Politics is Stupid

So odds that Hinter Biden or his girlfriend will ever face firearms charges for their multiple gun crimes in one lf the toughest districts in the country are close to nil. People have served jail time for much less.

I am sure it has something to do with his art or something.

Or maybe Burisma has an interest in Russian oil pipelines.

But hey, at least the US isn’t exporting oil as much as they used to, would hate to see our allies less dependent on Russia and OPEC.

Good thing we are lifting sanctions against Iran, they were starting to work. Would hate to put too much pressure on Russia.

Also, lets keep printing money. 5+ percent CPI is a good thing. It was stupid under Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden.

And finally. You keep saying infrastructure. I don’t think it means what you think it does.

Also, this from the man who replaced someone people called a Russian agent.

We are back to snubbing allies and kissing the ass of people who view us as enemies. Most of Biden’s foreign policy so far has been better for China and Russia than it has for us.

Ideally we’d leave fossil fuels in the ground and switch over to renewables. But we don’t live in that world yet. Not sure why he’s asking OPEC to increase production when we could do that ourselves. That article is a bit misleading though in saying that Keystone XL would have provided us with more oil. That oil would have gone to Texas to be exported.

Some of it would have. Or we could have kept more for ourselves… But light crude, shale oil, whatever isn’t all the same so I know its not white that simple. Meanwhile they’ll just keep moving it by train and truck and spilling more that’s way then the pipeline would have.

He is asking OPEC because he has made too many promises about us not doing that.

Called it, though it actually applied to all three days of Lindell’s symposium.


  • Mike Lindell promotes his cyber symposium where he’ll blow the lid off the voting fraud. He expects over one billion people to watch it.

  • The evidence will be so convincing that not only will the U.S. Supreme Court immediately convene to vote 9-0 in favor of overturning the election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be so moved by it that they’ll immediately resign for the good of the country.
          Problem: Unless the resignations by Biden and Harris include the words “we’re resigning so that Donald Trump can be reinstated as president”, it would be the speaker of the House of Representatives that would be next in line (currently Nancy Pelosi).

  • Fox won’t show his ads for the symposium. Lindell retaliates by pulling all his ads off Fox, even while he moans about the money he’s losing ($50 million so far this year, which is 40% of his yearly revenue, and about another $1M per week from the ads not being shown.)
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: Remember that you’ve said you don’t care about the money you’re putting into this because you believe you’re doing what’s right for the country. Whether it’s money you already had and spent on this, or it’s money you would have brought in that would have been spent on this anyway, it’s still money you no longer have in your efforts to support The Donald.

  • Lindell moans that what he predicted will only happen if everyone watches his symposium, so due to Fox not wanting to run his ads about it, they are crippling his ability to get everyone to tune in.

  • Lindell offers a reward of $5M to any cyber expert that can prove his evidence isn’t real. The catch is they have to attend the symposium in person.

  • Lindell does a couple of interviews and offers samples of what will be revealed. Cyber experts contacted by CNN say those samples are “proof of nothing”. Another report says it was just a hex dump of voter registration info that can be legally purchased for $20. Lindell starts shouting at the CNN reporter about voter fraud, then suggests hugging the reporter before going back to shouting at him.

  • Just before the event (and right after being confronted with the fact he’s got nothing), Lindell starts saying that Trump won’t be reinstated on August 13. He starts falling back on “it’s still gonna happen, but it’s on God’s time” again.

  • The symposium starts and has technical issues. Lindell claims his site is being attacked. On Thursday, it was “antifa things” outside the building, but when someone went to look, all they found was three people dancing, preaching and singing hymns.
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: Web designers looked at your site after it launched earlier this year and concluded that Drupal isn’t up to the tasks you want the site to do. Stop blaming an outside force for your failures instead of realizing you don’t have the right tool for the job.

  • At the suggestion that the audience should take a break for lunch, Lindell gets upset and tells them they can if they want to but he’s going to be there all 72 hours. I guess his expectation is that once you’re in the door, you’re going to be there with no breaks during the entire three days. No point in asking if they brought sleeping bags because they should not be sleeping during this critical time.

  • The little bit of info that is revealed is overly-complicated and/or in a “proprietary BLX/PLX” format, like being given a file called HEX.txt and being required to process it to convert it into a Rich Text file, which might have started as a .CSV file.
          (From Reddit: “PLX is perl format and is not proprietary in any way. BLX is the format for storing topographic data in Magellan GPS units and is also not proprietary in any way. NEITHER of which would be formats for storing internet traffic data.”)

  • The way the data is presented, even those who are presenting it admitted they don’t understand what it means.

  • Most of what’s presented is shown on a screen on stage is too blurry and scrolls by too fast to read.

  • One article points out that if Lindell actually had packet captures of the voting information from the time they were originally transmitted (which may have been in the days after January 7 instead of November), he could be in violation of federal wiretapping laws. This applies even if you didn’t get the information directly and it was given to you, which is the case with Lindell.

  • Lindell said previously that he’d been given the data because when the other people found it, they looked around and asked who was someone with guts enough to go public with it. Their answer was Mike Lindell.

  • When a CNN reporter at the event asks Lindell, if he has all this evidence, why doesn’t he just straight up give copies to lots of authorities at one time so they can look at it? Answer: because they would corrupt the data and attempt to control the narrative he’s trying to tell.
          Hey, Mike. Here’s a tip: The narrative is getting more and more clear by the day that the words “paranoid delusion” apply, and most of that is coming from your own actions. Maybe you need to find that “prophet guy” again and ask him to give you a clearer prophecy about how you’re supposed to save the world.
          Here’s another tip, Mike: Take a look at Jeremiah 14:14 and 23:16. Just sayin’.

  • Court rules on Wednesday the $1.3B lawsuit by Dominion against Lindell, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani can proceed. Lindell rushes off stage for a while right around the time this was made public.

  • The $5M reward is suddenly withdrawn not long after the Dominion news.

  • On Thursday, Josh Merritt, the cyber expert Lindell hired to analyze his evidence, reports that the packet captures are unrecoverable and can’t prove China had anything to do with altering the election.

  • Articles start showing up that the data Lindell is trying to present came from Dennis Montgomery, who previously ran a scam that would supposedly help the CIA find Al Qaeda messages hidden in al Jazeera broadcasts. When it came time for Montgomery to appear at the symposium, he couldn’t because he’d had a stroke just before the symposium started.
          An article on The Washington Post (“The con is winding down”) points out that’s a standard con artist tactic: string along the mark and then find an excuse why you can’t make good on your promises so you can bail.

So here’s where we stand as of 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, August 14, 2021:

  • What was promised: Clear and conclusive proof the election was tampered with.
  • What was delivered: Nothing that made any sense, including to the people involved in presenting the data. The cyber experts who attended were not given any chance to examine the data.
  • The Supreme Court did not hold a vote to overturn the 2020 election and reinstate Donald Trump.
  • Biden and Harris have not resigned.

What we can expect:

  • Lindel will continue to claim he was sabotaged and if only that hadn’t happened, he would have helped everyone see the light and truly understand he’s been telling the truth all along. They’ll be so moved by it that they’ll do what he said months ago they would, which is they will go up to him and tell him that they’re grateful to him for showing them that they were wrong to not believe in the voting fraud.
          (Yes, that last part is real. He’s said he knows there will be “you were right all along” statements said to him by the former unbelievers.)

  • There will be another date that Donald Trump will become president again, and then another, and then another, and then another…

  • All further claims about voting fraud will continue to conveniently ignore that the fraud only targeted Donald Trump and did not affect any other politician, even when they were on the same ballot.

  • The longer this goes on, the closer Lindell will bring his company to bankruptcy. I wonder how his employees feel about that?

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Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Officially Cleared
This would be the second time the officer has been cleared of wrongdoing, after a federal investigation did the same thing in April.
So, whoever says that woman was murdered (and there are a few prominent morons doing exactly that) is outright wrong.

Get ready, folks. The Supreme Court might say next month that we should hold another election, but this time, without voting machines.

But wait, there’s more! Fresh off of being praised by The Donald on Saturday for being a “patriot” who’s “willing to die for this country” and hosting an “amazing” cyber symposium, Mike Lindell has a new date for Trump to be president again. It’s sometime before the end of this year. If it doesn’t happen (cue ominous drum beats) because “we don’t solve 2020, there is no 2022 and 2024.” Dun, dun dunnnnnn!!! The Saturday event was at a “vast, maskless rally” in Alabama, which has now run out of ICU beds for treating patients.

This was also just a day or two after a security expert that did attend the cyber symposium put in a claim for the $5M reward Lindell offered (and then withdrew) if his proof of election fraud could be disproved. The expert submitted a document with a cover letter outlining seven reasons why Lindell’s “evidence” was fake. There’s a short interview from Dakota News Now where you can see the man holding his copy of what he submitted, but there’s something that causes the video to skip in a few places.

Meanwhile, people have been trying to get Trump to make statements supporting the vaccine. He finally tries to do it at the Saturday rally and he got booed by the audience, so he started backtracking and downplaying it, saying he “happened” to get it.

And over in Arizona, the team that conducted the election audit that was supposed to report their finding this week has three employees that caught Covid, one of which is CEO Doug Logan. There will be a delay before even a partial draft can be released. If this is true, then I sincerely hope that they recover from it.

I’m saying “if true” because of the timing. Beyond the numerous problems already reported with this company being picked out of nowhere to conduct a process they had zero prior experience in doing, questions about who is paying for the audit when a lot of that money can’t be accounted for, and failing to produce key documents previously requested by the Committee on Oversight and Reform, this announcement that the people got sick comes one day after the Committee sent a letter to Cyber Ninjas saying, “If you keep obstructing us, we’ll be forced to consider other steps to obtain compliance”. (Small edit to add that I read through the letter. Cyber Ninjas was given a final extension of August 27th as a “do it or else” ultimatum. Link to the PDF file.)

What’s a standard tactic when a con starts to fall apart? Think of a new excuse as you figure out how to escape.

(Because I was typing this while MikeP posted the info about the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt being cleared, I’m going to recommend everyone scroll back up so you can read his message, in case this would otherwise drown it out.)

Amazingly an internal investigation once again cleared the unnamed officer. And the Justice Department counts as internal for Capitol Police.

How many other police shootings, where all names were actually released, in this thread and others do people say “Oh, well, internal investigations cleared them, cool” and just move on.

And Good Lord, I am so sick of hearing whatever the hell Lindell and Trump are saying, I purposely avoid it, he always said stupid crap and now it’s turned up to like 15. At this point it feels like the people opposed to him are the ones keeping him in the limelight. Though I guess those are the same people that got him the nomination too.

Seems the ANC is good in that regard, but their excuse of “it’s apartheid/the white man’s fault” is starting to grow really thin.

Shit just got interesting (and I expect serious trouble).

Seems the ANC was so dependant on financial aid from China etc, so when the funds started to dry up (due to COVID) they could not pay their people.

End result, go slows and strikes (within the party).

But that’s not all.

We have got local (municipal) elections coming up. Due to the go-slows, the responsible persons within the ANC did not do due diligence, and failed to deliver a list of their candidates for said elections as well as not being able to pay in order to register their party for the elections.

Result - they dropped out by default.

Margaret Thatcher’s words (“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”) bit them on their ass, and gave them a six-pack whoopass to boot.

So, yup, interesting times ahead for sure.

Yikes. Be safe.

To expand on my post above a bit :


Y’all don’t have to clickee the linkees to read the stuff - but the money tree apparently just dieded. What a sad day for those who were dependent upon said money tree to keep on producing free money. (Apparently China stopped doing donations due to economic issues caused by COVID).

The headlines tell the story on their own. My country’s an embarrassment.

  1. (paywalled unfortunately, apparently Ace Magashule made a deal with Turkey for some students, why they did not use local universities etc beats me…) 'We don't know what will happen to us': Ace's students in Turkey evicted as money dries up

  2. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/413628-south-africas-r109-billion-spending-crisis.html

  3. No end to ANC money woes as salaries not paid for third straight month

  4. Basic Income Grant? Nope. (paywalled) ANC told 'there's no money' for its expensive big plans

All of the above could have been avoided with strict fiscal policies and business-friendly government (job creation etc) - but they were too focused on BEE, self-enrichment and cadre deployment.

It seems the chickens have come home to roost. They dare not raise taxes in order to make up for the shortfall, the taxpayer base is too small and already a tax revolt is underway.

This picture says it all.


We all are locked and loaded, and ready. The hoi polloi’s not happy, they are turning against the ANC.

ANC and the IEC tried to weasel their way in, the Constitutional Court stepped in, we will hear on Monday what happened, hopefully the cheatery wrt elections will be put to a full stop. Will report back once I hear what the verdict is. Zim 2.0 will hopefully be avoided.

See here https://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/412586-south-africas-local-elections-to-go-ahead-in-october.html

and here on Twatter https://twitter.com/ConCourtSA/status/1433815399397740552

Isn’t the ANC the party of Nelson Mandela? Seems like they’ve lost their way without him.

The same.

They don’t know how to run a country

Frankly for all his fighting he wasn’t all that great of a leader after the fighting.

It’s rare you get a George Washington, for easy instance, who can lead an army (Resistance in Mandela’s case) and a nation well (Or at least not badly.)

His big fights were extending the franchise to everyone, children’s education, and the destruction of apartheid. He didn’t do much to fix a broken government and most policies of his government and subsequent ones are pretty simplistic socialist policies. From what little I have read at least. He didn’t work very well with the non elite white population (Didn’t expect him to work well with the prior regime, not stringing them up is grace enough), or not in a lasting way considering the growing white untouchable underclass that seems to be growing.


What the Actual Hell? Riders riding horses normally and someone gets the idea that they are whipping people? The photographer themselves has said that they weren’t whipping anyone, no eyewitnesses have said they were, and no one has shown up with whip marks.

But now they can’t use horses any more and more people will die in the desert because the patrols can’t get to them and more people will get hurt because horse patrols tend to back people up better than foot patrols in crowds.

Seriously, way to look at a shit sandwich and decide what it really needs is to be pissed on.

I think I’m missing something here. I can’t find any photos that are in any way disturbing. The only two photos I’ve seen are of a line of people on horseback, and one other guy grabbing someone’s shirt while on horseback.
Are there other photos somewhere I’ve missed?

Likely not. But the administration is investigating these horrible photos and has forbidden the use of horses by the Border Patrol, not sire if for everywhere or just there.

There are like a few hundred trying to control over 12k illegal immigrants at this location. Horses tend to back people off.

The committee that’s investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th has reached a kind of “What did Trump know and when did he know it?” point and has issued subpoenas for specific people involved in what happened that day, They’ve also working to get documents from the National Archives, which stores all correspondence in the White House after each president leaves office. There will be more batches of documents in the future.

Trump’s fighting it, of course, saying he’ll invoke executive privilege to stop it. The Biden administration is saying they don’t see any reason to block the documents from being released. I think Trump said this will cause unintended consequences if it goes through, but Trump says anything that he thinks will make himself look good and/or makes it not his fault.

The Donald is revving up his lawyers for lawsuits to prevent it, but he doesn’t exactly have an all-star team any more. Many are inexperienced. Others are the kind of lawyers that you turn to when you’re starting to run out of places that will work with you. There’s been high turnover amongst his legal team.

Several lawyers that represented him in the past are keeping out of his legal battles now. They’re not willing to touch such a toxic person and his repeated claims of voter fraud, even with a “1,000-foot pole”.

This is the point where he needs really good lawyers. Better than Rudy Giuliani, at least, who recently testified under oath that his basis for claiming in lawsuits that there was voting fraud was things he saw on Facebook. Oh, wait. It might have been Instagram. Or could have been Twitter. He doesn’t remember which it was because they all kind of blur together for him. But he does remember that he did not verify if what he read was true because it’s not his job “in a fast-moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence”. Finding out if it was true before he used what is effectively hearsay as if it was fact would have made him “a terrible lawyer”.

But whatever his faults, when Trump speaks, Giuliani jumps, even if that means working for The Donald for free. In that same testimony, Rudy says that on either November 4th or 5th in 2020, Trump ordered him to take over the campaign. But he didn’t get paid for it. He only got reimbursed for expenses. It wasn’t long, however, before Rudy starts asking Trump for $20K a day. Or maybe he didn’t. He said later in Nov. 2020 that whoever said that was a liar and the arrangement was “we’ll work it out at the end.”

Oh, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. You do the work for Trump first and then you’ll figure out how to get paid for it afterward? Welcome to the long line of people The Donald has stiffed for decades.

Because of The Donald's long history of not paying, the very lawyers he needs now are staying away from him. Trump denies that he asked four of the lawyers who turned him down. He doesn't know who they are. They're just looking for publicity. Trump says, "I do pay my lawyers when they do a good job."

That’s the key right there: “when they do a good job.” If a lawsuit doesn’t turn out the way he likes, all he has to do is say they didn’t do a good job and he doesn’t have to pay them, in full or at all. It goes hand in hand with him saying before that when he sees a poll he doesn’t like, he just says it’s fake news.

Not paying because they didn’t do a good job is the same excuse he gave in the 2016 presidential debates when Hillary Clinton brought up the fact that Trump didn’t pay several of the contractors he hired to do work for him. These were small businesses that were dependent on being paid to stay in business. Some didn’t when he didn’t.

At the time, Trump defended it by saying that he was allowed to discount what he paid them if they didn’t do a good job. Apparently, some of these contractors did such an absolutely awful job that Trump gave himself large discounts off the bill and causing so much hassle when he was taken to court that the companies settled for a smaller amount.

Any lawyer that is even considering taking Donald Trump as a client should look at getting paid up front. But you know as well as I do that if any of them try it, they’ll be feeling the door on their backside immediately.