Politics is Stupid


Trump can be a good speaker when he wants to.

However, most of his quick speeches for the press are bigly simple. He repeats the same thing multiple times and slightly rephrases them occasionally. Kind of like they shout the same variations of the same questions at him. No one listens to the whole speech anyway, they hear the sound bite from CNN or Fox. So might as well repeat the same thing 5 times.

In speeches that are given for the people there he uses two kinds of speeches. The thoughtful speech like the one I linked, and the “do it for the Gipper” speech. And only in one of those are you going to find any sort of complete erudition.


Some one help me understand this, to me it reads like he wants as propaganda news network…


That’s exactly what he wants.


Oh okay so it is what it sounds like.


I wonder how much money it would take to get James Earl Jones to record a station ID for it like he did for CNN. “You’re watching PNN. Propaganda News Network.”