Pokemon Go


I’m suddenly spawning bulbasaurs in my house. They switch up the spawn points every few weeks.


Gotta catch 'em all.


I enjoyed that. Thanks! :smiley:


I finally caught enough magikarp to evolve a gyarados today. I’ve added four entries to my pokedex this weekend!


no way really!!! Congrats!


I really need to hit some pokestops today and tomorrow and stock up on pokeballs. There is a wild Jynx at the golf course that I tried to get last week and could, but this week I will be ready for it!!


Things that get me in trouble in class with pokemon go : dropping a lure module, yelling out when a rare pokemon spawns , (will add more later)


Yes, and you should be in trouble. You and Pizzamess both.


Yeahhhhhh he dropped two… how has scott not noticed Pizza on his phone.


Pokemon go updated to 0.37.1 yesterday. They made it harder to catch pokemon again. :frowning: I’ve had weak pidgeys popping out of balls on a regular basis now, even with a nice or great throw. I missed a growlith yesterday after hitting with raspberries and about 8 great balls.


I didn’t know they could pop out of balls. Does it help to tap on the balls or something?

(That all sounds awful. Kind of like something Raj would say, right before Stewart suggests he try saying things in his head before he tries them out loud.)


But hey, at least they were great balls.

edit: quick someone say something about dongles.


I’m just enjoying the mental image of people attempting to capture wild animals by throwing fruit and balls at them until they surrender.

Although, it might get my dog interested. He might try to get you to chase him for the ball, at least. Too many would confuse him, though. (Not my dog).


It’s all comes down to a calculated percent based on type of ball, toughness of pokemon, quality of throw, and whether or not a raspberry was used.


So we have Halloween coming up in just over a month. Kids walking around at night, some without reflective material on their clothes or costumes and we add another distraction. I wonder if Nintendo will start doing any public service announcements to alert people they need to be even more alert that night.


You still have kids walking around at night? Halloween has been so “safed” down that trick-or-treating starts around 5 here and is over by the time it’s dark. :frowning: I’m going to be a cat this year. I have animatronic ears and tail, so all I need to do is a bit of makeup, and voila!, kitty cat.


Starts at 6 and goes until 9 or 10. It gets dark-dark at 8 or so. They keep trying to normalize car trunk trick or treating in parking lots and daytime costume events, but it’s all stupid shit people refuse to do.


They go until well past dark here, too, especially if Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday. I usually turn the porch light off by 10, once the frequency is down to stragglers, so I can watch a show or whatever without getting interrupted.


Must. Not Comment. :smirk:


I got two new entries in my Pokedex this weekend. I now have an Arcanine and a NineTails. 22 more to go.