Pokemon Go


Too true. You know what’s even crazier? I’m starting to think about actually spending money to get some pokecoins. I’ve gotten 50 coins from gyms, but I need 200 to get additional storage… We’ll see how I feel in another week.


Think of the old “shareware” software model taken to corporate levels of thinking. You like the game so you enjoy adding to the profit margin. :slight_smile:


I got a Jigglypuff at Niagra Falls.


I don’t mind free games adding a ‘cash shop’ component as long as I feel there’s some value to it. Preferably stuff like permanent account-linked ugprades.

I do feel like there’s a “dark side” to the model: There was an article that reported that Candy Crush was configured such that once a player paid, the difficulty curve was modified to ‘encourage’ future payments.




It’s a sad day when a Transformers Omega Supreme toy is used to cheat at this game. If that actually works, then it measn the game is only tracking motion, not just where you are on the map. But don’t you have to “throw” the ball to capture them? So is he going to come up with some kind of miniature finger swiper machine and mount that on it, too? Why not spend a couple hundred dollars on a slot car set and really rack up the mileage?

I Can Has Cheezburger has a section dedicated to the game, but here’s a few other tidbits from what I’ve seen recently on various sites:

  • Kids who illegally crossed the US-Canadian border because they were paying more attention to the game than where they were.
  • If you’re jogging at about 7.5 mph, the Incense will spawn Pokémon every minute instead of every five.
  • If you have a warrant out for your arrest, don’t go wandering into the local police station. You’ll get arrested.


All things that happened whenever people used to spend more time outside. When I was young, and especially when my dad was young. Kids used to get shooed off from everything stationary and some things that moved.

“Get off my lawn!” used to be a statement, not a meme. 50 years ago half a dozen kids wandering around together in a city park near dark was normal, seeing several groups of them at night was normal, especially in the summer. I’m all for this and I can’t wait for the competition to heat up on these sorts of games.


Neighbor kid asked me if I was playing Pokemon while I was walking Noodle this morning. I had to tell him that, no, I just read stuff on my phone.


So, I’ve captured/evolved/hatched 1,276 pokemon over the last couple of weeks. I still only have 82 types.

Edit: A large number of those captures have been doduos. My house is infested with them.


I don’t speak Pokemon, but it reminds me of this…


I was in Oconto last week. The 3 largest cities I live near in Wisconsin are Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Fon Du Lac. :smile:


I’ve misplaced one of my pokemon. :confounded:

Every time I’ve stationed a pokemon at a gym, it has stayed there for less than a day. Early Sunday morning (around 5AM) I went for a drive hitting random pokespots and gyms. I left pokemon at several gyms, but one of them is still faithfully guarding somewhere. I can’t remember where I left it… I’m pretty sure it’s in one of two places, but they’re out of my usual way so I haven’t been able to check.

There’s a gym that I can see from my house. I’ll station a pokemon there once in a while, but I don’t fight very much over it. Today I had to take it over just to get rid of someone with the ridiculous handle “longdong” (That’s not the full handle, but close enough) :stuck_out_tongue:


I think maybe someone is over compensating.


Or he’s 12.

My Polywrath came home last night, so I guess I don’t have to go looking for it. :wink:


Pokemon Go may have caused a dog shortage at an animal shelter.

As long as these dogs are finding good homes where they’ll live out their lives…yay?


It’s actually a mish mash of two stories.

The shelter a town up from me told people they would volunteer dogs to be walked while looking for Pokemon, no $5 charge. It’s led to a few adoptions, but also generally happier dogs, which will increase future adoptions and healthier people and dogs.

The other one is a shelter down under if I remember correctly with almost the same story.

From what I can tell the one in Muncie was first on deck with the offer.

In other news, we joined team Instinct last night and I fought in a Gym for the first time. Won a couple fights, but I guess I just don’t get it yet. In other news, my strongest is a CP 430ish Polywrath and I was fighting a 1200 somethingorother and beat it, then a 1300 something and beat it with a CP 120 Spearow, and then I got spanked by something else.

My next gym fight I was slaughtered, even though the pokemon I was fighting were weaker and mine were a bit stronger.


I caught a Snorlax today. It had 1998 cp. I powered it up once (that took all of the Snorlax candy I had) and now it’s my strongest pokemon.


Mashable is reporting that players in Singapore used GPS spoofing to level up for the past month before it even launched in their country. Take note, game developers. Launch your games in all countries at the same time.

The Mashable site also has some tips on leveling up quickly without spending money, which probably covers what you guys already know.


Today’s update allows you to change your handle once. Since my first handle of choice was already taken, I tried to do it today in hiragana, but it wouldn’t let me. It said “Only letters and numbers allowed.” :disappointed:


Wouldn’t that get awfully confusing if everyone’s handle was ‘letters and numbers’?

“We’ll just call you Bruce!”

  • Monty Python’s philosophers skit