Politics is Stupid


You go around knifing people who disagree with you? How can you hold your head up in this conversation?

Yep, what I did there is ludicrous. But that’s exactly what Trump did. He took a sentence out of context and made it mean something completely different to how it was originally said and meant.

Every real world leader (on this side of the Jihad that is) managed to be supportive of Britain - even if they were being political.
Trump’s response was basically - "it’s all about me and how I didn’t get my way with the Muslim ban"
I don’t care about the politics of it. His response was childish and classless.

I’m not even going to go into comparing Trump to Churchill - that’s way too mind boggling.


Mike, we’re not going to get anywhere here.

In other news… Yet another OMG Trump story is debunked. It also debunks the Middle Eastern unity story as well, it appears that they will continue to attempt to bomb Yemen back to the Stone Age, which for some of it’s people wasn’t all that long ago especially since it’s the poorest country in the region. I also seem to remember Russia was trying to help them with oil drilling, I assume that’s out the window.


The news media does this frequently, as did the previous administration. I don’t recall you calling them out on it. As I’ve mentioned before, the Spanish language news broadcasts are radically skewed. I don’t know what sources you get news from, but I’m guessing they have a notable bias and report to steer their audiences’ thinking.


I thought about posting this in the web finds of the day thread, but it seems like it would fit quite well here.

I like the way these guys rate and check the various sources.


Neat site. And most of their bias notes seem accurate. I’d argue on Politifact, but otherwise they seem pretty close. And often, like with WaPo, it depends on the subject and reporter/editor as to exactly how biased they are.


[quote=“RoadRunner, post:1484, topic:556”]
The news media does this frequently, as did the previous administration
[/quote]You’re going to have to give a citation there. I don’t recall Obama ever attacking another world leader after a terror attack, let alone attacking them by misquoting them.
If you can show me an example, then I’ll certainly condemn that too.

[quote=“RoadRunner, post:1484, topic:556”]
I don’t know what sources you get news from
[/quote]That would be Twitter in this case - straight from the jackass’s mouth (that is the saying isn’t it?). Yes it certainly is biased, though probably not in the way you meant.


Woah, woah, woah, I’m gonna have to throw a BS flag on that right there. You are doing, again, what you were complaining about someone else doing… literally.

As for my comment about your news sources… to clarify, I was not talking about any single incident. You seem to be fixated on something stuck in your head with which I am unfamiliar.
I was instead referring to your earlier comment indicating that you do not live in the United States of America and are unfamiliar with the political system. Based on that, it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that you are also unfamiliar with the perceptions and attitudes of citizens of the United States of America, even as widely varied as they are.


Then read the thread.

How exactly am I taking things out of context?

I stated what Trump did, You said that the previous administration did it frequently. What am I supposed to take from that?


To this:

You replied:

That’s the first time I see “attacking” mentioned.

You completely ignore the point I was trying to make, which is that I don’t trust the news media, because they lie. (Also, as a bonus comment, I lumped in the previous administration as dishonest/disingenuous, and for that matter, most politicians. But that was not intended to be my main point, just an aside. You may note that I went on to talk again about the media… because that was my point.)

Also, again…

I’m not a rabid political zealot, so forgive me if I’m unfamiliar with whatever has upset you so.


@RoadRunner to be fair Obama kept most of his attacks internal and on individuals who couldn’t fight back.

“The police acted stupidly”
“If I had a son…”
“Clinging to their guns and bibles”

Some fairish fights with Rush and various personalities on talk radio and Fox.

He also had a habit of insulting our allies and embracing our enemies. Though I don’t fault the embracing enemies too much, that’s politics as it was.

England, multiple times. Calling the Falklands the Maldives was an insult and an error since Argentina calls them the Malvinas.
Poland: “Polish Death Camps” for one.
Israel: Calling their PM a “liar” off mike among others.

These quotes didn’t get much airplay on most mainstream media, and if they did the reporting was in such a way that none of those statements were attacks or faux pas.

I think sitting Presidents should keep their damn mouths shut about most things. This kibitzing by Obama and doubling down on it by Trump is annoying. I know both are/were attempting to guide policy by shaping or testing public opinion, or pleasing the base with one off statements, but it would be better all around if either A) they shut up most of the time, or B) the press stop acting like it’s a pronouncement by the Pope.

Presidents misspeak, and it used to be a big damn deal, the last 20 years or so it got worse and worse and now it happens all the time and no one worries about it unless they have an axe to grind.

Eventually a comment about something by the president won’t mean anything since they’ll be in the habit of pronouncing judgement on everything.



My comment was in the context of a conversation about Trump’s latest international diplomacy efforts.
All my comments since that time have been in that context. Is that what you mean by “fixated”? That’s a very emotive term for someone who is just keeping on topic.
You might not have been talking about a specific incident, but that means you are doing exactly what you accused me of - taking something out of context and making it into something it was not. Which is also what I was complaining about Trump doing.

In the context of Trump’s twitter feeds and the conversation around them, reporting bias is irrelevant, as are the perceptions and attitudes of US citizens.


All else being equal, why would she or her staffers continue to have clearance anyway? She’s an ex Secretary of State and Congressman. When I was in the service they would purge the rolls occasionally so people wouldn’t have access they didn’t need.


I think the connections being drawn aren’t quite as solid as implied in this article. I’ve never been a fan of arguments linking vague rhetoric with actions. Especially generic military or war language, like what’s used in sports or even sales meetings. Obama’s bring a gun to a knife fight stuff, and plenty of people saying punch back twice as hard isn’t that big of a deal on its own.

However, if you call for blood in the streets, or unprecedented action that’s a bit more direct than some cross hairs on a map. Calling for a military coup, as multiple media figures have since the election, or calling for a culling or purge of Republicans will eventually speak to someone.

I do wonder if this was his goal, seems lofty enough to drive a 66 year old man to essentially a suicide mission. Though I would guess the special elections would almost be guaranteed to put in Republicans. Nothing like 30 martyrs to prime the fundraising pumps. And if this dude had practiced a bit more the body count could have easily hit double digits even with half the team not being there.


Occam’s razor and all that - the simplest explanation is that he was a nutcase. I read large parts of the article and I think the writer is almost as loony as his subject. Phrases like this are just silly:

We can hope his treasonous cause died with him

He was a nutter who went out to bag him some Republicans. He may well have been inspired by someone else, but building up this huge great conspiracy theory is completely over the top. The writer says he isn’t trying to read the nutter’s mind, but then goes on to build up this huge case based on what the guy was thinking.
As for the “acid hot media-political narrative ritually vilifying Trump”, is it really any worse than what the Republicans have been doing to Clinton for the last 20 years? I know the excuse is that “it’s politics”, but how about everybody just stop being assholes?

Yeah, I know I’m a dreamer.


I get the push for a higher minimum wage, I think they are pushing too high, but I get it. I also think it contributes to inflation and reduces the effective amount of my pay, but that’s how things seem to work anymore, so whatever.

What I don’t get is this.


Now, people will say that these are privileged individuals who can afford to work for free just for the opportunity to work with a congressman.

I have at least two issues with that.

  1. This keeps the pool of interns narrowed down to those that can afford to live in DC with no income.
  2. This starts people new to the process down a path where favors are more important than money or procedure.

So, since these interns often later turn into parts of the administration of the country in one way or another I’m concerned that Republican or Democrat that they come from the same pool of wealthy people. This feeds the feeling that it doesn’t matter what part is in charge, the people actually running it are all the same.

About half the Republicans pay interns something, and 20% of Democrats… And as of Obama all White House interns are also unpaid. Looks like Trump may be continuing that, despite his own company paying $10 an hour and a free meal a day to interns.



If we had had less trumped up outrage about his supposed racism, maybe there could have been room for questions like what’s his opinion on marijuana legalization by the states and what his stance on civil forfeiture is.

And his stance on both of those issues is horrible, and can easily do more damage to poor and minority people than any amount of naked racism could.


Sensationalist maybe, but I’ve been thinking something was going on here. Is it a coincidence that Pakistani nationals were working on DNC and democratic politician’s IT needs for a few years right when everyone was hacked?


Let’s put these kinds of people in charge of more and more of our lives please.

Take a look at any level of government entitlement program and you’ll find millions of dollars going to friends and neighbors and relatives for little or no return.


Horrible no good immigration act is based on horrific laws of well known human rights abusers, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Man who disapproves of “In God We Trust” and Pledge of Allegiance brings up poem as basis of Federal Law.

Approval of President Cheeto still in 30’s, approval of media in teens, and Congress in single digits.


This might need a bit of explanation. Where did you get the information that New Zealand is a well known human rights abuser? Australia maybe, Canada I have no idea, but I haven’t heard anything about NZ being in that boat.