Private categories?

Does Discourse allow for categories which can only be seen by select users? Similar to the “private” boards we have/had under phpBB and Vanilla?

Yes, it does. There’s a mod only category here, but I don’t think that Keeper has set up any others.

Categories can be made private by defining group membership, yep. Currently, there’s a mod category and also a single Trusted category. The Mod category requires membership in the mods or admin group, and the trusted category requires a trust level of 2…which it looks like no one has hit yet :smiley:

Road_Rash has, but no one else so far.

That’s weird, I can’t see the trusted category, and I reached regular user (level 2) a while back. Maybe you can only see it if there are two or more regular users here, otherwise what’s the point?

EDIT: I can see the link @Lee_Ars posted above, but can’t do anything there such as create a topic. The Trusted category also doesn’t appear on the categories page.

@Road_Rash - It appears on the categories page for me. I’m a mod, though, so I’m allowed to see everything (I think). Mods and admins are also in the level 2 user group, so you’re not the only one there. That shouldn’t be keeping you from seeing it.

Another mystery for Lee to solve although it’s not a huge concern on my part.

And Woodman has made it to trust level 2.

@Woodman - Congratulations, you have leveled up!

I think I figured out what the problem is with posting to the Trusted category. It’s for level 3 and up. I don’t believe that levels 3 and up are enabled, so the only people who can post to it are mods and admins.

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That makes sense. :smile:

/me waves magic wand


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Yup, I see it now. :sunglasses:

@CryHavok should be there now too.

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Yup - I couldn’t see it just after Lee posted, but it became visible a few hours later.


And the trusted user category just keeps growing.

Welcome, @e4tmyl33t!

I feel all warm and tingly inside.

Oh wait, that was the soup. Mmm…soup.

I still can’t be trusted.

Back on topic, I was thinking along the lines of the Job Hunting board on Vanilla.

If we’re going to move CoG over here, we should probably set the private categories up. It looks like those are admin functions, so Keeper will have to do it.