Pokemon Go


I took down all the defenders at the gym, selected the pokemon that I wanted to put in, then a raid boss took over the gym. I’m staring at an unoccupied gym that no one can interact with until the raid is over.


I caught two Zapados today, finally. I now have filled 237 entries in my pokedex. I’ve seen 240.


I caught my second shiny magikarp today. :smiley:


Yesterday was my lucky day. Not only did I catch a shiny magikarp, but the one legendary raid that I went on, I caught the Moltres with a critical catch.


I’m on a roll! I caught my second unown today. I now have a “W” and a “T”.


This morning I went on a festive Raichu rampage. I took a bunch of gyms and stationed Raichu at all of them. They had Santa hats, Party hats, and Ash caps.


I have reached level 39. :sunglasses:


I caught my 6th perfect pokemon today. I now have 6.


The Hallowe’en event has begun. There are five new pokemon out there to catch! (I’ve caught them all already, and I’ve caught one witch hat pikachu).


Wow. Three legendary raids today at the gym closest to my house. I caught all three.


I am halfway from level 39 to 40. 2.5 million XP to go.


Farfetch’d is available world-wide for next 47 hours or so. If you don’t have one, go out and get one. They’re spawning everywhere! I already have 7 of them.


50 new pokemon from gen 3 are out now. I just went for a 40 minute walk and only caught two of the new ones, but I’ll catch the others eventually.



The Christmas event starts in a little over an hour…


any word on trading yet???


Not yet, but Gen 3 is mostly out, weather affects your pokemon, and iThings have AR+ now.

Edit: And there are more shinies available!


well that is all good news !


How many shiny pikachu did you catch during the community day event?

I caught one a minute before the event ended.


None, I haven’t been able to play much do to my job. Plus by the time I get home I just crash for the night.