Picked up a PUP

So, I’m guessing it’s a variant of the Google Redirect malware out there known as Trovi. I was attempting to update Winamp and I clicked the wrong “Download” button and upon opening the install file, realized I fudged up. I know @Woodman mentioned this on the last forum. 'Twood appear that I’ve removed all files/registries pertaining to this malware, and I’m not seeing any aspects of this malware on the system anymore. Clean scans from both Malwarebytes and SecurityEssentials. Was wondering if it’s just best to nuke and pave. Thoughts?

I know I have a clean Restore Point from yesterday, but I’ve read that these can become compromised. Is there hope in using the Restore Point?

Malwarebytes seems to be sufficient, based on a quick Google.

The thing I had woul dredirect about every 5th or so google search somewhere I didn’t want to be.

It was dag nasty. And it had been out there in the wild world for years, but it was like having some rare disease that no one recognizes. So many people are apparently infected with somethign like this that don’e even know. Like they jsut blame the redirect on that dole gang puter!

I had to find a cleanser to get it all teh way off.

Fuck I can’t type.

So far so good. Thanks @Woodman. I’ll keep an eye out for odd search results.