Pokemon Go


How many shiny dratini did you catch during yesterday’s community day event? I caught seven!

Edit: After the event, we had a potluck in the park. I brought Korean style chicken wings, inarizushi and pasta salad were a couple of other offerings. All in all, the best birthday I’ve had in years.


Happy belated birthday, @Nabiki!




Squee!! I just got my first EX raid pass! I’m gonna get me a Mewtwo! (I hope)


I now have my first Mewtwo. :smiley:


Nabiki was all, like, “pew pew, mewtwo”

It’s ok, I amuse myself.


Today’s Community Day event was quite successful for me. I caught 10 shiny charmanders.


Trading is coming this week!


Just got gold gym #50. :smiley:


It’s official. My Gen 1 'dex is complete, including all regionals. Gen 2 & 3 are complete except for regionals, Lunatone, and unreleased.


If anyone here wants gifts from California, PM me your friend code, and I’ll send you some! If you get an egg, it will show where it’s from, and if you trade it, you can get a lot of kilometers out of it.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee a gift every day or that I’ll be able to open one from you (there’s a limit of opening 20/day), but I do get a lot of gifts to give.