Pokemon Go


I caught a porygon this morning! :smiley:


Is that like an Asian polygon?


It’s so rare that I’ve only seen two in the entire time I’ve been playing, and that includes one I saw guarding a gym.


I caught a ditto! This is another super rare one. :smiley:


what was it hidden as??


Two were hidden as rattata, one as a pidgey. (Yes, I have three now)


And one more disguised as a pidgey.


I’m lazily playing Pokemon right now. On my couch, with a lure module. :slight_smile: My bag is full of reviving things, so I plan to go out tomorrow and try and take over some gyms… As long as I can do it before the people figure it out, eh?

And now I’m looking for this ditto thing… Thanks. Like I don’t spend enough time on it…


I caught a Santa pikachu. They just did an update where you can catch limited edition pikachu wearing a Santa hat.


Went to WildLights at the Columbus Zoo last night. Caught a ton of Pokemon, including three or four new (to me) Pokemon. Yay!

My bag is almost full, though, mostly of reviving things. I really need to go park by a gym and train so I can use up some of those things. Make more room for Pokeballs.


Or you can trash them.


I hate to be wasteful. There’s a gym at my library and at my grocery store. Not really out of my way. Except for when it’s 9°F outside… Thank goodness there are parking spots close enough that I don’t end up looking too much like a creeper… :smile:


Nine, wow, heatwave.

It was 1 here this morning.

And 51 this coming weekend.


9°C I can deal with. 9°F, hell no. That’s $Deity telling you to keep your happy ass inside, or even better to move somewhere warmer. :slight_smile:


Nah, that’s -15 or so. When you can feel the snot crackle in your nose that’s when you know you are alive.


Tomorrow is our really cold day. I expect the kids will have a delay… Wind chills of like -15°F and the like… Not my problem, i will be at work. DH will be in charge. Hehehe


Living in Wisconsin I know that snot feeling very well.


Below freezing = not for me


Bahahahaha… and that’s why I didn’t move back to Cincy after high school.

The forecast said it was going to be in the 50s last night (granted high 50s), but it didn’t go below a wet, sticky 64 at my house. We’re inside the twelve days of Christmas and my light jacket is almost too heavy - if it isn’t raining, I haven’t been putting it on, just bringing it with. It looks like it will get brisk this weekend, though…

Those humidity numbers are worth paying attention to around here, because the moist cold will make you feel like your bones are frozen.



This is one of my pet peeves. The 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas day and end on Three King’s day (Jan. 6th)

Edit: Don’t mind me, I’m just grumpy today.