Politics is Stupid

Get ready, folks. Trump’s gonna be president again next month, even though one of his Republican supporters says he won’t.

Mike Lindell’s hosting a “cyber symposium” the second week of August. He’s got the evidence now and he’s gonna present it to the world and blow the lid off the conspiracy to rig the election. It runs from Tuesday the 10th to the 12th.

I guess that means when the symposium wraps up on Thursday evening, it will just be so compelling that the Supreme Court will meet right away and vote 9-0 like Lindell predicts and make Trump be president again the next day. On the 13th of August. Friday, the 13th. Trump’s going to be president again on Friday the 13th. So says Lindell.

I think the bad luck commonly associated with a Friday occurring on the 13th of a month has completely slipped by Lindell’s radar. Since Trump’s soured on Mike Pence, even though Pence keeps trying to say Trump’s a great guy, maybe he can see if Jason Voorhees will be his V.P.

I was going to save it until the event is actually completed, but I’m going to call it now.

Up next: something I had a lot of fun writing. Even though the way I wrote it is a humorous exaggeration, every point in it is something that’s been reported by a news agency. As they say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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(Canned applause fades in, leading to:)

Announcer: “Welcome, everyone, to the exciting new game show that’s sweeping the nation: Who’ll Flip on Whom? And now, your host, Bob Bulwark.”

Bob: “Thank you, Jimmy. It is time to play Who’ll Flip on Whom?, the game show where contestants decide which of the people they’ve worked with they’ll sacrifice in order to avoid jail time. On today’s show, we have a very special lineup.”

Jimmy: “That’s right, Bob. We have six people associated with the same organization, four of which are related. They are: Allen Weisselberg, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and finally, The Donald.”

Bob: “Let’s meet our contestants. First up is Allen Weisselberg. Allen, you’ve been an employee of The Trump Organization for almost forty years. Until just very recently, you were the CFO, a director for various businesses within Organization, and one of the few people there authorized to write checks. Though it appeared that you were removed by the company from almost five dozen positions, it’s been reported that it was you that decided to resign and you did it immediately before being indicted on charges relating to tax evasion. It’s an unusual move. Isn’t it a more common practice that a person in your situation goes on administrative leave so they can focus on the charges, but they retain those positions until the outcome is known?”

Allen: “I thought it would be best for the company if I removed myself while this is being sorted out. But I know I’m innocent and I know the company will stand behind me.”

Bob: “Yes, of course they will, because otherwise, you’ll be close to 90 if you have to serve the maximum time for what you’re charged with and resigning will not have any effect on culpability for any illegal activity. Say, have you heard of Harry Bennet?”

Allen: “Can’t say that I have.”

Bob: “He was the head security officer of the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford’s enforcer. He thought he was in line to be Ford’s successor, but after some issues regarding trying to manipulate Ford’s will and the ending of the wartime contracts hurting the company severely, Bennet was fired. He didn’t believe it could happen, but a factor in why he never became the leader of the company is he was expendable because his last name wasn’t Trump. Ah, excuse me. I mean Ford. His last name wasn’t Ford.”

Allen: “…”

Bob: “Truly fascinating the hoops you’re jumping through in order to save the company instead of yourself. Let’s head over to meet the next contestant, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy, you’ve been a lawyer for Donald Trump Sr. and someone who could be called a FOTD.”

Rudy: “You betcha. Friend Of The Donald, through and through.”

Bob: “I understand you’ve had some major setbacks. You’re facing two multi-billion dollar law suits, the radio station that hosts your program caught you by surprise when they started putting a disclaimer before your show, and your license to practice law has been suspended in New York State and in Washington, D.C. Tell me, are you doing okay?”

Rudy: “Why wouldn’t I be? These are all just attacks to try to silence me because I was so effective in representing my client and helping him to expose the voting fraud.”

Bob: “That client being The Donald. But you’re really doing okay? You’re not hurting for money?”

Rudy: “No…”

Bob: “Must be my mistake. You’re still paying about a half million dollars in alimony per year and you recently trimmed down your entourage from five people to one part time driver. When I first heard The Donald said, ‘Don’t pay Rudy,’ I thought he was joking, but it turns out he was serious because he actually hasn’t paid you for the legal services you provided to him. You’ve asked him repeatedly to pay you, but so far he hasn’t and word on the street is he’s getting a bit annoyed with you because of it. Furthermore, you’ve also asked him to help pay for some of the legal fees you’ve incurred in the law suits against you. So I gotta know, is that what a true Friend Of The Donald would do?”

Rudy: “What do you mean?”

Bob: "Everyone knows The Donald doesn’t pay for his own legal services, so a true FOTD wouldn’t ask him to do something out of character like paying for someone else’s legal fees. A true FOTD wouldn’t risk putting him in a position of doing something that would raise suspicions and questions. Questions like, ‘Is he paying hush money to a person that’s hinted in the past he has some sort of leverage over The Donald?’

        “Certainly, a true FOTD would know that sort of thing just isn’t done. They wouldn’t risk having The Donald decide that they were his friend in name only. I can’t imagine anything worse than an FOTD becoming an FOTDINO. Really, a true Friend Of The Donald would not bother him with those pesky legal fees and should just void them.”

(Close-up on Rudy, who is starting to sweat. His hair dye appears to have had enough time to dry properly and none runs down the side of his face like it did at a press conference earlier in the year.)

Bob: “Okay. While you mull that over, let’s check in with our next contestant. Donald Trump Jr., you are named after your father even though he initially didn’t want his firstborn son named after himself. You’re a trustee and executive vice present of The Trump Organization and you’ve hinted you might run for President.”

Don Jr.: “That’s correct.”

Bob: “Assuming your father doesn’t run again.”

Don Jr.: “Yes. If he did, then I would step aside for him.”

Bob: “Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you also one of the few people in The Trump Organization authorized to write checks?” (Don Jr. nods.) “So, if there were any irregularities in the ones Mr. Weisselberg wrote, you shouldn’t have any worries that investigators might find irregularities in the checks you wrote.”

Don Jr.: “…”

Bob: “Interesting. Anyhoo, up next is Eric Trump. You’re also a trustee and executive vice present of The Trump Organization, and by sheer coincidence, also one of the very few people within the Organization authorized to write checks. Obviously, those same concerns about checks written by Allen won’t apply to you.”

Eric: (tersely) “Obviously.”

Bob: “You’ve been described as one of your father’s most vocal and inflammatory supporters. Speaking of inflammatory, you posted a video showing ballots for your father in the 2020 election being burned, but that turned out to be a fake. You’ve pushed the conspiracy theory that antifa was responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 instead of your brother, your father and other supporters of your father working the crowd up into such a furor that they broke into it. I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to be trying the hardest to earn your father’s approval. It wouldn’t happen to do anything with you being the middle child from your father’s first marriage?”

Eric: (tersely) “No, it does not.”

Bob: “Of course, of course. Now, let’s meet this charming young lady. Ivanka, you used to be an EVP at The Trump Organization before leaving to become one of your father’s senior advisors as President. You’ve also been seen as a voice of reason and a calming influence on him.”

Ivanka: “Oh, stop. You flatter me.”

Bob: “You were paid consulting fees by The Trump Organization but it’s not exactly clear what those fees were for. Can we expect that to be cleared up soon?”

Ivanka: “I’ll have to have my people look into it and get back to you.”

Bob: “I look forward to it. You’re married to Jared Kushner, a handsome man to match a beautiful woman like yourself. Jared’s family is wealthy in its own right. Jared took over the Kushner Companies after his father was convicted and incarcerated for fraud. One might say that you stand to lose more than your brothers should you wind up not being the winner of tonight’s game.”

Ivanka: “I don’t think I have to worry about that.”

Bob: “Perhaps not. But just before we started tonight’s show, we got word that your husband may have already flipped on The Donald due to a surprising absence of his name in discussions about the indictments against the Trump Organization. There wouldn’t be any need to indict Jared if he’s going to cooperate with the investigation. If true, that would put you in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between your father and your husband, would it not?”

Ivanka: “No comment.”

Bob: “I see. Well, the night’s not getting any younger. Let’s meet the big guy himself, The Donald.”

(Applause from the studio audience that cuts to a commercial break after a minute.)

(Fade in from commercial:)

Bob: “Welcome back to Who’ll Flip on Whom?, the survival game where the goal is avoiding the slammer. I need to note at this point that the twenty minute standing ovation required whenever The Donald is introduced has been omitted from the broadcast but will in no way affect the outcome of the contest. Mr. Trump…”

The Donald: “President Trump.”

Bob: “Former. Mr. Trump…”

The Donald: “No, I’m still president. I won the election by a lot. It was a landslide. It was stolen from me because there’s no possible way I couldn’t win. I said back in the 2015 primaries there would be voting fraud if I didn’t win, and in the 2016 election there would be voting fraud if I didn’t win, and in the 2020 election there would be voting fraud if I didn’t win. And I was right. Third time was the charm. There was so much voter fraud it’s obvious to anyone with eyes.”

Bob: “That remains to be seen, though it should already be crystal clear what the result was. Mr. Trump…”

The Donald: “I told you, President Trump.”

Bob: “Okay. President Trump, we normally don’t have family members on this show. But both your niece, Mary L. Trump, who is a trained psychologist, and your former fixer, Michael Cohen, have expressed the opinion that you’ll flip on all of the other contestants, even though three of them are your own flesh and blood.”

The Donald: “It’s not like I didn’t warn them I would do it.”

Bob: “How so?”

The Donald: “While raising 'em, my motto was was ‘Don’t trust anyone’. As that Shakespeare guy said, ‘All the world’s a competition.’ During ski trips, I’d jab at them with my poles in order to show them I always have to come first. I’d also test 'em by asking 'em if they trusted me. If they said yes, I’d repremand them.”

Bob: “Oh, that’s right. Ivanka did say back in 2004, ‘We were sort of bred to be competitive. Dad encourages it.’”

The Donald: “You’re darn tootin’ I did. And I still do. And here we are in the biggest competition yet.”

Bob: “I guess it is. One thing before we begin. You’ve been dropping hints that you’re going to run again for president.”

The Donald: “That’s correct. When I make the announcement, I know I’ll be very happy.”

Bob: “Uh, you mean that everyone will be very happy.”

The Donald: “Right, right. Everyone. Right.”

Bob: “But, didn’t you recently say that you’ve made your decision?”

The Donald: “Yes, I have.”

Bob: “So which is it? You’re still deciding or you’ve decided?”

The Donald: “Yes.”

Bob: “It’s an either-or question, Mr. Trump.”

The Donald: “President Trump.”

Bob: “All right, fine. It’s an either-or question, Mr. President Donald President Trump President, the President 45th President President President of President the President United President States President. Either you have made a decision or you haven’t. Which is it?”

The Donald: “I’ve made my decision.”

Bob: “Good for you. You do realize, don’t you, that by saying you’ve made your decision but not officially announcing it, you’re in danger of violating federal election fundraising laws?”

The Donald: “Say what?”

Bob: “Federal election fundraising laws. The laws that allow a person to raise a limited amount of money while they see if a campaign for a political office will be viable. It’s not an open-ended fundraising scheme. Once the person’s made their decision, they have to formally announce it and can no longer raise exploratory funds.”

The Donald: "Oh. Um. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The radical left and the deep state created a deep fake of fake news to keep me from running again. You know, there’s never been someone who’s had to put up with as much as Donald Trump, who’s been as harassed as much as Donald Trump, who’s been as targeted as much as Donald Trump, who’s been subjected to so much fake news as Donald Trump, who’s had so many witch hunts against them as Donald Trump, who’s been the victim as much as Donald Trump. It’s antifa and the deplorables and the rapists plotting against Donald Trump.

        "And the radical left and the deep state! Don’t forget about them! And that Obama, limitin’ how much water a showerhead uses. How is Donald Trump supposed to get his hair perfect if there isn’t enough water coming out of 'em? It’s a good thing I outlawed that dumb law just before I left office. That I didn’t leave. Because I’m still president.

        “But just you wait. I’ll be president again. It didn’t happen on January 6th or the 20th, or March 3rd, or in April, or on July 4th and it won’t happen on August 13th, but it will. Trust me. I’m The Donald. When I make a promise, it happens, just like I promised with Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump University and the Trump Foundation. Just like I promised MAGA for everyone even though I never wanted to be president.”

Bob: “Right. Speaking of promises, in another bit of late-breaking news, we got word that your Super PAC has raised over $57 million since it was formed at the end of last year. The purpose of that fundraising is supposedly to fight voting fraud. However, a recent analysis shows that you’ve spent almost nothing of the money raised for fighting it. If there is so much fraud that occurred and is still yet to be uncovered, wouldn’t you want to be at the forefront of providing financial support for those efforts since you’re the one insisting the loudest that it happened?”

The Donald: “I believe you got the answer to your question when you talked with Mr. Giuliani.”

Bob: “But if you’re not going to pay to find the fraud, shouldn’t you tell the people who are donating to you what the money will really be used for? For all intents and purposes, that seems to be to have it go into your pockets and help prop up your failing busineses. I believe that’s what someone with honesty and integrity would do.”

The Donald: “What I believe is they have given me money of their own free well.”

Bob: “But surely—”

The Donald: “You don’t know me very well, do you? Bobby, they bought my big lie, they know it’s a grift. I say, fleece the rubes!”

Bob: "Apparently so. As much as I would like to continue this lovely conversation, I think we should get started. But before we do, maybe there is one last point to be considered.

        "Just shy of a hundred years ago, there was a very charismatic person who knew how to work up a crowd and get them on his side. If I remember right, he became the leader of his country on a platform that could be described as ‘Make Deutschland Great Again’, telling people who they had to be afraid of and he alone could prevent those enemies from destroying everything. It took many years and a lot of destruction before everyone saw he wasn’t the hot stuff he bragged he was.

        “Sorry. I digress. I’m sure that has no relevancy to any of our contestants. All right, people. Are you ready to play Who’ll Flip on Whom?



With text added to pad my reply.

It is simply amazing that after all the defund the police rhetoric and having them stand down during riots that violence would continue to surge.

I am shocked.

Oh, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. You really are hurting for money. Reports are that you’re almost broke and the reason why Trump hasn’t bailed you out or even paid what he legitimately owes you is his aides have determined there’s no way for him to do it without it being “problematic”. Yet you still showed up at a Trump fundraiser on Wednesday and now you’re selling customized video greetings on Cameo for $199 a pop.

In addition, the FBI is investigating you about a film you tried to make last year about Joe and Hunter Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine during the Obama administration as part of digging up dirt on them. The Department of Justice isn’t happy with you either, because you’ve admitted to lying about hearing “rumors” in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election from “active” FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails. And they’re investigating you whether you were lobbying for Turkey as an unregistered foreign agent.

Are you sure you don’t want to flip on The Donald? It’s better than a get out of jail free card because you won’t even have to go to jail in the first place. I know you’re happy to go to jail if people want to put you in jail, but you know, God might be a little busy to take the time and make the ones that put you in jail “suffer the consequences in heaven”. But there is a way you could give Him a hand in identifying them. First, look in a mirror. Second, do a search for “Donald Trump”. That should cover it.

So odds that Hinter Biden or his girlfriend will ever face firearms charges for their multiple gun crimes in one lf the toughest districts in the country are close to nil. People have served jail time for much less.

I am sure it has something to do with his art or something.

Or maybe Burisma has an interest in Russian oil pipelines.

But hey, at least the US isn’t exporting oil as much as they used to, would hate to see our allies less dependent on Russia and OPEC.

Good thing we are lifting sanctions against Iran, they were starting to work. Would hate to put too much pressure on Russia.

Also, lets keep printing money. 5+ percent CPI is a good thing. It was stupid under Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden.

And finally. You keep saying infrastructure. I don’t think it means what you think it does.

Also, this from the man who replaced someone people called a Russian agent.

We are back to snubbing allies and kissing the ass of people who view us as enemies. Most of Biden’s foreign policy so far has been better for China and Russia than it has for us.

Ideally we’d leave fossil fuels in the ground and switch over to renewables. But we don’t live in that world yet. Not sure why he’s asking OPEC to increase production when we could do that ourselves. That article is a bit misleading though in saying that Keystone XL would have provided us with more oil. That oil would have gone to Texas to be exported.

Some of it would have. Or we could have kept more for ourselves… But light crude, shale oil, whatever isn’t all the same so I know its not white that simple. Meanwhile they’ll just keep moving it by train and truck and spilling more that’s way then the pipeline would have.

He is asking OPEC because he has made too many promises about us not doing that.

Called it, though it actually applied to all three days of Lindell’s symposium.


  • Mike Lindell promotes his cyber symposium where he’ll blow the lid off the voting fraud. He expects over one billion people to watch it.

  • The evidence will be so convincing that not only will the U.S. Supreme Court immediately convene to vote 9-0 in favor of overturning the election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be so moved by it that they’ll immediately resign for the good of the country.
          Problem: Unless the resignations by Biden and Harris include the words “we’re resigning so that Donald Trump can be reinstated as president”, it would be the speaker of the House of Representatives that would be next in line (currently Nancy Pelosi).

  • Fox won’t show his ads for the symposium. Lindell retaliates by pulling all his ads off Fox, even while he moans about the money he’s losing ($50 million so far this year, which is 40% of his yearly revenue, and about another $1M per week from the ads not being shown.)
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: Remember that you’ve said you don’t care about the money you’re putting into this because you believe you’re doing what’s right for the country. Whether it’s money you already had and spent on this, or it’s money you would have brought in that would have been spent on this anyway, it’s still money you no longer have in your efforts to support The Donald.

  • Lindell moans that what he predicted will only happen if everyone watches his symposium, so due to Fox not wanting to run his ads about it, they are crippling his ability to get everyone to tune in.

  • Lindell offers a reward of $5M to any cyber expert that can prove his evidence isn’t real. The catch is they have to attend the symposium in person.

  • Lindell does a couple of interviews and offers samples of what will be revealed. Cyber experts contacted by CNN say those samples are “proof of nothing”. Another report says it was just a hex dump of voter registration info that can be legally purchased for $20. Lindell starts shouting at the CNN reporter about voter fraud, then suggests hugging the reporter before going back to shouting at him.

  • Just before the event (and right after being confronted with the fact he’s got nothing), Lindell starts saying that Trump won’t be reinstated on August 13. He starts falling back on “it’s still gonna happen, but it’s on God’s time” again.

  • The symposium starts and has technical issues. Lindell claims his site is being attacked. On Thursday, it was “antifa things” outside the building, but when someone went to look, all they found was three people dancing, preaching and singing hymns.
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: Web designers looked at your site after it launched earlier this year and concluded that Drupal isn’t up to the tasks you want the site to do. Stop blaming an outside force for your failures instead of realizing you don’t have the right tool for the job.

  • At the suggestion that the audience should take a break for lunch, Lindell gets upset and tells them they can if they want to but he’s going to be there all 72 hours. I guess his expectation is that once you’re in the door, you’re going to be there with no breaks during the entire three days. No point in asking if they brought sleeping bags because they should not be sleeping during this critical time.

  • The little bit of info that is revealed is overly-complicated and/or in a “proprietary BLX/PLX” format, like being given a file called HEX.txt and being required to process it to convert it into a Rich Text file, which might have started as a .CSV file.
          (From Reddit: “PLX is perl format and is not proprietary in any way. BLX is the format for storing topographic data in Magellan GPS units and is also not proprietary in any way. NEITHER of which would be formats for storing internet traffic data.”)

  • The way the data is presented, even those who are presenting it admitted they don’t understand what it means.

  • Most of what’s presented is shown on a screen on stage is too blurry and scrolls by too fast to read.

  • One article points out that if Lindell actually had packet captures of the voting information from the time they were originally transmitted (which may have been in the days after January 7 instead of November), he could be in violation of federal wiretapping laws. This applies even if you didn’t get the information directly and it was given to you, which is the case with Lindell.

  • Lindell said previously that he’d been given the data because when the other people found it, they looked around and asked who was someone with guts enough to go public with it. Their answer was Mike Lindell.

  • When a CNN reporter at the event asks Lindell, if he has all this evidence, why doesn’t he just straight up give copies to lots of authorities at one time so they can look at it? Answer: because they would corrupt the data and attempt to control the narrative he’s trying to tell.
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: The narrative is getting more and more clear by the day that the words “paranoid delusion” apply, and most of that is coming from your own actions. Maybe you need to find that “prophet guy” again and ask him to give you a clearer prophecy about how you’re supposed to save the world.
          Here’s another tip, Mike: Take a look at Jeremiah 14:14 and 23:16. Just sayin’.

  • Court rules on Wednesday the $1.3B lawsuit by Dominion against Lindell, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani can proceed. Lindell rushes off stage for a while right around the time this was made public.

  • The $5M reward is suddenly withdrawn not long after the Dominion news.

  • On Thursday, Josh Merritt, the cyber expert Lindell hired to analyze his evidence, reports that the packet captures are unrecoverable and can’t prove China had anything to do with altering the election.

  • Articles start showing up that the data Lindell is trying to present came from Dennis Montgomery, who previously ran a scam that would supposedly help the CIA find Al Qaeda messages hidden in al Jazeera broadcasts. When it came time for Montgomery to appear at the symposium, he couldn’t because he’d had a stroke just before the symposium started.
          An article on The Washington Post (“The con is winding down”) points out that’s a standard con artist tactic: string along the mark and then find an excuse why you can’t make good on your promises so you can bail.

So here’s where we stand as of 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, August 14, 2021:

  • What was promised: Clear and conclusive proof the election was tampered with.
  • What was delivered: Nothing that made any sense, including to the people involved in presenting the data. The cyber experts who attended were not given any chance to examine the data.
  • The Supreme Court did not hold a vote to overturn the 2020 election and reinstate Donald Trump.
  • Biden and Harris have not resigned.

What we can expect:

  • Lindel will continue to claim he was sabotaged and if only that hadn’t happened, he would have helped everyone see the light and truly understand he’s been telling the truth all along. They’ll be so moved by it that they’ll do what he said months ago they would, which is they will go up to him and tell him that they’re grateful to him for showing them that they were wrong to not believe in the voting fraud.
          (Yes, that last part is real. He’s said he knows there will be “you were right all along” statements said to him by the former unbelievers.)

  • There will be another date that Donald Trump will become president again, and then another, and then another, and then another…

  • All further claims about voting fraud will continue to conveniently ignore that the fraud only targeted Donald Trump and did not affect any other politician, even when they were on the same ballot.

  • The longer this goes on, the closer Lindell will bring his company to bankruptcy. I wonder how his employees feel about that?

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Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Officially Cleared
This would be the second time the officer has been cleared of wrongdoing, after a federal investigation did the same thing in April.
So, whoever says that woman was murdered (and there are a few prominent morons doing exactly that) is outright wrong.

Get ready, folks. The Supreme Court might say next month that we should hold another election, but this time, without voting machines.

But wait, there’s more! Fresh off of being praised by The Donald on Saturday for being a “patriot” who’s “willing to die for this country” and hosting an “amazing” cyber symposium, Mike Lindell has a new date for Trump to be president again. It’s sometime before the end of this year. If it doesn’t happen (cue ominous drum beats) because “we don’t solve 2020, there is no 2022 and 2024.” Dun, dun dunnnnnn!!! The Saturday event was at a “vast, maskless rally” in Alabama, which has now run out of ICU beds for treating patients.

This was also just a day or two after a security expert that did attend the cyber symposium put in a claim for the $5M reward Lindell offered (and then withdrew) if his proof of election fraud could be disproved. The expert submitted a document with a cover letter outlining seven reasons why Lindell’s “evidence” was fake. There’s a short interview from Dakota News Now where you can see the man holding his copy of what he submitted, but there’s something that causes the video to skip in a few places.

Meanwhile, people have been trying to get Trump to make statements supporting the vaccine. He finally tries to do it at the Saturday rally and he got booed by the audience, so he started backtracking and downplaying it, saying he “happened” to get it.

And over in Arizona, the team that conducted the election audit that was supposed to report their finding this week has three employees that caught Covid, one of which is CEO Doug Logan. There will be a delay before even a partial draft can be released. If this is true, then I sincerely hope that they recover from it.

I’m saying “if true” because of the timing. Beyond the numerous problems already reported with this company being picked out of nowhere to conduct a process they had zero prior experience in doing, questions about who is paying for the audit when a lot of that money can’t be accounted for, and failing to produce key documents previously requested by the Committee on Oversight and Reform, this announcement that the people got sick comes one day after the Committee sent a letter to Cyber Ninjas saying, “If you keep obstructing us, we’ll be forced to consider other steps to obtain compliance”. (Small edit to add that I read through the letter. Cyber Ninjas was given a final extension of August 27th as a “do it or else” ultimatum. Link to the PDF file.)

What’s a standard tactic when a con starts to fall apart? Think of a new excuse as you figure out how to escape.

(Because I was typing this while MikeP posted the info about the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt being cleared, I’m going to recommend everyone scroll back up so you can read his message, in case this would otherwise drown it out.)

Amazingly an internal investigation once again cleared the unnamed officer. And the Justice Department counts as internal for Capitol Police.

How many other police shootings, where all names were actually released, in this thread and others do people say “Oh, well, internal investigations cleared them, cool” and just move on.

And Good Lord, I am so sick of hearing whatever the hell Lindell and Trump are saying, I purposely avoid it, he always said stupid crap and now it’s turned up to like 15. At this point it feels like the people opposed to him are the ones keeping him in the limelight. Though I guess those are the same people that got him the nomination too.

Seems the ANC is good in that regard, but their excuse of “it’s apartheid/the white man’s fault” is starting to grow really thin.

Shit just got interesting (and I expect serious trouble).

Seems the ANC was so dependant on financial aid from China etc, so when the funds started to dry up (due to COVID) they could not pay their people.

End result, go slows and strikes (within the party).

But that’s not all.

We have got local (municipal) elections coming up. Due to the go-slows, the responsible persons within the ANC did not do due diligence, and failed to deliver a list of their candidates for said elections as well as not being able to pay in order to register their party for the elections.

Result - they dropped out by default.

Margaret Thatcher’s words (“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”) bit them on their ass, and gave them a six-pack whoopass to boot.

So, yup, interesting times ahead for sure.

Yikes. Be safe.

To expand on my post above a bit :


Y’all don’t have to clickee the linkees to read the stuff - but the money tree apparently just dieded. What a sad day for those who were dependent upon said money tree to keep on producing free money. (Apparently China stopped doing donations due to economic issues caused by COVID).

The headlines tell the story on their own. My country’s an embarrassment.

  1. (paywalled unfortunately, apparently Ace Magashule made a deal with Turkey for some students, why they did not use local universities etc beats me…) 'We don't know what will happen to us': Ace's students in Turkey evicted as money dries up

  2. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/413628-south-africas-r109-billion-spending-crisis.html

  3. No end to ANC money woes as salaries not paid for third straight month

  4. Basic Income Grant? Nope. (paywalled) ANC told 'there's no money' for its expensive big plans

All of the above could have been avoided with strict fiscal policies and business-friendly government (job creation etc) - but they were too focused on BEE, self-enrichment and cadre deployment.

It seems the chickens have come home to roost. They dare not raise taxes in order to make up for the shortfall, the taxpayer base is too small and already a tax revolt is underway.

This picture says it all.


We all are locked and loaded, and ready. The hoi polloi’s not happy, they are turning against the ANC.

ANC and the IEC tried to weasel their way in, the Constitutional Court stepped in, we will hear on Monday what happened, hopefully the cheatery wrt elections will be put to a full stop. Will report back once I hear what the verdict is. Zim 2.0 will hopefully be avoided.

See here https://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/412586-south-africas-local-elections-to-go-ahead-in-october.html

and here on Twatter https://twitter.com/ConCourtSA/status/1433815399397740552

Isn’t the ANC the party of Nelson Mandela? Seems like they’ve lost their way without him.

The same.

They don’t know how to run a country