Preview box auto-scroll?

So the forum for TheDailyWTF appears to be attempting to migrate over to Discourse (with the hilarity and rage I expected from such a move) and during this, it seems that something’s popped up that I wasn’t sure was restricted to their environment. I’ve since tested and it seems it happens here too:

When composing a post, the Preview box doesn’t auto-scroll as you enter stuff that would go off the bottom of it. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Looks like they answered this over there, it’s apparently hella complex for now.

OMG. This is going to be better than Christmas.

/me goes to watch the fireworks

I know, right?

The Discourse guys are right in there taking the hits from the community and doing patching and whatnot, but some of them over there (blakeyrat and Lorne Kates, especially) seem to have a massive vitriolic hatred for infinite scrolling.

Though I’ve already learned a couple neat tricks over there that I didn’t even know about, and we’ve had Discourse here for how long now? Like the keyboard shortcuts (press ? to show a list). Still trying to figure out how they do the markup to show what looks like keyboard keys mid-post.

You mean like this?

Wrap the text in <kbd></kbd>



Shit, I didn’t know the question mark cheat sheet.

Grade-A assholes who I would gladly ban from a non-tdwtf-style community. However, they’re par for the course over there. Plus, just because someone’s a cock online doesn’t mean they’re actually a cock. It’s the old tech support adage—“If you want me to talk nicely to you, then talk to me at work, because that’s where I’m paid to be nice.”

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Yeah. Blakey is amusing when he’s ranting at things from time to time, but it gets old quick if the topic doesn’t change. Lorne just seems to be being dickish to be obstinate about the change.

Apparently this is a thing that’s been gaining popularity with some sites, since it works with Gmail too.

I never knew that.

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