Politics is Stupid


Seems to be starting in some township areas. Black professionals like nurses and firefighters have been beating off some persons who’ve been trying to take stands (erven) for themselves for free. Haven’t heard of anything else.

Of course our lovely Police will not interfere, but they will only “monitor”…

The upcoming erectionelection will be very, very interesting. Reminds me of Pratchett’s Interesting Times.

“He who pays the piper gets to choose the tune”…


The point is on all of these is that everyone keeps saying there is no problem with immigration and that they are all model citizens, and then case after case comes up of murders, rapes, and shootings. And when those are brought up they are brushed off, much like a lot of people are doing with this right now.

Would she be alive if he had been deported, or caught entering? I think so. But hell, is he even illegal, no one seems to really know.

Have you looked at women’s rights in Mexico?



Our immigration system is supposed to filter through the applicants and take the best, not just let everyone in. Not all that long ago we didn’t let people in that had a cold or a sore throat. Why would we let in people that consider women second class citizens and add them to our already crappy bottom feeding predator men?

Overall, I think most of the rhetoric is on the same tier as anti gun stories when there is a shooting. It’s an excuse to use an incident to move people emotionally. I happen to believe that we need to tighten things up so it strikes me less off key.


I understand why you would believe that we need to be pickier about who we allow to immigrate. I live in a neighbourhood that has known gang members and drug dealers, and 90% of them are from Mexico or of Mexican descent. I don’t know if they are legal or illegal immigrants, however, I believe that most of them are here legally. I also think we should have some mercy for those who have been law abiding and have lived here for decades.

My problem is, the Mollie Tibbets case has nothing to do with immigration, and it seems that her murder is being used as an argument rather like, “Hey, someone got cold sores from eating oranges! Fruit should be outlawed!”


This is a crime that could have been prevented by simply enforcing laws that already exist. Nothing actually needs to change except a willingness to enforce the laws that are already on the books, including the laws that punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants.

I think the legal immigration system is too picky, but the illegal system is totally uncontrolled.


The legal system being too picky is why we have so many coming in illegally. America is a country of immigrants. We want the best and the brightest, but we shouldn’t lose sight of those who are fleeing truly awful situations and just want a new life. Unfortunately, I need to do a lot more research in order to debate intelligently on this topic. I just don’t know enough about it to have an informed opinion.

Edit: I still believe that my original point is valid, however. Mollie Tibbets was killed by a man who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. There is no shortage of such men already here; we shouldn’t blame it on our immigration policies.


So, for you people outside the UK, here is a rundown of what’s happening here:

Brexit - the Government still does not have a plan. The most recent plan was rejected before it was published and the backup plan so far seems to be “appeal to Africa, Africa can save us!”. The Government is also refusing to make preparations that industries are advising will be essential (the Port Authority needs like 500% more staff, but this year the budget was cut again, for example). At the same time, within Government, the anti-EU block is trying to claim that all the lies being exposed starting with Cambridge Analytica collapse are all entirely make-believe fairy-tales as the pro-EU block keeps finding more and more concrete evidence of all the lies.

Media - the Labour party just unveiled their plans to write laws to protect journalists and break up large newsprint publishing empires, as well as holding print media to the same journalism laws that television is held to. The overall reaction to this from the public has been “yes, we like this” and the predictable reaction of the papers is that Corbyn wants to execute anyone who writes news. Meanwhile, that same print media is engaged on lying about everything from the numbers of immigrants who arrived last year (they say more, real figures say less) to calling people fascist for y’know, being anti-fascist.

Fascism - I was candid earlier in the year to use the word. Now we have newspapers calling for people to be hanged. I don’t need to say anything else, do I? Okay, so I agree it’s only a select number of media outlets (generally the ones that advertise their price in as large a space as their headlines) stirring this but it is most definitely getting worse. The Government’s response is to selectively arrest members of assorted fascist organisations (the EDL is their favourite go-to) which of course, as we see repeatedly over and over again, only fuels the bigotry and hatred.

Antisemitism - Now, this is a clever one. How do you destroy an ardent anti-fascist, anti-apartheid pacifist? Ah yes, by deliberately conflating anti-apartheid with antisemitic by claiming that any objection to the actions of the Israeli government is a direct attack against all Jewish people everywhere. So our leader of the opposition and leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, now finds himself having people scream at him in the street; how dare he be antisemitic, how dare he want Jews to die, how dare he … want to ask Israel to stop shooting babies in the head. How dare he want Palistinians to want to be able to live in their own country without fear of being shot in the head as they walk down the street. Or blown up in their schools. Or have medicine in their hospitals. Or power. Or food. Or water.

Fortunately, it isn’t working. They keep screaming, they keep bringing out this one ex-Rabbi (who, coincidentally, is a Conservative donor) to decry him, they keep citing “growing tensions in the Jewish community” without ever being able to find anyone to comment on why people are tense, or if they really are tense, or y’know do any fucking journalism whatsoever. And the public have realised this. In the last few months, opinion polls show the Tories trailing labour almost as far behind as before Blair’s landslide election in 1997. May’s approval rating is worse than Donald Trump’s.


Claiming the situation in Israel is similar to apartheid is problematic. The Palestinians have had any number of compromises offered to them, but when their elected leaders are terrorists I’m thinking they aren’t all that interested in compromise.

Maybe if they stopped people from trying to attack other people from their schools and hospitals and apartments then they wouldn’t get blown up. I’ve seen articles complaining about the attacking missiles being shot down over schools, as if Israel should just let themselves get hit with incoming attacks and do nothing. Also, not sure what country is theirs in the first place.

The comparison to apartheid always confuses me. This all happened in the first place (OK, second place after the nation was created out of thin air) due to an inability to adjust and adapt, followed by decades of attacks which lead to the situation we have now. You end up segregating people who violently attack you at any chance they get.

Of course, it doesn’t help that there isn’t a single unbaised sourced on this issue. Either the Jews are baby killing maniacs, or the Palestinians are fanatical suicide attackers. From what I’ve read in the past Arabs living in Israel itself are just fine, it’s the people and the descendants of people who refused to adjust in the past that still have issues.

I don’t see Saxons complaining about a right of return to the Normans.

Trump is beating Obama approval ratings off and on. I’m not sure if that’s the measurement to use anymore.


What I’ve found disgusting is the outpouring of remorse and respect for John McCain from people who were calling him Hitler 10 years ago. Or even more recently than that.While people like Sarah Palin, who you could argue had her career wrecked by accepting the VP selection were not invited, of course, seeing as how he mentioned a couple times that he regretted the choice I’m sure she wasn’t surprised. (Now, it turns out Sarah had plenty of issues, but she was a lightning rod for his campaign and took some serious hits she never would have been exposed to if she hadn’t accepted)

Also, Louis Farrakhan was in the front row next to Jesse James (Race baiter who called NYC Himeytown), Al Sharpton (Who swears Tawana Brawley was raped even after she admitted to making it all up years later. A leader in the riots against Jewish people in Crown Heights in 91). Eric Holder and Isaiah Thomas were photographed with him. This dude is pond scum, yet he seems welcome everywhere people can get away with.


“Even a paranoid has enemies.” NPR’s report on that recent op-ed article by the anonymous White House insider pointed out that it may have the opposite effect than intended. Something like it may prove Trump right in some of the things he’s been saying.

Leave it to Berkeley Brethed to incorporate it into his revived Bloom County comic strip. Only Opus the Penguin could get away with making a sex toy reference with complete clueless sincerity.


On the “oops” front. The state I live in recently allocated a lot of money so that teachers could get raises.

Problem. Some levies have limits on how much can be collected, so some school districts can’t match the raises that other school districts are giving.

Is this another case of throwing money at a problem to fix it, or did someone just not think about providing guidelines on how to divvy up the money?


One of the first points in that article is that Trump has accomplished a lot that voters care about, and it’s interesting that that is looked at as a negative by both the author and the press.

And yeah, “Deep State” “Steady State”… whatever you want to call it you just said there are people taking actions to resist the policies of the sitting president, people who are supposed to report to him and do as he tells them. The only exceptions should be unlawful acts and those should be reported as such. Not just because you disagree with the way things are going but because it’s actually treason.


Now this is just really insane.

Big farmers are not going to the banks anymore for loans to start new crops with. They are not planting any new crops. Period.

This is due to the “Expropriation Without Compensation” bull**** started recently. They want clarification from the government before they start to take out loans.

Because (a recent article in a newspaper) said it all - should the state take your land, and you still owe the bank a bond, you still have to pay. A lot of people says that it is the biggest nonsense ever spouted.

Because, when you buy a piece of land/house/etc the bank still owns whatever you’ve bought until you’ve paid it off in full, then it is yours.

I’m not willing to fight for my money, if they come and grab it, then I’ll just relocate myself to another land/country and start from scratch there, and let the banks deal with the fallout.

So, yes, interesting times.


Treason is the only crime defined in the constitution. It isn’t treason.

It’s unprofessional as hell, though. If you can’t do the king’s business, you don’t take the king’s coin.


Sending best wishes your way, OoK. Also hearing chatter that gun confiscation is starting… disarm the populace so they can’t object when you take their land.

Ugly times.


Sorry, i I wasn’t clear. The resistance only makes sense when it’s against actual treason.


I know there are people here who still support Trump, and I’m sorry, but every time I think he’s hit the lowest point possible he manages to surprise me and go lower.
How can anyone make the death toll from a hurricane out be a plot to undermine them?
As someone else says in the article:

Trump is so vain he thinks this is about him. NO IT IS NOT

Donald Trump falsely says Democrats inflated Puerto Rico death toll

US President Donald Trump has rejected the official conclusion that nearly 3000 people died in Puerto Rico from last year’s Hurricane Maria, arguing without evidence that the number was wrong and calling it a plot by Democrats to make him "look as bad as possible’’


So, I read the Acertainment of the Estimated Excess Mortality… etc,as much as I could, it’s a bit esoteric, this is a report stating the amount of additional people that may have died because of the hurricane.

Now, I know the popular thing is to blame deaths during a hurricane on a Republican president. And there was enough corruption and rotting supplies sitting in warehouses in PR that it’s hard to pin the response on Trump. But using a report that estimates the total death toll due to all causes that could be related to a hurricane on the President seems off.

They can’t name the people who died. They looked at census data, and at migration and historical death data and determined that a percentage of them were due to the hurricane. I’m not totally understanding everything here, but they aren’t talking about people who died in the hurricane, but a loose relationship between the hurricane and their death. They aren’t even talking about people that might have died because of direct causes, like the power was out and they died of heat exhaustion. They are mostly comparing mortality rates and assuming that any increase in mortality or excess reduction in population is people dying.

Trump thinks it’s about him because there are dozens of news articles a day looking for something to get him on. So, yeah, just like Katrina was about Bush, and not Nagin, and Sandy was just an unfortunate accident, some people are making this storm about him.

It’s stupid, death tolls like this aren’t political weapons. Especially when it’s not a solid number but a think tank estimate of impact. The original certified number appears to be 64.

Trump is hitting 50% approval ratings in some polls. And the more people lose their minds and make up random crap to pin on him the higher it’s going to go up. Trump is already taking heat for causing the latest hurricane. I’ve seen a couple articles saying he’s complicit, as if he’s pushing buttons in his base like Lord Mongo.

Do I think he’s a hothead who lets his Id run his twitter stream sometimes, yes. I think this is a huge own goal, but if he doesn’t say anything at all on Twitter then the narrative would run with Trump being responsible for 3,000 deaths.


Um what? I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like Trump, but what the everloving f@$k are people smoking if they think that anyone can or would cause a hurricane?

That makes as much sense as Trump causing a hurricane.

I guess my mistake was coming at it from a rational point of view :roll_eyes:

(Just to be clear, I’m rolling my eyes at the stupidity of people, not at you for pointing it out)


So, the headline is more damning than the article.

And one from last year in The Guardian.

Seriously though, this kind of crap is why people don’t trust the media anymore. Why the hell should we? We just had the President (Obama) that charged and jailed the largest number of reporters ever in an administration, yet this one is the enemy of a free press.


I think anti price gouging laws are stupid and hurt individuals while winning votes for politicians who sell a law that will help the little guy.