Pokemon Go


I’ve been capturing creatures, but still don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ll have to consult with one of my nieces soon.


I’ve added two new entries to my pokedex this weekend. I evolved a hitmontop, and I just hatched a shuckle. I’m up to 225 entries.


Hey! Don’t forget to get all your eggs into incubators! Double XP and better variety until the 20th! Get your steps in and better eggs to boot!!


Yep. There’s a reason I’m making sure I have pokemon stationed at ten or more gyms each day. Gotta have lots of pokecoins to afford all of those incubators. I did get a pack of lucky eggs and gone on an evolution spree each day. That’s been about 300,000 XP so far. I’m getting close to level 36!


I made level 36 thanks to another lucky egg + evolution spree!


I got a sneasel! :slight_smile: I only have seven more pokemon to go to get all of the pokemon available without traveling.

I need:
157: Typhlosion
180: Flaafy
181: Ampharos
201: Unown (insanely rare, may be a while)
221: Piloswine
241: Miltank
248: Tyranitar


Wow, congrats. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even seen any of those names.


Flaafy? check
Miltank? check

Five more to go.


This rock event is really cool. I’ve caught three aerodactyls today, and enough kabuto to evolve three kabutops!


Looks like they just did an update that highlights sale items in the shop. For the current even pokeballs are half price. I’m throwing pokeballs away because I’m sitting on two pokestops and my storage is full. Do people actually buy pokeballs?


I’m generally low on balls. Been throwing potions away, though. I’ve never used one. I assume they’re for use in a gym or something, but I have no clue how that part works. I’ve just been collecting critters.


Yep. Potions and revives are how you heal up your pokemon after gym battles. I keep pokemon stationed at gyms because you get 10 pokecoins and 500 stardust each 21 hours per pokemon, up to 10. That’s a max of 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust. The pokecoins go towards incubators, and I’m at a level where it takes 9000 stardust to power up my favorites.


There are new T clinics for that sort of thing.


I should have seen that coming.

(ba dum bum, tsssss)

I don’t know how to do that. I looked for an option, but didn’t see anything but “transfer”, which I believe is the critter equivalent of trash.


You have to actually go to a gym.

If it belongs to your team and is under level ten, you can tap on the little fist icon in the lower right corner and choose six pokemon that will fight against the ones stationed there. Each fight you win will raise the prestige of the gym, and when it reaches a certain point it goes up a level, and you’ll see a new icon show up in the lower left corner. If you tap on that, you can station a pokemon there.

If the gym belongs to another team, you tap on the fist icon and select your six pokemon. For each fight that you win, you lower the prestige level. When the gym drops to level 0, you can station a pokemon there and claim it for your team.

Choose your pokemon to combat the weaknesses of the opponents. For example, water types are weak against electric types. Electric types are weak against earth types. Fire types are weak against water, etc.

Tip: If you’re trying to level up a gym belonging to your team, choose pokemon that are lower CP than the ones you’re battling to get the most prestige points.


I got that far… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, that’s a whole other ball of wax. Thanks!
So, if I go to a blue gym (GO BLUE!) and put weaklings up against the monsters that are already there (they’re seriously out of my league), it is good for that location.
But do my guys get experience of some sort, or do they just get their butts kicked?
And I assume they’re going to need potions to get healed up?


You get experience for each battle won. The gym also gets prestige points only if you win the battles. That doesn’t mean that you have to beat all of the pokemon stationed there, but you get more prestige and experience points if you do.

I regularly take on 3000+ CP Dragonites and Gyarados with my 2114 CP Jolteon, and 3000+ CP Rhydons with my 2546 CP Vaporeon, for example. If you want to know what a certain type’s weakness, is, I can probably tell you!

Edit: And yayyy! for team Mystic (I’m blue team too)
Second edit: Don’t forget to claim your pokecoins and stardust the first time you station a pokemon at a gym! You can collect every 21 hours, but if you haven’t had any pokemon stationed at a gym for more than 21 hours, you can claim right away. (To claim coins, go to the shop, and tap the shield icon in the upper right corner)


I got my tyrannitaur today! Just four more to go.

  1. Typhlosion
  2. Ampharos
  3. Unown
  4. Piloswine

I’d like to get another swinub before I work on the piloswine. That way I can have one and evolve one.


I spent the day at Cedar Point and got a TON of new Pokemon I didn’t already have. Plus spent some time at the Gym. Well, at least my Pokemon did… :joy:


That explains why your step count is so high today!