Pokemon Go


So, has anyone tried Pokemon Go yet? I’ve downloaded and installed it, but I’ve only captured a charizard so far. I don’t see myself spending a lot of time on it.

The downside? I may have to start confiscating cell phones during class time to get certain students to pay attention to their work rather than pokemon…

Edit: It was a charmander, not a charizard.


Okay, I just caught a polywag across the street from my house. I missed one in my backyard because the game froze up after my pokeball hit it.

Woohoo. I’m level 2.


Have never had any interest in anything Pokemon. I’ve got my hands full with the little bit of Ingress and Geocaching that I do.

However, last night I was out for a run well after dark and from about 200 yards I saw 2 stationary people with their faces lit up by phone screens. When I got to them, I pulled out an earbud, asked if they caught 'em all yet, and they gleefully reported that they were getting close.


It’s similar to Ingress and Geocaching, I think. Right now it’s not all that great, since I think there are more users than expected, so the servers can’t handle them all. I’ve lost two (both two-headed bird-things) because the game froze up on me.


It was after I read this that I found out my kids were going around town late last night collecting Pokemon. :slight_smile:


We are all playing, though not fanatically. And the server issue is getting better as they slowly roll out more countries. Basically I use it as a bribe to get my kids to do things. And my kids are young enough they can’t go out on their own, and I’m not silly enough to hunt in the dark. The kids are actually excited about hiking now, so it’s cool with me!


I asked on a Facebook group I’m on if going after people doing that was hunting over bait.


I read about the “mugging stops”. I don’t plan on playing like an idiot. I’ve ignored several pokemon that are in neighbours’ yards, for instance.

I can’t figure out how to exchange pokemon for candy yet. I have four doduos, and I only want to keep one. Also, does it make a difference if one is XL or XS? Is CP all that matters? If so, my XS doduo is a real scrapper.


I figured out how to transfer pokemon to the professor. I wasn’t scrolling down. There aren’t any scroll bars, so I didn’t know that you could scroll down. Now I know.


And knowing is half the battle. Yo, Joe!

  • charmander ( charizard is the final evolution)

Im having a blast with it, I grew up playing pokemon since it came out. i absolutely cant wait to trade with people, im not big on battles but those should be really fun.


I hatched my first two pokemon today. I got a caterpie and a magikarp.


Apparently a man crashed into a tree because he was playing Pokemon Go while driving
I’m just waiting for the cries to ban playing the game while driving - which of course would be completely pointless as it’s already covered by other laws. It’s just like the old saying though - you can’t fix stupid.


Dude, already seen 'em. Sad but true.



I’ve heard the game is supposed to automatically stop functioning if you’re traveling above 20mph. Maybe just the “hunting pokemon” bits, though: I could see wanting to be able to do other stuff if I’m a passenger.


Yesterday it didn’t, but today I noticed that while you can see yourself travel on the map, you don’t see pokespots and such when traveling over a certain speed (20 mph sounds about right). Even if you’re a passenger, it’s almost impossible to interact with those things at those speeds anyways. I don’t know if you can do inventory maintenance or not.


@Johtoguy - Lucchesi Park must have at least 20 pokespots in it. It’s closer to your place than the other park you mentioned. I caught two Jynx there.


Confirmed. Also, it doesn’t work on highways, even if you’re in rush hour traffic, as far as I’ve seen. My wife is doing this with the kids. I’ve seen it. It’s cute, but seems gimmicky to me…


So i went there for over an hour and not a single jinx. i heard that there are electabuz near the airport/power plant.
Pikachu may be near the petaluma jc and syther may be at santa rosa jc


I don’t understand this game at all. (But then, I never caught any of the Pokemon craze to start with, and still can’t see the point of all those Magic-the-Gathering-type games.)