Politics is Stupid


Woodman, it looks like you’ve assessed Wil Wheaton correctly. He’s actively calling for fighting back against The Next Hitler™. The problem is that’s still reacting to dog whistles. As reminder, a dog whistle is where you focus on the surface and ignore what’s been done in the past that show the surface matches consistent behavior over time.

One such dog whistle is the immigration orders recently issued. The surface is “Trump hates Muslims and/or all immigrants”. The history is this is a negotiation with two other parties. One party is the side that says this is too extreme. The other party is the side that says it doesn’t go far enough. So what do you do? You make an opening offer that you know will not be your final offer. There will be negotiation. There will be arguing and compromises. But you get to that final offer and it’s not the same as what you started with. That’s by design.

We’re going to see more of this. As Scott Adams puts it, Trump is still in the “new CEO Move” phase: Look for opportunities that are “visible, memorable, newsworthy, true to his brand, and easy to change.” Coupled with that, Trump is making more decisions more rapidly. We’re not used to that from a President. We’re used to new Presidents taking a while to get things going and a lot of it happens in the background that we don’t hear about.

This President operates differently. His decisions and opinions are more visible, though he does need to learn that not everything needs a Tweet. That casts an image of being reactionary rather than someone who makes well-thought-out decisions. But this also works in his favor because he knows everyone’s going to pounce on everything he does so he’s flooding the playing field. The overall impression once things settle down will be, as Adams puts it, “He sure got a lot done” and were the other Presidents even trying their first few weeks in office.

Adams also provides a warning. We have half the country convinced we’ve elected The Next Hitler™. We’ll find out shortly if this is true. If it is, we’ll see clearer evidence in Trump’s behavior. If it isn’t, then those millions of people have to face that not only they were wrong, but they were very wrong.

That’s hard to do. They know they’re not wrong, so naturally they’re looking for proof that they’re not wrong. It’s called “cognitive dissonance”. Rather than evaluating new information and seeing if you need to adjust your beliefs, you don’t accept that new information. And while they’re looking for proof that they’re not wrong, they’re doing what they believe in, which is to protest against someone who they know is bad.

But if those protests start getting violent, eventually there has to be a forceful response, such as having to bring in the National Guard to deal with riots. Bam! They have the proof they knew was always there. A not-Hitler wouldn’t have needed to dispatch the National Guard. QED.

Once they’ve got their proof, they’ll have the justification they were right all along. But they won’t realize that they caused the very thing they were trying to prevent. In trying to stop The Next Hitler™, they would have created the very situations that required the President to take steps that confirmed in their mind he is The Next Hitler™. That way, they won’t be wrong and won’t have to know that being wrong was so publicly on record for so long.

Be careful what you wish for. Think about whether your actions will bring about the very thing you’re trying to prevent.


And these are people that contain a core of individuals who have shown they’ll cause a riot causing millions in damages and dozens of injuries over a meeting… They have practice at starting a protest and growing a riot and potentially something happening that they’ll be actually scared about, a loss of power.


I’ve been taking a bit of a time out on political posts on Facebook. Last night I started to get involved in one, and this morning I continued it, wrote a five paragraph response and fact checked… and then after leaving online for ten minutes I deleted it.

The people I’m arguing with are so far over the top that we’re not even living in the same reality. “It’s ok to punch people if they are Nazis” As if the definition of Nazi hadn’t changed to “someone that is disagreeing with me”.

The latest was that the black block of violent protestors at progressive liberal events were agent provocateurs. As if violent protest and riots weren’t the signature move of the left around the world since at least the early 1900’s.


I hadn’t put it in my previous message, but another point Scott Adams made is that he is getting the feeling that the people who don’t like Trump seem to prefer that he act in a The Next Hitler™-like manner. They’re not going to admit that, of course, but it goes back to having justification for your beliefs.

Adams also proposed the “Chaos Drinking Game”. Watch CNN tonight and take a drink every time the word “chaos” is used.


I’d prefer not to die of alcohol poisoning, thanks.


They had to go with Chaos, since moving too slow or too fast kept getting debunked too quickly. It’s very hard to define any organization under this much change as not in chaos.

Just like global cooling turned to global warming, to climate change.


I’ll give away the punchline here, but an article by someone who grew up learning about Hitler says our most Hitler-like President was Abraham Lincoln due to his methods and civilians in Germany would have thought of FDR as a dictator for ordering the bombing.


I think the Trump organization has identified who the leakers have been in the past and are either feeding them false information or are just cutting them out. The press is getting so much wrong it’s getting embarrassing.

And holy crap, there should have been red flags and fireworks and something going off here. getting paid 160k at 20 years old, and having two brothers making the same while pulling second mortgages and car repossessions… there’s an issue, is vetting even a thing any more? All while the people they are working for keep getting hacked and have massive security issues.


Wait. What?!


Stupid idea, I’ll never understand why high officials open their yaps on shit like this. Dude, it’s an idea you are playing around with and you actually told people outside your office this?


Guilty until proven guilty. In other words, “You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.”


In the interest of fair play, some of the methods that were successful for Trump prior to the election are now being used by the news media and he doesn’t like it.

  • “Wikileaks helps me? Keep going!” is now “Wikileaks hurts me? Get rid of it.”
  • The keep repeating it until it gains traction helped him with the idea of “crooked Hillary” is now changing from “the White House is in chaos” to also add incompetence.

But also in the interest in fair play, we do have to realize this: if you’re starting a new job and you’re being evaluated after the first month, if you don’t do everything right during that month, are you incompetent or are you learning on the job? Even when you start a job that’s similar (in concept, if not more) to what you’ve had before, doesn’t it take time to learn the specifics of the new job? Is it right to say, “You’re not doing everything perfectly from the get-go, so you’re unfit for this job”?

No one would be employed if that was the case.

Last week, there was the Day Without Immigrants protest/boycot where businesses closed or took other steps to show support for immigrants. It helps show that immigrants are important and have value in this country, one that has a long history of welcoming immigrants that other countries wouldn’t.

No matter what Trump does, good or bad, I wonder if we’re entering a period where we finally get around to making the improvements that have been needed for a long time. Put into practice the ways that help us treat other people better. Maybe we just needed a good enough reason to get off our butts and get started.


From what I heard around here, it was a massive failure in Houston. Like, three restaurants closed, I think one because they were intentionally supporting the movement, and two because they had people not show up for work. They were not places that would be convenient for me to visit, and even if they were, probably not places I would go anyway. Legal immigration is great, I’m all for it, but these protests/movements are in support of illegal immigration*.

Bah, my train of thought derailed. Probably just as well.

*Ugh. I’m also not a fan of the softening of terminology, which also results in their meaning being diluted. They’re not undocumented, they’re breaking our laws = criminals. My wife is a naturalized citizen who came here after applying for permission. One of her sisters just moved here, because after several years of waiting, she just got immigration authorization, so she is doing it legally. It can be done. The ones doing it wrong make it more difficult for the ones who do it right to do so.


And having to chase them down and round them up uses up resources that could otherwise be used helping people who want to do it legally.

Probably. It makes sense in my head, anyway. :wink:


Heck, we don’t chase them that much anymore, the ones being deported are the ones who committed a crime while here.

And still no notice that Obama deported more people than any prior president.


How many political appointees, or highly political hires, are sitting in positions right now that the president is relying on that just want to fire bomb anything he is trying to do?

What if one of those people works in a out of the way position and only has one Trump proposal go by, that’s totally reasonable, but this will be their only chance to stick it to the man and they torpedo a perfectly reasonable and decent option.

And on the flip side, how long until something really important is ruined by an ideological time bomb? I hate Trump and everything he stands for, that’s why I leaked the meeting place before the bombing of the G8 meeting, it was justified because he’s evil. I’m sorry all those other people died I couldn’t have known!

You want a purge, this is how you get a purge.


Watcing the Presidential speech was like watching a football game: brief moments of activity followed by lots of waiting. I suppose they’re all like that, but I never really took time to watch them live before. I usually catch the highlights the following day.

I do think Trump spent too much time looking to his left at the Republican side of the room, so any time he looked to his right, it came off as “oh, yeah, there’s other people here too so I better talk to them every so often”.



If there was no wiretapping
Then there is no evidence of Russian interference.
And they’ve been lying for months.
And it doesn’t matter who talked to the Russians and when they talked to them.

But if there was wiretapping,
It didn’t find any evidence.
Which means it doesn’t matter who talked when, because they didn’t share anything inappropriate.
So it’s much ado about nothing.
But it did sink a couple careers.
And they still lost.

And the burrowed in ex appointees continue to leak like a sieve. One of the NSA people who quit had been an appointee until December, then she said she’d stay on to try to right the course. She quit 8 days into Trump’s term, and apparently took 4 of those days off. That’s not trying very hard, and certainly not worth a headline.

I read this somewhere and can’t remember the exact line but: Progressives lie by using precise truths, Trump tells the truth using imprecise language. Everyone keeps calling his Tweets disasters, yet he tweets about X and all of a sudden all anyone can talk about is X ,I’m not sure that word means what you think it does.


This is really interesting, I need to remember to follow up on this later, I’d like to see the final result.


Just from the rehearsal clip, I totally understand the comment from one of the audience members who said he wanted to go punch the male Clinton. Of course, as someone who is decidedly not a Clinton supporter, that’s not a big surprise.
Looking at things from a historical perspective, if the setting was, say, Russia a hundred years ago, there are many on the left who would have been shot for treason for doing what they’ve done over the last few years. I’ve probably met a dozen folks either in or just out of the military that would have gladly shot hillary for the “What difference does it make” type remarks. (I know there was more said, that she was trying to spin it into a positive ‘prevent it from happening again’ statement, but it failed to cover the core sentiment of ‘it doesn’t matter, it is in the past’… yes, it does matter when it is an example of how you have no regard for those serving our country, and in fact, no regard for our country beyond how you can benefit from screwing its citizens.)

And that’s why I don’t talk about politics all that much.

That reminds me… the Wednesday after the election, I was driving Uber and picked up an angry millennial female person headed to the mall for some retail therapy. She was already pissed when she got in. She got more angry when I declined to engage in political conversation/mourning with her, and apparently yet more upset when she realized that my soul wasn’t crushed because hillary lost. She gave me one star. Bitch.
“And that’s why I don’t talk about politics.”

Haha, reminds me of this…