Poor app design


I just installed an app that has made itself less than fully useful … by design.

It’s called Weedmaps. Figure it out.

It seems to be a really well developed app, but the problem is that they want me to input a bunch of information before I can start to make orders. I have no problem with this, but they’ve made it impossible.

Input your phone number and they will send you a 6-digit code. Go to messages to get the code, then back to the app and it defaults back to the phone number input screen. If you do the same again, you can’t use the previous number they sent you. Repeat. GAH!

I was able to input all of this information on their web page, but …


Maybe it’s cleverly-disguised aversion therapy. It makes it so much of a hassle that you decide you don’t want it any more.


Maybe it was developed by somebody who’ve had too much of the green stuff?


Oh man, we have the same problem at [company] with our own account app. It’s infuriating!