Pokemon Go


I saw my first level 40 trainer. There is a gym nearby where the gym leader has a 3530 CP dragonite, and they are level 40. They must play an awful lot (or they cheat).


Sadly, that is true for many games out there. :frowning:


I just made level 37. :smiley:


I got my typhlosion today! Just three more to go.



Piloswine? Check. I need 22 more mareep candies to get my ampharos. 110 more km…


So, what do you guys think about the new gym system? Here are my thoughts:

  1. Gyms are a lot harder to keep. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. There are only six slots per gym instead of up to 10.
  3. Pokecoins are earned at 1 per hour after the first hour, so you don’t need to hold as many gyms as you used to to get the maximum 100 coins/day. This makes up a bit for fewer slots in the gyms.
  4. You don’t get your pokecoins until your pokemon comes home to you. This is why harder to hold gyms isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  5. Gyms take a lot more upkeep now that you have to feed pokemon berries to keep them there. This is offset by the fact that you can feed other pokemon from your team, and they can feed yours. I’ve fed several pokemon that aren’t mine, and someone has been keeping my Snorlax fed.
  6. I don’t think you get stardust for keeping defenders at a gym anymore, but you do get some when you feed berries.

All in all, I think I like the new gym system. It gives lower level players a chance to get in to the gyms. The old system was great for high level players like me, but really sucked for beginners.

Now I just need to try out a raid. I got a raid pass from a gym visit yesterday, and supposedly raids are now available for players 35 and up, so I just need to keep my eyes open. The one person I could go on raids with is only level 34, but she’s close to 35, so I don’t think I’ll have to wait long for her to be eligible for them too.



I found out today how raids work. There are two types of raid passes. Free ones that drop from a gym (but only one per day, and you can only have one in your inventory) and premium passes that you can buy in the store for 100 pokecoins.

Today, I had a raid pass and I bought a premium pass. The premium pass is billed as being good for “multiple” uses, but it appears that these are good only if you fail a raid and want to get back in. You can use multiple raid passes in a day. I used a free one (that I got yesterday), a premium one, then a free one that dropped after the second raid. My friend used a premium raid pass on the second raid, but was unable to get into the third raid without purchasing another premium pass.

The raids are quick, and surprisingly easy. Granted, the raids I participated in had full complements of 20 trainers, so it only took a minute to take down the “boss”. I participated in a level 1, level 2, and a level 3 raid.

The level 1 raid boss was… a magikarp. A magikarp with 1100 HP, but still a magikarp.
The level 2 raid boss was a magmar with over 11,000 HP.
The level 3 raid boss was a flareon with over 22,000 HP.

After defeating the boss, you get drops consisting of things like premium balls (used to catch the boss monster), golden razzberries, special candy, TM machines, and revives.

I think it took me longer to select the pokemon I would use in battle than it took to defeat the bosses. I’m looking at a raid egg counting down at the gym I can see from my house. It’s a level 1 raid, so it’s not worth spending pokecoins on a pass.

My opinion on the premium pass? Not worth it.


Ampharos? Check.
Unown? Check

My pokedex is now sort of complete. I am missing the regionals, and the other 25 letters of unown. (I got a ‘w’)

Today’s raid battle consisted of a Snorlax.


The anniversary event it a bit disappointing. No extra stardust or XP. The “Anniversary Box” in the shop isn’t very exciting either, with 6 incubators, 6 max revives, 2 raid passes, and 20 ultra balls for 1200 coins. I’m only interested in the incubators and raid passes and just buying those would be 1100 pokecoins. Max revives and Ultraballs I can and do get from pokestops.

The hip-hop-achu is cute, though.


Its not a hip hop pickachu… its a Ash katchem hat pickachu.


Yes, but Ash-hat pikachu sounds… wrong.


I had to say it out loud before i understood why it didnt sound right.


This Saturday is the start of the global events, so make sure to go out and catch everything you can starting at 9AM PST.


I missed 2 lugia, though. :frowning:


W00t! I hit level 38. On the downside, I’ve now done six Lugia raids, and have not caught one. :cry:


I got my lugia on raid number nine. It’s not a very good one, but once again, my pokedex has entries for all that are released except for regionals.


This is just wrong. One of the two pokestops that I can reach from my desk turned into a gym. That gym is MINE.


Technically its Niantics…Also good luck keeping it! your going to have to keep students from doing it in class!


That’s easy to catch. I can see who takes the gym. I will take your phone.


then i may as well drop a lure