Pokemon Go


I hate it when I can’t remember which gym I left a pokemon at…

Yesterday morning I went on a rampage and left pokemon at eight gyms. Today, I still have three out there, and I know where two of them are, but I can’t remember where I left my lapras…


Okay, this is weirding me out. There’s a gym that I can see with my app open (within 300M), and I noticed that it was unclaimed about ten minutes ago. It’s still unclaimed. That means that someone took the effort to take down the defenders, but then they didn’t put one of their own pokemon there? I want to go over there and claim it, but I’m at work…


It’s still unclaimed!


Finally, it’s claimed.


Pokemon went.


From Not Always Working:

(Every Tuesday at my school, our vice principal does morning announcements. One morning, this is one of the announcements.)

Vice Principal: “You can sign up for this year’s school play, ‘Eight Ways Pokémon Go Can Destroy Your Life,’ on the sheet on the purple drama board located in A hall.”


There’s a Hallowe’en event coming up. Ghost type pokemon will be more common, and you’ll get double candy for catches. Your buddy pokemon will get four times the amount of candy! I think I’m going to walk my kabuto.


Looks like they started the event early. There are ghastlies and haunters galore nearby, and I’m getting double candy from captures. I think I’m going out for a walk as soon as my phone is charged up.


Dang, they weren’t joking about ghost types being out in force! I caught around 60 ghost type pokemon in my hour or so out.


Well, it’s been a good weekend for Pokemon, despite the rain. I’ve added two new entries to my pokedex, a Magneton and a Chansey. That puts me up to 132 entries.


Does the weather affect the Pokemon? Affects as is, who comes out to be found?


It doesn’t affect the Pokemon, but it affects how likely I am to go out for a walk. :wink:

You catch more if you go out.


Woohoo! I just hatched an electabuzz! :smiley:


Yesterday was a good day. I evolved a dewgong (which puts me up to 134 entries in my pokedex) and I caught a snorlax and a kabuto, both of which I already had, but are very rare.


Snorlax is probably the Pokemon I relate to the most. :slight_smile:

Also isn’t Kabuto the name of the helmet the samurai wore?


Kabuto is the name of a type of beetle. The helmets were modeled off of the beetle’s horns.


There was an article that talked about how people have been data mining and found that in the latest updates the Gen 2 Pokemon have been added in! I cant wait! All of my favorite Pokemon are in that generation (hence the name Johtoguy { Johto was the name of the gen 2’s location})


I’ve heard that they’re probably going to roll out in December. I kind of want to complete the first set, but it will be good to start seeing some new types around.


i can get wanting to finish the gen one pokedex. the game is fairly dead to me at this point because they havent introduced the 2 biggest features everyone wanted (PVP battles and trading), hopefully the new gen will revive me and a bunch of other players.


I just caught a raichu. That’s the first one I’ve ever seen in the wild. I already had one, but that’s because I evolved it from a pikachu.