Printer issue

Okay so ran into the local IT supervisor at work today, talked with him about a printer that is not working on its native network.
Things that have been tried(as far as I know): test lan cable, test network port, changed port it is connected to, dchp assigned wont work, will not get a available ip on the range, its been factory reset, it has been tried a t a different site and it works there but bring it back to its home site and it will not connect.
It is an HP LaserJet pro 200 color m251nw

You won’t get much help if you don’t use the proper terminology.

It’s called a printerer.


I thought it was a print device?
also your joke is lost on me…

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I just wanna know how to fix this printer, so can get in with the local team…

You need to check out “Song of the Printerer”

On a more serious note, you’re not giving us enough information to work with. When you say it won’t work, do you mean it won’t print? Can you ping it? Error messages? etc? I know I taught you better in the T&T class.

You did! I am providing the information I was given. I believe it can print, but it cant receive jobs, it is a network printer. no ping.

So, you’ve checked the NIC? Seen what IP address the printer has? Done a test page from the printer itself? Checked the printer’s configuration menu?

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I want to know why they’re using DHCP for a printerer rather than a static IP.

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That too, but it sounds like they’re using DHCP to reserve an address for it. That should work as well as a static…

I worked in a place that did that. We had enough printerer issues that I don’t trust it.

I was going to ask if there was a file or print server cluster somewhere that this thing is supposed to be a part of, but might not be.

My next thought is, if it’s pulling an IP address down, you should be able to navigate to the devices web page via that IP and figure out where it’s sideways. Like the others have said, it could be that it’s already got a DHCP reservation waiting for it somewhere - maybe the DNS settings are incorrect and it doesn’t know how to resolve the Domain correctly.

Were drivers for the device installed from a CD that came with it or did you/IT pull them down from HP’s page? Just some ideas off the top of my head.

This forum was originally on a site called “The Chronicles of George”

If you follow that link, hopefully the joke will become obvious.
If Brazil hadn’t pointed out that you’d spelled printerer wrong, someone else would have (I certainly would have) :wink:

ip is loop back at one site then when moved onto a different site’s network it works. Nic appears to be fine. The site person did all of the basic diagnostics

It sounds like you’ve isolated the problem. It’s not getting an IP address on the one network. Escalate to the network team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I would try manually configuring the IP address.


They have no idea what the problem is. I think the lead gave up, im just doing extra leg work, and using all of the collective knowledge.

That was tried and it did not like the manually configed ip

That statement is useless without an error message.

Yeah I know, I am working with such limited info I should probably just toss in the towel…

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