Politics is Stupid

Frankly for all his fighting he wasn’t all that great of a leader after the fighting.

It’s rare you get a George Washington, for easy instance, who can lead an army (Resistance in Mandela’s case) and a nation well (Or at least not badly.)

His big fights were extending the franchise to everyone, children’s education, and the destruction of apartheid. He didn’t do much to fix a broken government and most policies of his government and subsequent ones are pretty simplistic socialist policies. From what little I have read at least. He didn’t work very well with the non elite white population (Didn’t expect him to work well with the prior regime, not stringing them up is grace enough), or not in a lasting way considering the growing white untouchable underclass that seems to be growing.


What the Actual Hell? Riders riding horses normally and someone gets the idea that they are whipping people? The photographer themselves has said that they weren’t whipping anyone, no eyewitnesses have said they were, and no one has shown up with whip marks.

But now they can’t use horses any more and more people will die in the desert because the patrols can’t get to them and more people will get hurt because horse patrols tend to back people up better than foot patrols in crowds.

Seriously, way to look at a shit sandwich and decide what it really needs is to be pissed on.

I think I’m missing something here. I can’t find any photos that are in any way disturbing. The only two photos I’ve seen are of a line of people on horseback, and one other guy grabbing someone’s shirt while on horseback.
Are there other photos somewhere I’ve missed?

Likely not. But the administration is investigating these horrible photos and has forbidden the use of horses by the Border Patrol, not sire if for everywhere or just there.

There are like a few hundred trying to control over 12k illegal immigrants at this location. Horses tend to back people off.

The committee that’s investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th has reached a kind of “What did Trump know and when did he know it?” point and has issued subpoenas for specific people involved in what happened that day, They’ve also working to get documents from the National Archives, which stores all correspondence in the White House after each president leaves office. There will be more batches of documents in the future.

Trump’s fighting it, of course, saying he’ll invoke executive privilege to stop it. The Biden administration is saying they don’t see any reason to block the documents from being released. I think Trump said this will cause unintended consequences if it goes through, but Trump says anything that he thinks will make himself look good and/or makes it not his fault.

The Donald is revving up his lawyers for lawsuits to prevent it, but he doesn’t exactly have an all-star team any more. Many are inexperienced. Others are the kind of lawyers that you turn to when you’re starting to run out of places that will work with you. There’s been high turnover amongst his legal team.

Several lawyers that represented him in the past are keeping out of his legal battles now. They’re not willing to touch such a toxic person and his repeated claims of voter fraud, even with a “1,000-foot pole”.

This is the point where he needs really good lawyers. Better than Rudy Giuliani, at least, who recently testified under oath that his basis for claiming in lawsuits that there was voting fraud was things he saw on Facebook. Oh, wait. It might have been Instagram. Or could have been Twitter. He doesn’t remember which it was because they all kind of blur together for him. But he does remember that he did not verify if what he read was true because it’s not his job “in a fast-moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence”. Finding out if it was true before he used what is effectively hearsay as if it was fact would have made him “a terrible lawyer”.

But whatever his faults, when Trump speaks, Giuliani jumps, even if that means working for The Donald for free. In that same testimony, Rudy says that on either November 4th or 5th in 2020, Trump ordered him to take over the campaign. But he didn’t get paid for it. He only got reimbursed for expenses. It wasn’t long, however, before Rudy starts asking Trump for $20K a day. Or maybe he didn’t. He said later in Nov. 2020 that whoever said that was a liar and the arrangement was “we’ll work it out at the end.”

Oh, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. You do the work for Trump first and then you’ll figure out how to get paid for it afterward? Welcome to the long line of people The Donald has stiffed for decades.

Because of The Donald's long history of not paying, the very lawyers he needs now are staying away from him. Trump denies that he asked four of the lawyers who turned him down. He doesn't know who they are. They're just looking for publicity. Trump says, "I do pay my lawyers when they do a good job."

That’s the key right there: “when they do a good job.” If a lawsuit doesn’t turn out the way he likes, all he has to do is say they didn’t do a good job and he doesn’t have to pay them, in full or at all. It goes hand in hand with him saying before that when he sees a poll he doesn’t like, he just says it’s fake news.

Not paying because they didn’t do a good job is the same excuse he gave in the 2016 presidential debates when Hillary Clinton brought up the fact that Trump didn’t pay several of the contractors he hired to do work for him. These were small businesses that were dependent on being paid to stay in business. Some didn’t when he didn’t.

At the time, Trump defended it by saying that he was allowed to discount what he paid them if they didn’t do a good job. Apparently, some of these contractors did such an absolutely awful job that Trump gave himself large discounts off the bill and causing so much hassle when he was taken to court that the companies settled for a smaller amount.

Any lawyer that is even considering taking Donald Trump as a client should look at getting paid up front. But you know as well as I do that if any of them try it, they’ll be feeling the door on their backside immediately.


You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I have been listening to a podcast for a few years now, All The President’s Lawyers, that is just to keep track of lawsuits and lawyer hijinks.

I know that Ken White, the guy behind Popehat, is involved in that podcast but I’ve never got around to actually sitting down and listening to one.

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I used to read a lot of Popehat.

He was the draw for me to listen to this podcast. I enjoy his humor. I also like his Make No Law podcast about 1st Amendment cases, though there hasn’t been a new one for nearly a year.

Same with Zuma here in South Africa. Zuma’s lawyery bill must now be somewhere south of millions.

So glad it’s not my bill. Zuma will try to stiff the taxpayer for his bill though.

So he’s South African Trump then?

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Right. How can it be if the choice is “not getting the client”, versus “getting the client who won’t pay when you lose his unwinnable case”?

If there is a way to make politicians accountable for their promises… I’m pretty sure that will stop all those scheißes promises totally dead.

So over politicians promising the sun, moon and stars just to get votes and get him/herself a place at the oinker feeding trough, and conveniently forgetting about all those promises made.

It’s a glitch from the captions not being synced to the slideshow, but it opens the question of “Is your cat vomiting because of Donald Trump?” He’s definitely not the cure for a vomiting cat, that’s for sure.

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Except so many times I don’t want them to keep their promises. Presidents aren’t supposed to “do” much. Congress makes the laws and the Executive Branch executes them.

Trump’s “X” bill, Biden’s “Y” bill. WTF, Congress makes the laws, Presidential sponsoring of bills annoys me. Now, since Congress has given away so much power it’s the bureaucracy that runs the country, so technically the President can have more power, but they also can end up with much less if they run an Irish Democracy against the president. Many of Trump’s decisions ran into this, up to and including the military lying about how many troops we had in Syria.

For most any political promise, there are people who oppose it, so that’s hardly a useful metric. And of course, there are more politicians than simply presidents.

In theory, we hold political figures accountable by publicizing their record and hammering them on ways in which they fall short, with fair elections weighing in judgment.

In practice, this relies on good journalistic practice, fact-checking, and a commonly accepted narrative on at least the fundamental facts. We now live in an era where everyone is getting an algorithmically tailored bespoke reality, and anything that doesn’t fit that is discounted, derided as “fake news,” or simply memory-holed.

It also relies on fair elections. I’m not sanguine about those, either.

Between media burying stories that don’t favor their candidate and amplifying ones that harm the opposition you hardly have to fiddle with the numbers. Control the information and you control the voting.

I still think ballot harvesting and mail in ballots need better controls and I’d like to see us all go back to paper ballots. Not to mention cutting down early voting to maybe the weekend before instead of a month.

Show me evidence of a significant problem this would solve and we can talk. But I have always voted by mail weeks in advance, since my first election in 1996. I have no interest in creating any extra steps to vote any more than I favor any extra steps to exercise free speech or religion. The bar should be minimally intrusive as necessary to prevent fraud. Otherwise, let the people vote their damnation.

I think there is a real danger and loss of control of the process in mailing out ballots that have not been requested as some states do. Especially when Democrats and Republicans have been caught rummaging through trash and mailboxes to get them and fill them out. Same with “helping” people fill in their ballots.

Hell, ive worked elections for years now and the people helping the extreme elderly skeeve the hell out of me. The dude you half carried in here barely knows where he is and basically signed an X on the assisted voting form. Whoever gets the voting team to them first gets the vote. Even if he is wearing MAGA hat and yelling slogans the person helping is sus as hell, lord knows who he really voted for. And vice versa to the boy scout escorting the demented woman in the pantsuit and the pussy hat… (Both of these exaggerated for effect, but Ive seen this near enough)

Not that I am in favor of a competency test for voting.

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