Politics is Stupid


He should be persona non grata because the dumbass wrote a check to his heavies.

I need you to pretend to beat me up, here’s a check.


I just kind of assumed he paid them in cash. What a dumbass.


The thing is, if he had gumption to really do this he could have found somewhere to go and gotten his ass kicked.

There are violent, homophobic people out there. Pick the right bar and he would have had his story with some effort and less money.

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This sounds like a plot of a bad tv show, trying to get a guy to appear better to his girlfriend.


I also read that the salary he was dissatisfied with was $80K a week. I don’t even make that in a year so I have no sympathy.


He was dissatisfied with 80K a week??? FFS thats stupid. That can easily afford a lush lifestyle.


It wasn’t just money though. He had to prove how evil people are at the same time.

How many fake MAGA attacks have we seen in the last couple years?


Another author has cancelled the publication of their book, but this time, the author that did it, Kosoko Jackson, had previously been part of a Twitter mob that forced Amélie Zhao to cancel her debut novel. Apparently, if you’re a gay black author writing about a gay black protagonist, you can face just as much backlash as any other person.

As usual, Larry Correia has something to say about it, which you can read here. Quick list of the main points:

  • someone will always be offended about something
  • there are “Sensitivity Readers” that review books to find what could offend other people
  • when you try not to offend anyone in what you write, you’re going to have boring and uninteresting characters

Egg boy.

For those who haven’t heard of him, an Australian politician actually blamed Muslims for the terror attack on Friday. Yep, that’s right, according to this pond scum mumpsimus, the victims either shot themselves or somehow caused a white supremacist to shoot them.

Anyway, a 17 year old boy decided to do something about that completely inappropriately name “politician” and smashed an egg on the back of his head on live television. That 17 year old is now known as egg boy.

There has been a GoFundMe page set up (not by him though I think) to help pay his legal costs - though that may not be necessary as he has not been charged with anything.

He has also received offers of free concert tickets for life from at least half a dozen different bands.

What Made You Happy Today?

Egg boy got some serious cojones…

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Likely unpopular opinion ahead… It bothers me that everyone thinks “egg boy” is a hero because he did this to someone who was spouting stuff they disagree with - albeit egregiously insane and hateful stuff. If the situation was reversed and someone had done this to the New Zealand PM when she said “they are us” most people would be calling for “egg boy’s” head.

It’s a double standard, and a slippery slope - if an egg is okay, is a tomato? Okay, how about something harder, like an avocado? All right, that’s okay, well, how about a rock? He’s saying things we disagree with and that are totally insane and hateful, so he deserves it, right? I know I’m exaggerating here, but there are people out there who do think like this.


I agree… and there are an increasing number of occasions when “free speech” is being limited to “only what we want to hear.”

It is sometimes distasteful, but freedom of speech can’t be, shouldn’t be limited.


While true, freedom of speech is very much not freedom from criticism. The politician is free to say something stupid and hateful, and everyone else is free to call him out on his hateful bullshit.

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Sure, verbally (and civilly), but physical assault is going too far.

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I agree, but that Australian guy was saying some pretty awful things. I look at it as a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.



But everyone is NOT free to assault someone else because of what they are saying.

Like on several college campuses: “We think he’s a << insert political view >>. We consider what they say hate speech. We consider hate speech as an assault, so we’re allowed to physically attack him.”

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I just went and watched the video. I agree that physical assault has no place in a verbal argument. On the other hand, the boy didn’t throw the egg. He came up behind the senator and broke the egg against his head. The senator then turned around and hit the boy twice and had to be held off from assaulting him further.

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Not sure whether it’s an unpopular opinion or not, but you are still absolutely right (yes, that’s coming from the guy who posted the egg-boy link in the first place).
I definitely don’t think he’s a hero, and I don’t think what he did is right, but I can still enjoy it. He definitely deserved getting arrested (mind you, I think the politician should also have been arrested), but I can also understand why he was released without charge. We had a protester throw an egg at the queen many years ago, and he also got arrested and released without charge (though he did actually miss).

I disagree about the slippery slope argument. Throwing an egg is not okay, nor is throwing anything else, and the police response should be commensurate with the amount of harm done - in this case, none at all.
Eggboy protested that politician’s garbage in a fairly innocuous way, but still gave a very strong message. I can’t think of any better way for a 17 year to make his voice heard.
So, while I disagree with the way he sent his message, I certainly understand why he sent the message that way, and I sure as hell enjoyed it too.

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@Nabiki or @Lee_Ars, you may want to move the “egg boy” discussion (except for @MikeP’s first post) to the “Politics Is Stupid” thread rather than having it clutter up the “What Made You Happy” thread, since we seem to be having a good discussion about it. :slight_smile:


A valid point, and I must thank you for raising that.

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