Pokemon Go


There’s a channel devoted to friend codes on Discord, and I’m a member of a few Facebook groups (Tokyo, Rotorua, and Wellington, NZ)
Edit: I get a lot of friend requests from people I don’t know. Unless their handle translates to “I’m a dick” I accept them all.


oh i may have to grab a few of those so i can get rare regional eggs!


The regionals from eggs event is over. You can still get Alolan pokemon from around the world, though!


Awh man that’s a bit of a bummer, but i do want the alolan forms


I had no luck with the regionals… I do hope they bring it around again.


I kind of feel sorry for the person in New Zealand who has been challenging me to PVP fights for the last week or so. I’ve been wiping the floor with them each tome. Today I didn’t even lose one 'mon from my team of three.


This person just doesn’t give up. On the one hand, I enjoy getting the random challenge, on the other, I feel kind of bad beating them up so bad using my weakest team.


Dude, if they’re on their knees begging for it, don’t feel bad for giving them a beat down.


Just make sure to set a safeword first.


The person obviously has masochistic tendencies.
On the other hand, they may just be stupid.


Not sure. I may or may not meet them in April to find out. :wink:


I think showing up at someone’s doorstep and saying “I have traveled halfway around the world to talk to you about Pokémon Go” would cause most people to panic.


I’m a member of the Pokemon Go Rotorua Facespace page! I’m planning on meeting up with several people to do trades and maybe some raids.


I think it would be hilarious. I mean, she’s traveling out that-a-way anyway, may as well swing by. Don’t have to tell them that it wasn’t a special trip just to psych them out. Hahahaha.

Sorry, total hijack below -
I did that to one of our vendors once, a copier manufacturer. We received a new copier with a broken tray on the doc feeder. The parts department repeatedly sent the wrong replacement part, every time substituting the part number for an “updated” part number. After numerous phone conversations, I asked if they wanted me to bring it to them so they could see the problem? They got all huffy. The next week, we had a special, unusual deal come through where we were required to deliver a copier out of our office in Houston to a customer office in Dallas. (Unusual but not unheard of. I once delivered a copier in New Orleans on a similar odd deal.) I had a minivan at the time, so I jumped at the chance to make the Dallas run. After making the delivery, I drove over to the copier manufacturer’s offices in Irving (roughly in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex), walked in with a box of parts, and asked for the parts manager by name. He about shit himself when he realized why I was there and asking for him. But I walked out with the correct parts!

/hijack - I just had to share.