Politics is Stupid


I don’t understand the willingness to shut the government down on a 5 billion dollar expense. One that the Border Patrol has been asking for for ages. The walls work. Not 100%, but I lock my car when I got out even though someone could easily pick the lock, or break the window to get in.

California has 2.3 million illegal immigrants. A state representative is 700k people, so California has three extra reps, NY has one, Texas has two, Florida has one.

Right now people south of the US believe they can just walk into the country. The don’t know about the rivers, or the desert, or the climate, they know there is no wall and they can walk in. Ignoring that in some places there are barriers. Simply knowing there is another obstacle could slow down the flow, especially the family units trying to cross together now. Which is also providing cover for human smuggling.

And, like Doc said, the same people holding their breath and refusing to negotiate now are the ones on video talking about the need for increased controls and a wall as recently as the last 10 years.

I think none of this is worth doing unless we start cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants anyway. So that’s the next step.


Don’t you think that if we’re going to spend that kind of money, it would be better to, I don’t know, publish pamphlets and signs at the borders on how to enter the country legally? Seriously, I don’t think the wall would work. There’s too much border, and as I mentioned before, there are already tunnels under the border that drug runners have been using.

We want law abiding immigrants. We don’t want the drug runners. Many of the illegal immigrants are here illegally because they don’t know how to enter legally.


^ a very good point by @Nabiki


The majority of illegal immigrants come in to the US legally for vacation, on a work/student visa then just overstay.


According to Politifact the population of illegal immigrants currently in the US in 2014 was 42% overstays. The trend has gone towards more overstays, but that still is less than half, not the majority. I remembered this from a Adam Ruins Everything debunking on immigration.

I call BS here. The process to become a Mexican citizen is difficult, why would they think it’s simple to enter the US?

I do think we need immigration reform and going back to a points system and a financial system like Canada’s. I don’t think a solid wall along the border is what is needed, but that’s not what is being built. And the Democrats have cost the country well over the 5 billion in this shutdown by refusing to negotiate in good faith. Pelosi has as much said that she won’t vote for anything with any wall in it.


How many US citizens know what it takes to become a US citizen? I don’t know everything that’s involved. I’ve never needed to know. I know how to find out, but I know a lot of people who wouldn’t know where to start, especially young ones.


I know a process exists. And I know it takes years. I know some actual details but I have several friends that have immigrated so that’s cheating.

I don’t think this is a strong argument. There are some arguments that I’m sympathetic to though.


President Trump ended the US government shutdown on Friday. He didn’t get the funding for the border wall and he wasn’t going to be able to give the State of the Union Address until the shutdown ended because of security concerns about not having enough Secret Service coveage due to the ones that hadn’t been paid.

Trump ended it with reasons you could kind of sum up as the usual “it was done for the good of the American public”, but he said they’d have to get this figured out before three weeks is up or he’d order a shutdown again and maybe do more like declare a national emergency.

National Public Radio had been covering the shutdown quite a lot and last week, some of what they reported on included federal employees who worked for departments that run or stocked food banks wound up having to go to those food banks themselves. They were out of money and had nowhere else to turn.

Another segment had an interview between Steve Inskeep and a woman that was either part of the White House or somewhere in the Republican party. He asked two nearly-identical questions that on the surface seemed like the kind an ambush journalist would ask to back someone into a corner with the intent of getting them to backpedal or defend their stance. The questions were (paraphrased) “If there was a plane crash and the US government couldn’t respond to it properly due to the shutdown, would the wall be worth it?” and the next one substituted terrorist attack for plane crash.

The woman did sidestep being forced to answer “no, it wouldn’t be” and came up with some other reasons why ending the shutdown being conditional on funding for the wall was necessary. My thought was, “He’s right. People are talking about how the shutdown is an inconvenience and it could lead to problems with security at airports, etc. But if either of those actually happened, people that supported the President would start blaming him for keeping the employees away from their jobs until he got what he wanted.”

And there’s two more effects of ending this shutdown without getting what he wanted. One, Democrats are looking to start legislation to prevent shutdowns from being used in this way in the future. Two, it set the precident with this President that if you stand up to him, he’ll back down.


The Secret Service directly said the State of the Union wouldn’t have been at risk, and that Pelosi or her people never asked about it.

There are multiple videos of many of the people refusing to find a wall now asking for wall funding within the last five years. Many of them voted for the 2006 bill which increased border spending to 10 billion a year in order to pay for that fence. Most of which apparently got lost somewhere and not spent, in 2010 it was modified to reduce the size of the barriers.

Having to hit a food pantry after missing one check seems extreme. Mortgage companies, and auto lending companies were offering extentions. I’m betting some of that was played up for the news. Not like anyone else in the nation is immune to a paycheck disruption. Did NPR do pieces on coal miners out in food lines when Obama promised to close the mines?

It’s all showmanship, and it’s over such a small amount of money comparatively. But the left can’t allow another win for Trump. This is the only remaining campaign promise he hasn’t accomplished. They man has pretty much done what he said he would do, and what people voted for him to do. why the hell is anyone surprised?

The left continues to point at him as being gauche and uncultured, and none of his supporters give a shit. One poll a couple weeks showed his Hispanic support going from low thirties to just over fifty percent. He’s an ass, but he fights and people are tired of being demonized for their political beliefs.

Because I support better border control, I’m racist.
Because I don’t want the EPA or FCC arbitrarily making sweeping decisions I hate the environment.
Because I don’t believe title IX gives colleges the right to hold kangaroo courts and ruin people’s lives with no or little evidence innate women.
Because I think Kermit Gosnell was a miserable person and there needs to be more oversight I want to control women’s bodies.
Unpersoning someone for something they said 10 years, ago, only if they are white, male, or of the wrong political opinion.

And on, and on.

Because the progressive left has decided to treat me as a monster don’t be surprised when I back someone who fights.

Some ridiculous percentage of federal government workers vote democrat, and keep making each other more jobs. and when the people they voted for can’t negotiate beyond saying no and holding their breath I’m supposed to feel what?

All because Congress can’t pass a damn budget in the first place. If they kept their constitutional duties up and passed a real budget this wouldn’t happen.


So I’m hearing all sorts of reasons why I should withhold judgement about the kerfluffel in Virginia.

Now all of a sudden the lynch mob cares about time passed, due process, and evidence.



2019 elections sure will be very interesting.

Basically it boils down to :

Vote ANC
No water? No refuse removal? Burn and break.
Vote ANC.
Yet no water? No jobs? Burn and loot.
And yet vote ANC again.
Which is why I don’t feel any sympathy, they keep on voting ANC yet the ANC still is doing diddly squat about corruption and piss-poor financial management (most mayors in ANC-led small towns live a life of luxury while using the money intended for basic services).
And the hoi polloi will keep on voting for them…

Mind boggles.


So now I know what’s going on in Virginia. While there’s a no tolerance movement in order to be squeaky clean when they’re going to say the other side did something wrong, time passed, due process, evidence, etc., is factoring into exacly how much “zero” there will be in that tolerance.

Regardless of your political or personal views, it really does seem like #MeToo is becoming #MeTooFar. Make a mistake decades ago or do something back then that is now considered bad and you’re condemned forever. Doesn’t matter what you’ve done since then or how you’ve changed. You’re a pariah for the rest of your life.

In the case of Amélie Wen Zhao, she made announcements about how happy that her first book was about to be published and how it had been a lifelong dream to be an author. In the last two weeks of January, that changed to Amélie asking her publisher to stop the release because of the uproar people were raising about the book.

I need to look further into this, but it appears the outrage was simply by what’s in the press release and not because those objecting had actually read one of advance release copies. I’ve seen that before with movie previews. People take the little bits and pieces in a piece of advertising that is designed to generate interest in the movie and turn them into the gospel truth of “this is exactly how everything in the movie will be”.

But in this case, it comes off as “you didn’t write this fantasy world the way we think it should have been written” and she backed down. The book’s been put on the back burner even before it was released and her three-book deal is also scuttled.

Will we ever see Blood Heir released in the future? Will Amélie Wen Zhao try again with a different genre? Or, will it be that if she ever tries writing another book, those same kind of people will point back to January 2019 and forever condemn her for writing a book they didn’t like and may not actually have read?

For further reading:

It’s happened before, but in this case, the book and some sequels, prequels and mid-quels were released:

Larry Correia has a really good response to the shelving of Blood Heir, for both those who attacked the book and for authors who may find themselves in that position. As is his wont, it’s don’t-hold-back and blunt, so the link to his “anti-apology” doesn’t auto-preview.


It was a couple people with advance reader copies. They took exception to her creating a world where color actually didn’t matter and some form of gene related magic ability is what caused you to be a slave. She drew from her experiences with Chinese indentured servitude, since she lived there until she was 18.

For certain people there is just no oppression allowed even in a fantasy world except for that against black people. She caved, and she shouldn’t have.

As for #metoo, it’s gone too far now that the people who were screaming that we need to believe all women are getting taken down. And blackface has never mattered if you were liberal and popular enough. Ask Jimmy Fallon or Joy Behar, or any number of progressives who have done blackface.

I don’t know a single person who has even dressed in blackface. Yet all these prestigious liberal institutions of learning appear to have been full of them, in the 80’s.

I don’t see anything inherently evil about blackface, or yellow face, or whatever. It’s the intention and the spirit it’s done in. Wearing blackface and putting a noose around your neck while your buddy is wearing a KKK hood is beyond that point, but the blackface is the smallest part. These people are obviously racist, or were, and should be apologizing, and frankly should have brought it up themselves years ago and already apologized.


But even if they were racist 40 years ago, I’d be much more interested to know how they acted on the topic in the past 20… their professional years, their latter professional years, as opposed to their school time.

Teenager wearing culturally insensitive costume? TEENAGER is the crux.

Adult who wore a costume who has worked hard to promote cultural sensitivity since he was elected to office? Whole different issue.


The left has made bank on destroying people for stuff they did decades ago. It’s only now that they’ve created this toxic environment where they are like whoa wait a minute.

If changing the rules now meant this wouldn’t happen any more, I’d go for it. But the next Republican who did something in 1965 and had it come out would still catch hell.

Shit, Romney got crap because he and some other guys cut some dude’s hair 50 years ago.


Dont look now, another faked high profile hate crime.

The usual suspects are now deleting tweets and are now calling for a measured responses and investigations. The same ones who were calling out half the population for being evil racists because of this one, now alleged, fake attack.


If it does turn out to be fake, I’m super pissed at this dude. Way to ruin the credibility of the LGBT community.


Thst’s pretty much the same reason I get so angry at women who falsely cry rape. It makes it that much harder for the real victims to be heard and believed.


I think the people that jump on these stories and exploit them without evidence need to start bearing some if the burden here.

This was his second incident in a week and the first one was just as suspicious.

If the press didn’t seize on these incidents in order to confirm their bias it wouldn’t be the end of the world when they turn out to be false.


And now police are saying he staged it as publicity stunt because he was dissatisfied with his salary. Come on, dude. If you can afford to pay $3500 for two dudes to kick your ass you’re doing better than most of us. IMO he should be persona non grata in the LGBT community after this but it probably won’t happen.