Politics is Stupid


Trump can be a good speaker when he wants to.

However, most of his quick speeches for the press are bigly simple. He repeats the same thing multiple times and slightly rephrases them occasionally. Kind of like they shout the same variations of the same questions at him. No one listens to the whole speech anyway, they hear the sound bite from CNN or Fox. So might as well repeat the same thing 5 times.

In speeches that are given for the people there he uses two kinds of speeches. The thoughtful speech like the one I linked, and the “do it for the Gipper” speech. And only in one of those are you going to find any sort of complete erudition.


Some one help me understand this, to me it reads like he wants as propaganda news network…


That’s exactly what he wants.


Oh okay so it is what it sounds like.


I wonder how much money it would take to get James Earl Jones to record a station ID for it like he did for CNN. “You’re watching PNN. Propaganda News Network.”


One of my fave actors, especially his voice. Lovely voice.


Politicians at it again. :roll_eyes: (this time alleged to be posted by Pres Ramaphosa). Or somebody trying to stir the pot by implicating the Prez.


I really don’t look at editorial cartoons much, but there’s one I read frequently and another that I’d like to read because of who draws it, but I don’t really like it.

The first is Bloom County 2018. As in all its previous incarnations, Berkely Breathed’s comic strip includes politics, and since he’s now publishing the strip himself first on his Facebook account, he releases them on his own schedule. (They show up on GoComics afterwards.) This gives him flexibility to quickly incorporate/respond to current issues. When he does so, it’s done in a humorous and loving way but still gets the point across. Messages are subtle and poignant, even if they’re obvious.

The second are the editorial cartoons by Mike Peters, who draws the Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip. What I see is that while he’s making relevant statements about what’s going on in politics and in other areas (see his “most popular” page for some really nice ones about Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Jerry Lewis and one about himself), the ones about Donald Trump are done in a hurtful and mean manner. The one he did for December 11, 2018 brings back “Trump is The Next Hitler™”.

Being mean and satirizing a subject can be an effective way of getting a point across. There’s a long history of that going back about 200 years in newspapers. But between the two, I’ll take Berkeley’s way over Mike’s.


Breathed seems a lot happier with the current incarnation of Bloom County. I feel like he’s basically saying “take it or not” to GoComics and is doing it to make himself happy. If he wants to do odd strip formats or spend a couple days on stuff like the janitor at the hospital, he can.

Bloom County was an inspiration to a lot of earlier web comics: I feel like he’s embraced the format now.


I hope that “we have to have a border wall” being pushed by Trump really does turn out to be like the “Strategic Defense Initiative” where other events made it unnecessary. It keeps sounding more and more like aiming for isolationism and that doesn’t often work.

But, lucky us, we get to watch him tomorrow night explaining why it’s necessary and why he’s going to keep after it.

Maybe a good time to go see a movie.


Considering how often and how loudly President Trump complains about the main stream media, I’m surprised that any of the major networks have agreed to broadcast his speech live. It seems like a no win situation for them.


SDI was the event that made SDI unnecessary. The Soviets were playing keep up with the Joneses and they simply overspent trying to do so SDI was the indicator that they never could actually keep up and keep their empire at the same time.

The wall may be the thing that makes Mexico try to start and filter the people coming through their country to keep them from getting stuck at the border.

If we’re willing to take guns from innocent citizens to “save even one life” why is it such an issue to deny entry to people who have no citizen rights in order to do the same? I get tired of the selective care for human life. Since when it is it the position of the US government that illegal immigrants are more important than citizens? What’s the acceptable number of terrorists per year? What’s the acceptable number of murders by illegal immigrants per year?

What’s the acceptable percentage of non-citizens in our population? At what point do things start fraying at the edges? California is by many accounts over 10% non-citizen. These people have non of the responsibilities of a citizen and many of the advantages. Yes, they pay sales tax, and many pay income tax, but there are other parts of being a citizen that don’t involve money.

And with many states not checking voting records, or providing ID to non-citizens then what happens to our politics? If 10% of California is illegal, does that mean that they have 5 too many representatives, and extra EC votes? What about other state’s populations? If Indianapolis became a sanctuary city and 500,000 Guatemalans moved there would any other state complain about them being counted in teh census and giving Indiana an extra rep? Or the rest of the state complain about Indianapolis getting more representation in the state government?

We as a people have a duty to help our fellow man. But it seems like we’ve gone from interventionism to just inviting them all over for dinner. But we also don’t have a duty to be forced by our government to help our fellow man. If you want to help immigrants, sponsor one, or help them find somewhere safe yourself. Hell, start a mercenary army and start helping overthrow their crappy governments. But we’re not helping the world by sucking in the masses.

Opening our borders won’t fix anything, and totally closing them won’t either. But this current sort of patrolling sort of stopping people, but if you get far enough it’s cool is just ruining everyone.

It’s his first request for time for an Oval Office address. Kind of a big deal. If they said yes, then they kept with tradition, if they said no they’d have to have a reason for it. I think they made it out to be a bigger deal than it was.

And if the MSM was as wrong about you as they often are about his administration then you’d be a bit testy too. Though I’d like to note that it’s certain reporters and shows that catch the heat. Usually the ones that like to exaggerate as much as he does.


Why the US govt shutdown?


Because a bunch of people refuse to pass a budget unless it includes funding for a useless border wall that will cost way too much and be mostly ineffective.


Really? Is that it?


“Ve vill haff vays und means round ze border valls”…


I’m probably severely underestimating a lot, given that I intentionally try not to pay too much attention to politicial things (since I have a low tolerance for idiocy and it’d quickly raise my blood pressure to near-aneurysm levels), but everything I’m seeing about it seems to just be people saying “We won’t accept a budget without the wall” and then another group saying “We won’t accept a budget with your stupid wall included”


Yes, really. Sad, but true…like you said, stupid.


Oinkers looking for gravy… Do not, under any circumstance, come between an oinker and its gravy trough…


There are already tunnels under the border. :roll_eyes:


One thing that makes it more maddening is the people who today refuse to fund a border wall (or even discuss it) were fully in support of that specific thing in quotable history.