Politics is Stupid


I think more importantly than that, some of us represent opinions that aren’t publishable among polite company. I’ve had to greatly reduce my rhetoric online since my wife keeps getting promoted.

Forget the fact that I agree with approximately half the population on a lot of things, those opinions get short shrift even on Fox News. I spend a significant portion of my free time keeping up with what’s really going on. Researching defensive gun usage to support my conversations with anti gunners, actually looking for the number of “family” shelters that don’t take boys over 12 near me, what percentage of Planned Parenthood offices in my town offer anything but abortions. the fact that men are twice as likely to be murdered than women, three times more likely to be attacked. 4 out of 5 of the fastest growing careers are 80% or more dominated by women. Young boys are getting in trouble in school for not acting like young girls, told they have violent tendencies and held to lower standards in school work because they just aren’t as bright as girls at 6 years old.

Election after election shows again and again that the US is generally a conservative country with liberal hotspots. It also shows that liberals in Virginia are conservatives in California.

I look at what people think about people like me and I shudder. If they mean what they say every white conservative should fear for their lives, my concern is you keep saying things like that, someone will eventually do something. The progressives in this country have decided that they are the final arbiters of who can stand for what. They’ve decided all black people believe X, and if you don’t believe it, then you must not be a real black person. Who can back that ideology? All women believe Y, and if you don’t then you are internalizing your gender hate.

Mainstream liberal thought in America is that if you are a certain race or gender there is only one right way to think. If you don’t think that way then you are evil or misguided. This is not hidden, it’s not some secret, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, or whatever superior being that happens to be on MSNBC will tell you on Prime Time TV. And white males, and females, are usually guilty of something, if not everything, by their mere existence.

Regardless of anything else on the progressive platform, the pigeon holing of people by color, creed, and gender means I have to resist them. Maybe this doesn’t come through as well overseas, but democrats are carving up America into separate but equal all over again. Colleges are building multi million dollar buildings that non-minorities aren’t welcome in, or men aren’t welcome in, or only black or Hispanic people are welcome in. Yeah, I’ll fight that all day long even if I bought into 99% of everything else they represent.

So yeah, I look for them to be pulling something, and I’ll give a conservative a break. Because the end game for some of these people is much scarier than global warming or tax evasion or God knows what.


I usually try to stay out of political discussions (because, as the topic title says, Politics is Stupid), but I wanted to ask for clarification or whatnot on some things from your post.

Every map I’ve seen of this shows that most of the “liberal hotspots” seem to be the country’s large metropolitan areas, which make up a pretty large portion of the population. I’d say this seems more likely to make the populace more likened to a 50/50 split than a “generally conservative country”, no?

Like what?

Hyperbole and extremism exist in all walks. There’re plenty of conservatives who state that others should die because their beliefs or way of life are different.

Maybe this is just bias in what news sources I read, but the bolded part in this bothered me. I don’t really see any “pigeonholing” of people into gender, if anything I’ve seen the exact opposite from progressives/liberals, in trying to free people from being pigeonholed into just “male” or “female”.


Yet at the same time someone who identifies as a woman must support abortion or she hates herself. Or has to buy into the 77% myth, or any number of things. A transgendered woman who believes the progressive agenda is more of a woman than a genetic conservative woman.

They don’t have mainstream coverage interviewing them seriously. They have people looking at them like they are insane and calling for them to be locked up. There are likely thousands if not tens of thousands of conservatives that believe woman should be kept at home barefoot and pregnant, but they don’t show up on the View every week getting paid millions of dollars.

Professor gets video tapped calling election an act of terrorism, wins teaching award.

If that had been a conservative professor ranting about Obama, there would be hell to pay and her career would be over. Just ask the ex-CEO of Firefox how political statements come back and bite you.

I’m not necessarily talking about the woman on Facebook who wants to kill 90% of men and keep the rest as breeding stock, or her male counterpart. Yes, there are crazies out there.

According to popular media and direct statements made to me in person and online I am…

  1. Racist
  2. part of a dying breed of people who deserve to die
  3. evil
  4. insensitive and uncaring with no empathy for other people
  5. Dogmatic and not open to new thought
  6. Only want the ascension of the white race, preferably through males.
  7. consider women second class citizens
  8. Have a small penis because guns. As well as many psychological problems.
  9. Want everyone to follow my religion.
  10. Want to kill anyone not my religion/race/culture
  11. Oppress people by simply breathing
  12. Sexist

All of which I have no way to disprove, but allows the individual I am talking to to write me off and other than fully human. These comments also usually don’t actually have anything to do with what I actually said, but serve to derail me since I have to deal with someone calling me racist. Something I’ve stopped doing since I can’t win that argument. Oddly enough, having friends who are other races, or any other anecdotal information has nothing to do with it, simply one statement the listener disagrees with is enough to brand me with the big red R.

Sort of. Except in many places, like Indiana, huge percentages of the countryside went republican, while the cities were closer to a 60/40 split or even 70/30. I know a bunch of people who live in Indy that don’t bother to vote, they can’t beat the machine there, same with Anderson, though there they seem to have it worked out where the parties trade the city back and forth every 8 years or so.

Interestingly enough this one is a two-fer. In an article showing a 36-25 split from conservative to liberal, with 36-40 being the range for conservatives since the study started. what’s the title of the article? It’s not more Americans are calling themselves Liberal, despite the fact that the show the year to year increase of liberalism, but don’t show the year over year numbers for conservatives.

And maybe a bunch of this is perspective, and maybe some of it is I’m just tired of it and it feels like it’s getting worse, maybe it isn’t.

And it’s not like I’m black in Selma in 1954, or Catholic in Ireland in the 70’s. Or a woman in Saudi Arabia today. But does it help to tell your kid who lost the big game that some kids didn’t even get to play at all? I’m not saying that I do fear for my life, or that my quality of life is ruined by this stuff. But I feel that I need to push back now before I can’t push back.

Removed primarily because they couldn’t track down the author.


Hey look, bipartisan stupidity.

It’s bad enough I have to do more paperwork to get Nyquil that works than I do to get surgery done. Now this?


Thanks for the deeper insight. While I’d probably be considered a liberal myself, I try and distance myself from the entire equation most of the time since all I see is another “us vs. them” tribal-style war going on that I want no part of. Nevertheless, I always at least make it a point to never attack someone based on their association with something. If I’m going to have a problem with someone, it’s most likely going to be because of something specific to them (and not just that they’re a Republican, or a Democrat, or a Catholic, or an Orthodox Jew, or a Muslim, or…you get the point.)


FWIW, I see gender pigeonholing, especially in marketing. From what I understand, political bias in marketing is considered “Media Bias”. (I assumed it was just news media until I looked it up somewhere.)
How often do you see commercials (or TV shows) that depict men as incompetent cavemen who need to be rescued by the right-thinking women around them, vs. men depicted as realistic human beings?


That could be it, too. I don’t really watch TV, most of the video content I watch ends up being Youtube personalities (like Achievement Hunter or Nostalgia Critic) or the occasional thing on Netflix. Though I may take advantage of my Amazon Prime account to watch American Gods when that comes out…


Seriously. I’ve been listening to Neil talk it up on my various media feeds for ages.

And in other news. Liquor laws are stupid.

Keep in mind a gas station can sell cold wine, and cold cider, and warm beer already. And a liquor store can sell cold beer, wine and hard stuff, but not cold soda or orange juice. Kids can’t eat in a bar where there is no separation from the eating area and the bar.

Ricker’s found a way to sell cold beer, that’s it, no loophole, no work around, nothing. And now people are losing their minds. OMG, people drive to gas stations, they’ll buy cold beer and then drive with it in the car… as if people who get beer at the liquor store walk there. Children will see beer!!! They already see it warm, is it more dangerous cold?


Hell, you can’t even sell beer in convenience stores and gas stations here. You’ve gotta go to a beer distributor or a take-out place to get it in PA.


That’s just goofy. (Both IN and PA)

In most of Texas**, you can buy beer & wine, with no temperature distinction that I know of, in convenience stores, grocery stores, even pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens). AFAIK, for the most part, you still have to hit a liquor store for anything stronger.

In Louisiana, however, I’ve seen Everclear in grocery stores. (along with bourbon/whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka, etc.)

** There are dry and semi-dry counties and cities scattered around, some with goofy restrictions, especially in the DFW metroplex.


I can buy anything I want at a grocery store, warm.

In Ohio you can buy it from inside your car in a drive through.


You can get liquor at a grocery store?

Most of the grocery stores here have coolers for beer and the more popular wines, but right across the aisle from the non-chilled stock. As far as I know, the coolers are just as a convenience. Some of the larger/newer convenience stores & gas stations are putting in walk in coolers for beer, with big LED display thermometers on the wall so you know it is 34 - 36 degrees inside, but still have beer on the regular shelves.

We have drive thru “beer barns” here, too. I think some may sell liquor, too, but have rarely been through any, so I could be wrong on that.

Your earlier post was the first time I’ve seen mention of a distinction between cold & warm alcohol sales. It blows my mind a little.


It’s the managing the temperature of mixers that gets me sometimes.

Liquor stores have rows of soda machines in front of them, because they aren’t allowed to sell cold Coke. Like if you were going to pour a coke into a cup and throw in some Jack right there in the parking lot whether or not it’s cold will matter.

Oddly enough, until about 15 years ago or so it was legal to have open containers in a car. One per person, including the driver, but if you blew it had to be below .04 if you were drinking while driving. State sanctioned pregaming right there.


We can buy beer from grocery stores here in PA, but we’ve got a weird caveat to it: You can’t check out with it at the regular registers. You have to buy it from their special section, which makes it a pain in the ass if you want to get that PLUS groceries. I think the Wegmans near me will put some sort of “PAID” sticker on it with the receipt to show it’s been paid for so you don’t have to make two separate trips out to your car, but since I buy beer-ish stuff very rarely (and usually from a beer store when I do), I don’t know exactly.


Wow. You all live in weird states. :wink: In California you can go to the local grocery store and buy chilled beer. You can also buy wine, vodka, rum, or whatever else strikes your fancy.


How about more research into non-addictive pain meds? Or more research into how to get rid of chronic pain entirely? But I guess we can’t have the drug companies losing one of their cash cows, no matter the cost to anyone else.


In Ohio, you sure can. They aren’t allowed to sell on Sundays during certain hours, and it’s generally upscale stuff in the store where I shop, but yeah, it’s there.


I think they need to get out of the way more so other people can. There are so many regulations trying to prevent people from using it as a cover to making the next designer recreational drug. Not to mention the self sabotage they do on things like marijuana research.

I think there is more money in antacids than severe pain management. When neulasta is 8k for a single shot, after discount, there isn’t really a need for the feds to step in and protect the earnings on pain management.

This is stupid typical drugs are bad BS.


And the “first 100 days” results are coming in, but many of them are dependent upon previous Presidents facing the exact same circumstances as this one. So I guess we’re talking time travel or parallel worlds to where we could bring FDR or Andrew Jackson up to 2017 and see how they do.


Adams the prophet says.

Generally speaking, the criticisms of President Trump’s first 100 days (and in general) are based on imaginary stuff:

Imagined problems on his tax returns.

Imagined blackmail by Russia.

Imagined poor performance based on imagining a control case of another imaginary president doing the same job at the same time, but doing it faster.

Imaginary belief that doing things you prefer he not do is similar to not being competent.

Imagined staff problems that are bigger than they are.

Imagined nuclear holocaust that happens because of Trump’s imaginary insanity.

Imagined problems caused by his ignoring of facts that don’t matter.

Imagined future climate calamity. (They could be right, but for now it is imaginary because complex models have a bad track record.)

And I totally agree with this statement.

Everyone observing politics seems to agree on two things about a president’s first 100 days in office:

  1. 100 days is a meaningless, arbitrary marker for a president’s performance that is likely to be more misleading than useful.
  1. Let’s treat it like it is important! Reeeeeeee!


Nothing is proven in 100 days, I thought Obama was doing OK his first 100 days. It’s a President, not a mattress. In addition, unless you do something spectacular, good or bad, the history books don’t generally grade presidents by the first 100 days.