Politics is Stupid


Zuma doing a Mugabe.

SONA2018 cancelled.

Fun times.


Sigh I miss the days when that had any actual bearing on petrol prices. Oil has gone down steadily, petrol has gone up steadily. Now we’re back to £1.35/L (or $12.29/USGal) in some places of the country, thankfully not here where it’s hovering around £1.22/L.


It is havining quite the effect here. while gas isn’t hitting OPEC home country prices it is staying comfortably in the 2.50 range. We’re also exporting more oil than we have since 1970, and natural gas import stations have been redone to export it

If we were smart, we’d be working on better battery, solar panel, and wind turbine tech while building nuclear plants hand over fist. But, we’re not this is a break,I don’t think it’s a long term solution

But its gotten to where companies can make money putting up these crappy solar fields and horrific wind farms and make some sweet government money, so why improve them?


$2.50? You’re adorable. More like $3.50 out here.


Up here in Oh Yah, You Betcha Land, gas is around $2.50 a gallon. Definitely better prices than when I was back home in Southern California.


Which is exactly where I am.


My sympathies :frowning: I can’t move back because the cost of living is so outrageous. I miss In n Out, Roundtable Pizza, and Togos!