Pokemon Go


My Snorlax has been occupying a gym for almost two weeks now. Usually my pokemon get kicked out in a matter of hours. If I’m lucky, they stay for a day or two. I’ve gotten enough gym coins to get two extra egg incubators. :smiley:


I saw a Mr. Mime guarding a gym today! That’s the European exclusive, so either someone’s been traveling, they hatched it, or they cheated.


Awww… My Snorlax got beaten up last night. It guarded a gym for exactly two weeks. I guess I’d better go take a few more gyms today in hopes of keeping one. :slight_smile:


I saw a Kangaskhan guarding a gym today! Now I’ve seen the European and the Australian exclusives. Now I just need to see a Farfetch’d to have seen all of the regional pokemon.


I’m up to 120 entries in my pokedex. I caught a new one today. A day when I get to add a new entry is a good day. :slight_smile:


I managed to catch a bunch the other day. One of our cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood is just lousy with Pokemons. It was awesome!


I went downtown and walked up and down around the river this morning. I caught 6 or 7 Magikarps. I’m a little over halfway to a Gyarados.


Where at by the river like near the bridge or somewhere else near there ?


Oh has anyone gotten the newest updates? anything cool to report for those of you that do have it(if any)


On Water St. You can park there and wander along the river from Washington to D St. I’ve also caught four dratini and a dragonaire there. Psyduck and tentacools are common along there too.


really??? welp guess im going there this weekend.


The update just hit the Play Store!


Is it a good update, I haven’t played in ages. It just got too hot and then too wet to play.


It now allows you to add a “buddy” pokemon. The assigned buddy will earn a candy at 1, 2, or 3 km walked, so it’s a way to get candies for the really rare ones. I’ve also heard a rumour that it fixed the grimer bug. I’m going to test that as soon as it finishes downloading and installing.

Edit: Yep. The grimer bug appears to be fixed. :slight_smile:


That’s what she said. :slight_smile:


I installed Pokemon Go because I was not able to request that a site be removed without it, which is kinda BS.
Pokeplayers have been really obnoxious about playing at my church. The parsonage is right next door, and players have been driving right up to the house at all hours, but it has especially been a problem between 1 and 4 am. The Pastor is not fond of all the headlights shining into the bedroom windows when they’re trying to sleep.
Sooo, I installed the app and got the exact location names, so they could be reported. The locations have the exact same names as in Ingress, but Ingress players were never as upsetting while playing as the new bunch. Probably because there weren’t that many of us, and some would stop to say Hi to the Pastor if he was walking between the church and the house. Plus, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would need to be driving into his driveway and pointing headlights at the house, but I digress…
So, I report the locations a second time and a few days later get an email saying they’re not going to remove them. The next day (after a brief bud advisable cooling off period), I replied to the denial emails with much longer explanations, including extra details like the headlight issue, our elderly Pastor, players moving barricades & cones, which amounts to trespassing. After a couple days, I get another response that they will remove the locations. YAAA!
A couple days later, I’m at church midweek for a meeting. The two portals are now moved closer to all the other portals on the property, and actually closer to their true locations. (Ingress players have been submitting location corrections for at least a year, but they’ve been ignored by Niantic.) But in PGo both locations were still present and in their original locations. Seriously?!? WTF??
That’s been a week or two ago, and I haven’t checked them again in PGo, but I probably should check when I’m there next.


It’s a shame that you had to go through all that to get rid of pokestops. You can register the requests online, though, I believe. I’ve seen an option for it, at least. I do know that some pokestops and gyms in my area have disappeared due to requests, so I know it does happen.


Yeah, I used a form online to initiate the requests, but they require the exact wording of the locations, or it says they will be discarded. Fun, no?

Also, I just got the app update notification on my phone - Android.


Pokemon seem to be easier to catch now. I haven’t had nearly as many escape from the pokeballs as I usually do.


very true it also seem that pokemon pop up much more and even some rarer pokemon, I just got a magmar in a place it shouldnt have been