Poll: Are White Castle Burgers Really Burgers?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • What is White Castle?
  • They are not even a foodlyke substance.
  • They are mentioned in the Bible as manna from heaven.
  • Fnord is coming, look out, it’s the Sheeple!

I see polls are back.

Yes, but only by a technicality.

I’m afraid to even wonder what you mean by that.

Yes, but only if it’s 3 AM and you’re drunk.

If you have to ask “Is X really X”, then the answer will usually be ‘No.’.

In fairness, it’s more of a “are y subtype of x really x” question.

@Woodman: You forgot the obligatory “Nick Burns should not be allowed to do polls.”

Having said that…

Whitey Castels are not actual food. I was fed some once, and the slang term “skillet scabs” seemed damned appropriate.

Just … ewwwwww


By GOD, YES! And fortunately or unfortunately, they are not sold in California.

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Nor in my part of NY.

When we arrived at the cemetery in NJ for my grandmother’s funeral nearly 5 years ago, I spotted a White Castle across the (very busy) road. I…I thought about it.

But I also had a 4 hour trip home in a packed minivan ahead of me. Discretion is the better part of valor and all that.

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Is “Burger-Like Objects” or BLOs an acceptable term?

In-N-Out > White Castle

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They are not in Florida. However on SC’s and mine 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to Tennessee, we stopped and had them… SC doesn’t eat pork or beef… he was sick for the first few days of our vacation because of those BLOs. I did not like them.

I haven’t had In-N-Out, but I’ve heard them compared to Rally’s, but nicer, or Whataburger, so yeah… Water is wetter than fire too.

In-N-Out is way better than Rally’s or Whataburger.

I never understood the Whataburger love when I lived in TX.

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Whataburger is awesome! And I can’t get it here. The best part is the old school fried pies, like McDonald’s used to have, all crispy and burn your tongue hot on this inside.

I don’t understand the hype about In-N-Out. Their burgers are okay, but their fries are awful. Five Guys burgers are good. Expensive for fast food, but good.

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I put them in the Cheeseburger in Paradise, Max 'n Erma’s, Red Robin category, but without a liquor license.

My favorite thing about Five Guys, the intentional bag fries. The ones they sprinkle directly into the to go bag. Those are my favorite fries. And if you split a burger and fries it’s more of a sensible meal and makes the price more reasonable. Not that I can bear to split more than just the fries most the time.

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I avoid Five Guys because the burgers are so greasy. I have some definite personal issues with dirty/greasy hands, and Five Guys is almost up there with eating crabs for setting off that personality issue.

(Maryland-style hard shell crabs, to be exact. Generally boiled in a heavy seasoning (Old Bay) and served in-shell, so the eater has to extract the meat. It’s fun to watch people from out of town try to eat them!)

My roommate and I usually order a burger each and one order of fries for the both of us. I don’t go there very often, but one recently opened up about a mile from my house…