Politics is Stupid


Honestly, I think that both sides are as bad as each other.
Yep, the democrats did unethical stuff for political gain. The republicans did the same stuff to Obama. The democrats did …

Why can’t they just grow the f@#k up and act in the best interests of the country?
Of course, that begs the question of what is best for the country, and that is probably the root of the problems.


Current crop of poli-tickians only care for themselves, number of votes, moniez that can be skimmed/wazted etc etc


The only surprising thing is how many people still think their own side is principled and cares about them.


I’m not really sure where to put this so it’s here by default as it involves a lot of different countries.

Firstly, the ruler of Saudi Arabia is completely out of touch with reality. He couldn’t understand why people were outraged by him getting a journalist tortured and dismembered.
Does anyone believe that this overweight, not young journalist really got into a fist fight with 12 security services members? Seriously? Is that really the best they could come up with? :roll_eyes:


I only glanced at the headline amongst the papers I bought recently, but President Trump is already saying that if the Republicans lose next month, it won’t be his fault. Real classy.


He gets it, and doesn’t care. It’s enough of an answer to shut everyone up and move on.

Who knows if he ordered it, or if someone did it to screw with him, or someone did it because they thought he might want them to. And we’ll likely never know.

It’s not like this is all that uncommon, this dude just gets press because he lived in the US for a while. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and hung out with terrorists while editorializing about the Sauds.

Brutal regime kills shady reporter… Could be Burma, Indonesia, Venezuela, Cuba, China, whatever. Not to be callus, but why should this be the one of thousands of murders I’m supposed to care about.


Why I dislike typical progressive politics.

Warren recognizes her advantage. When she announced that she would take a “hard look” at running for president after the midterm elections. Warren said, “It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government.”

So women are the cure? Women have been voting for 100 years or so give or take, I’d say they are a big piece of the original problem. But hey, thanks for being so gender biased the mere possession of a vagina is enough to be a better president (senator, cabinet member, judge, human being).

The only Democrat who can beat Trump is a populist who bring together working-class whites with working class minority voters.

I believe this will eventually be the downfall of the progressive cause, if not the whole Democrat party. Working class people have the same worries and concerns regardless of their race. Out of their top ten issues, maybe one is related to race. The rest are the economy, jobs, crime, taxes, and things related to any children they may have.

Most of the blue and white collar people I know above a certain age hold positions equivalent to their class, neighborhood, industry, and religion. Not their ancestry. This bullshit is why people call people like Warren racists. Beyond the typical racism of low expectations they add in lumping people into groups based on skin color and expecting certain behaviors out of them because of that.


Assuming someone is a certain way because of their race is literally racism, and assuming someone is a certain way because of their sex is sexism, literally.


Holy crap.

The freak out by the left about fake pipe bombs being the fault of the rhetoric used by the right is sickening.

In the past two years we’ve had multiple congressmen shot at and one hit, one attacked and severely injured while mowing, multiple people forced out of restaurants because of angry mobs, some confronted by angry shouting people while trying to live their lives, people attacked with knives at campaign events, houses picketed, doxxing, ricen mailed to them. I’m not counting the shit that happens at rallies, stupid is as stupid does. At this point if you are a conservative or libertarian and you think you can go to a rally and not end up in a fight you need your head checked.

But anyway, it’s the Republicans who need to tone down the rhetoric. Maxine Waters has told people to make Republicans uncomfortable and to harass them wherever they are. Hillary Clinton has called for an end to civility until they are in power again. Eric Holder says instead of going high they should kick them in the ass.

It feels like the progressive left has equated damaging words with actual damage so well that they can still paint themselves as victims even when they are the ones doing the damage. Using “violent language” is now the cause of understandable retaliatory actual violence.

I’m not saying there aren’t violent people on the right. But you’ll find very few, if any, mainstream conservatives who call for or approve of this sort of crap. Harass Corey Booker in a restaurant? Why? Shout down Maxine Waters at a congressional investigation, for what reason? I think it’s very telling that most of the time people talk about right wing violence it’s racial, religion, or class based, not political. Bubba shot up the church because he’s racist and they were black, not because he’s republican and they were democrat. Hell, half the time Bubba ends up being agnostic politically or a Democrat himself.


Wearing a MAGA hat in public is more dangerous than wearing an “I’m with her” hat despite the “rhetoric on the right.”


Gonna have to disagree here. When someone’s elected to be the representative of a group of people, if they’re out in public they’re free game to be yelled at over being fuckwits by those people if they’re fucking it up. Stuff like the death threats and harassing phone calls on their private home phone lines is over the top and wrong, but if you’re a representative and you’re out in a restaurant, or sitting in a park, or at some sports event you should be prepared for those constituents who have grievances with you and your performance to come tell you about them, sometimes loudly. That’s part of the job.


Hell hath no fury like an oinker without a gravy trough


Politics at its finest.

A couple of years ago the freeways in and around Gauteng needed upgrading, most notably the N1 between Pretoria and Johannesburg, as well as two freeways in Joburg as well.

Sanral decided to go with an e-tolling solution. And it backfired most epicly because :

  1. They could have added a 10c levy to the fuel price and thus the expenses associated with the rehabilitation could have been paid off already.
  2. As things are, they got an overseas company to implement this (instead of a local company), thereby raising the costs.
  3. Somebody have seen the $$$ coming in, but haven’t had any rational thoughts about the practicability of this venture.

Civil disobedience is what most of us do. Going to be very interesting going forward.


With wives/husbands and children in tow.

And it’s not like these are people yelling from a distance, this is up in their face screaming. That’s carp, if you can’t discuss your issues like a rational human being then you aren’t worth listening to.most of the time these people aren’t even airing grievances, they are just shouting slogans.

Now, public appearances, go for it. You aren’t going to make your point, or get any positive response except from your tribe, but whatever.

Please don’t think I don’t think people should be able to,I just think they shouldn’t. Though three or four big dudes leaning into me while I’m trying to eat could be defined as a threat, and God knows what happens then.


If you are against what happened with Jim Acosta, but ok with what happened to Tucker Carlson you are part of the issue.


What happened to Tucker Carlson again?


An Antifa mob held a gathering outside his house. Broke his front door, shouted a lot, mostly dispersed by the time the police arrived.

Because, you know, a TV show causes so many deaths.


I’ve got to admit, I’m not okay with either of those things.
I think Tucker Carlson is a moron, but that’s no reason to attack him like that.
Jim Acosta did hog the microphone a bit, but Huckabee-Sanders’ stated reason for banning him was a total mis-characterisation of what happened and was a blatant threat to other journalists to toe the line.

Both events were pretty much attacks on a free press and are scary events.


^ What he said.


Jim Acosta is asking questions along the lines of “Do you still beat your wife?” And was attempting to ask four or five questions like that in a row. It’s the president’s press conference, not his, and once you are done then you are done. I think he thinks he’ll personally take Trump down in one of theseIt was an hour and a half press conference with 65 questions and 35 reporters called on.

Once he struck the woman attempting to retrieve the microphone then he was wrong in multiple ways. Inadvertantly or not, he claims that he didn’t even touch her, and on the video he goes from touching her arm to pushing her hand away. So, fake news again.

Remember, Obama and Bush both had reporters removed and Obama prosecuted multiple reporters for leaks. Presidents have ignored reporters, excluded them, and not answered questions before. It’s the combination of bullheadedness from both of these dudes that brought us here.

Jim Acosta not reporting from the Whitehouse isn’t the end of a free press, a mob showing up at a journalist’s house and threatening him and his family is. At worst even if you assume Trump just kicks out every journalist that pisses him off at some point there will be a new president. But we’re stuck with the mob no matter who is president.

Jim Acosta will get a show and a book deal out of this. Tucker Carlson will have a wife and kids with nightmares, and he’ll have cold sweats.


Except that he didn’t. Depending on which version of the video you watched of course - the original or the modified version that Huckabee-Sanders tweeted.
I’m not saying that he wasn’t an ass, but being an ass is not enough reason to take his accreditation away. Barred from a couple of briefings maybe (as other presidents have done). But revoking someone’s accreditation for being obnoxious has never been done before.


She reaches for the microphone with a straight arm. His arm comes down and when he hits her arm her elbow bends. He also pulls the microphone out of her reach. The Whitehouse version isn’t altered, or at least not in a way that shows something that didn’t happen. Even if it was doubled in speed he pushed her arm down.

If it had been open mike night it would have been a hook pulling him off stage. She tried three times to get the microphone, that isn’t his press conference and he’s not in charge of who gets to speak.

His comment is that he didn’t touch her. Which is false. Most of what I’ve seen defending him is photos, which don’t even show the moment he touched her