Pokemon Go


I hatched a cleffa! Now I just need to evolve my togepi, and my pokedex will be as complete as it can get until they release some more pokemon into the wild.


I’m not sure what porygon have to do with Valentine’s day, but they’re spawning out there. I’ve seen five in the last three days, and I caught three of them this morning. Before that, I’d seen a grand total of two. One that I missed when back in July (I was driving and there was no place to pull over) and one that I caught in December.


I evolved a togepi into a togekiss today, so for a very short while, I had all of the pokemon that were available to catch.

The new pokemon are out there in the wild now! There was about half an hour of horribly slow performance, but it seems to be resolved now. I’ve caught 13 of the new types.

Edit: Make that 14 of the new types…


The new update allows you to customize your avatar a lot more, too. There are items that you have to pay pokecoins for, but hey, there are plenty of people who will do that.

There are two new types of berries that you can get from pokestops, but I haven’t tried any of them yet. If you catch a pokemon with your first shot, it’s worth an extra 50 XP.

There are new evolutions available for some of the gen 1 pokemon, but they require extra items that I haven’t seen yet. I’m guessing that they’ll probably show up at pokestops.

That’s what I’ve seen so far.


I wonder if I got the update yet. I’ve been so busy with the new clinic I haven’t had a chance to go hunting… And sadly, while it sounds like it’s going to be beautiful here this weekend, I will be at work. Yay.


Have you caught anything fun yet from gen 2? I’ve caught about 40 types. (Yeah, I’ve been out hunting a lot… :sweat_smile: )


No…I’m not sure I’ve even seen any, to be honest. But we have to go down into Columbus to really find any variety, and sometimes that’s just more than I feel like doing. :slight_smile:


I’m up to 200 entries in my pokedex. I still have a ways to go, but it’s not a bad start.


I have been toying with the idea of doing this with the boys, if for no other reason than getting us out of the house once in awhile… I still might need some convincing.

I didn’t read the entire thread. I’ll just ask here: Since using it for as long as those of you have, what kind of memory/power toll does it take on your device? How up-to-date does the device need to be (for instance, can we put it on my older Moto G3 and have it work as well as it might on my new LG)? Any caveats to be aware of? Obviously, there are many pros, because it looks like you’ve had a lot of fun with it. :slight_smile:


I play ingress more than PGo, but they’re made by the same folks, so my experience should hold true…
The app is constantly using the screen, GPS chipset, and cellular data chipset (3G or LTE), and at least one processor, so it is going to consume power pretty heavily. At least as much as a navigation app and probably more. Memory shouldn’t be an issue. It should work fine on the Moto G. Depending on the age of the battery, it might only run for an hour or two, but if you have a portable charger, that’s not a problem.


I too play Ingress. I second what RoadRunner said and would add, if you have screen brightness up fairly high… the faster the battery will be depleted with these games.


Pokemon go is a battery hog. My HTC 10 lasts about three hours of constant play. I don’t know how well it works on older phones, but it uses a lot less data than you’d expect. When I was out and about three/four hours a day on my data plan, I never hit 1GB of data during a month.


Welcome, ypw! It’s been a while since we had a new member join the madness. :slight_smile:

Edit: Though I see that you’ve actually been around for a while, you just haven’t posted.


Good point. That’s how I get a couple days out of my tablet - turn down the brightness.

Also true. It is constantly checking in, just doesn’t say much. :wink:

Wow, three years in and first post. That’s longer than I lurked!


Haha! You might know me better as youpressedwhat. When we moved to discourse I changed my nickname to ypw.

Then, work got pretty busy… lately I started thinking about these boards, and voila here I am :slight_smile:


I remember you! Long time, no post, indeed. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


I got a metal coat and a sunstonen today. I now have a Scizor and a Belossom now!


So, yesterday, I’m walking around my neighbourhood, and one of my neighbours who plays (we’ve talked a couple of times, but that’s it) pulls up and starts talking about pokemon. Her daughter is in the back seat, and it turns out that she was going to pick up a friend to go pokemon hunting, so I ask to tag along. For the anti-social me, this is quite unusual, but the four of us (representing all three teams) had a lot of fun wandering around town hitting pokestops and catching magickarp. We may do it again.

I now know another person on my street.

Edit: Oh, and I’m up to 219 entries in my pokedex.

What Made You Happy Today?

A lapras spawned right in front of my house today. It was there when I got home from a gym rampage. I trotted over to the neighbour’s house and told her about it, and she ran out of the house in her pajamas to catch it.


I got a shiny magikarp! It was a 13 CP weakling, and turned into a 200 CP weakling gyarados, but I’m powering it up. I also got a blissey, finally.