too dark skinned, her physique is all wrong, her butt is too big/small/round/flat, she cusses too much/little, her accent is too thick/not thick enough/from the wrong region.

The problem with trying to hit all the rules right is it’s like a totalitarian regime. Everyone is guilty, you just punish the ones who don’t fear and don’t toe the line enough.

Edit: Misspelled Butt… I’m sorry Sir Mix A Lot…


I can totally see your point, especially since as you go more evil the character starts to make the main look more and more like a drug addict.

The fact that sjw make people afraid to diverge from the cookie cutter mold of a white guy.
Oh well