Pokemon Go


Yeah, you are correct. It is supposed to be 12 days of celebration starting on Christmas.

This always threw me as a kid, though, because my grandmother would look at the clock at 2:45, for example, and say it was “15 of”… I was, like, what??? To me, “15 of” should have meant the fifteenth minute of the 3 o’clock hour, hence, 3:15. I guess she meant it was within 15 minutes of 3:00, but still, geez, it really bugged me. “15 'til” is just as quick to say, and always seemed more accurate to me.

Anyway, it’s that kind of verbal shorthand that messed with my mind when I was young.

Oh, and with retailers (looking at you, Amazon) advertising the 12 days of Christmas sales. it further reinforces the incorrect thinking.

So, sorry @Nabiki. Part of me is right there with ya, but part of me has given up. It’s an ongoing internal struggle between OCD and ‘fsck it’. :wink:

Also, apologies for contributing to the derailing of this topic, so to get back on track…
I think I’m still at level 3 or 4 in Pokemon Go. Don’t you have to choose a side or something at level 5, I think? I am wholly unfamiliar with Poke-lore, and have no motivation to do any research, so I’m in no hurry to hit that milestone.

In Ingress, there were concise descriptions - one side believes that the inter-dimensional aliens want to help humans evolve to a higher plane of existence (enlightened/green), while the other knows that they’re deceiving us and really bent on our destruction (Resistance/blue). Psh… I saw V; I know they’re really evil lizards in disguise and are up to no good… GO BLUE!

  • Over the years, at different social events, at least two of my friends’ wives have made comments along the lines of, “Oh, don’t put that on RR’s plate; he doesn’t eat green stuff.”

Sooo, is there a blue team in Pokemon?


There is a blue team, as a matter of fact. Team Mystic. That’s what team I’m on. I’m getting close to level 33 (about 60,000 XP)


Me too! I just hit level 15. Sat in the grocery store parking lot and did some losing in the gym (my guys aren’t very good). :grin: Will probably but the library after the 4th grade strings concert. Can’t wait.


And the moist heat will make you want to die. Hence why I moved back to San Diego after two years in Dallas.


This is true, but Dallas usually has a breeze and is generally less humid than Houston. And they have the Cowboys, so you were wise to escape. (Bazinga)


The only humid place I’ve ever been that had enough of a breeze to make it not suck was Hawaii.


You barely notice the humidity in Hawaii, until you are at the bottom of a gulch under three tier canopy… then you want to die before a raptor gets to you.

OTOH, in the pine forests on the ridges, it’s beautiful, just look out for centipedes and scorpions.


I hatched a smoochum. :slight_smile:


I hatched an aerodactyl. :smiley: I’m up to 141 entries in my pokedex.

It looks like you can’t hatch the regionals outside of your region after all, so I don’t know how I’m going to get a kangaskan, Mr. Mime, or farfetch’d. :frowning:

Of the gen 1 pokemon aside from the regionals, I’m missing machamp, kabutops (but I’ll have that in another 48 km), articuno, zapdos, moltres, dragonite, mew, and mewtwo. I will get the machamp, kabutops and dragonite by walking with a buddy, at least. I think the rest of them are legendaries that haven’t been released yet.

Edit: The smoochum is pokedex entry 238, so all of a sudden I have a lot of empty entries in my pokedex. :wink:


This could be cross-posted to what made you happy today? But today I own a Pokemon gym! Probably only for a couple of hours but it’s making me very happy! Typically this gym is owned by people with very very high CP but today there was only one person left there. And I beat him!


Have you gotten any of the gen 2 pokemon yet? I’ve got a smoochum, a magby, an igglybuff, and a pichu. I got my kabutops this weekend. I’m working towards my machamp, then my dragonite, then I’ll have completed as much of the gen 1 pokemon as I can without traveling to another country.


Um, I’m thinking no. I don’t know if they’ve been rolled out here. That being said, there’s not many places to explore in my bubble of a suburb. I would have to go down into the big bad city to find more, and that’s just a trek I don’t make very often, especially when it’s 25° and yucky out. But we might go down this weekend to hit the science center, so I’ll probably play then.


Seven have been rolled out, but you have to hatch them. The igglypuff came out of a 2k egg, the pichu from a 5k egg, and the smoochum and magby came out of 10k eggs.


Highs have been around 85° here for the past few days. I wore shorts and a t-shirt for most of Christmas day. The weather is schizo here.

I just hit level 5 a few minutes ago. It says I have 26 out of 250. Wait, that’s not right, because I have like 6 rats, 6 pidgeons, and 2 dead fish. Ahh, the pokedex days 12 caught, 22 seen out of 149. This game makes no sense to me. Maybe I should get my 6 year old niece to try to explain it… and now I feel old. I still maintain, however, that it is because this is not my genre - I never watched the cartoon or played the prior games, so I have no experience with pokestuff. Probably because I like SciFi, not Fantasy. I don’t do anime or D&D. I prefer lasers and internal combustion to swords and spells.


You can have 250 pokemon in your storage, but your pokedex simply shows what you’ve seen/captured. You can see what you have by tapping on the pokeball at the bottom of your screen then select pokemon. If you want to get rid of a pokemon in your storage, select it, then in the menu (lower right) tap Transfer. You will get one candy of that pokemon type when you trash it.


I hatched an elekid and togepi today. Now I only need the cleffa to catch all of the gen 2 pokemon that are out right now.


We had the best day at the science center yesterday. We caught dozens of Pokemon, many new… My kids were so excited. The best part was when my DD15, who hates all forms of exercise at the current time, actually asked if we could shoot over and walk around downtown Columbus quick. Sadly, I had to deny her request because a.) it was rainy, and b.) we were about 3 miles from downtown, and there’s no way to just shoot over there quick during rush hour, either on foot or in a truck. I did tell her, though, that we can probably make a special trip on a weekend when parking is free. I’m not a total jerk. :joy:


I finally got my dragonite! I now have all of the first generation pokemon that I can get without traveling. I’m missing two of the available second generation pokemon, but I hope to have both of those by the end of the Valentine’s Day event.

I’m only a couple of kilometers from my gold jogger’s badge. I should get it tomorrow.


Holy shitballs batman, I’m impressed.


I got my gold jogger badge! :smiley: